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a bias for Roman Catholicism, for which he would later be insulted. Apithy would later become assistant teacher at his school. To further his education, Apithy travelled to Paris in 1933. . After legal and economic studies at the Free School of Political Sciences, the National School of Economic and Social Organization, and at the Improvement Center in Business Administration of the Paris Chamber

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Routledge isbn 1884964036 title International Dictionary of Historic Places: Middle East and Africa publication-date 1996 editor Noelle Watson location UK chapter Porto Novo (Oueme, Benin) author Sappho Charney chapterurl http: books.google.com books?id 6XMBAwAAQBAJ&pg PA588 page 588+ External links Wikipedia:Porto-Novo

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of variety. The big ones to ask for are Champignon, Paniere, Universe 7, all located on the same boulevard through town. * '''Adjarra Market''', located 10Km north of Porto. Held every fourth day, this market is certainly one of the best in Benin. One can find unique types of tie-dyed fabric, amazing pottery, unusual musical instruments, various voodoo ornaments, and of course mainstream market items. * '''Ouando Market''' is the largest market in the city. Eat

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'''Porto-Novo''' is the capital of Benin, located on the coast in the southeastern part of the country. Understand Porto Novo is the capital of Benin, but in name only. Benin’s second largest city of approximately 250,000 people is a nice change of pace


20061005064316 http: www.gouv.bj en benin tourisme porto.php Official Benin government website information about Porto-Novo * porto-novo.biz *images thumbnails.tcl?location_id 3357 Images of the Central Mosque of Porto-Novo * Adjogan *

images?q benin&hl en&lr &c2coff 1&safe off&sa N&tab wi images news), Porto-Novo, Cotonou #Republic of the Congo (see Category (:Category:Republic_of_the_Congo), BBC profile timeline, http

: hrw.org doc?t africa&c congob HRW , google searchimages?hl en&lr &c2coff 1&tab ni&ie UTF-8&q congo+brazzaville&sa N images news), Brazzaville He is currently director of the African Centre for Advanced Studies in Porto


. The museum grounds consist of a traditional house, a small library, an open-air cinema showing French films, and a hotel. Do * '''Centre Songhai'''. Project Songhai has an interesting story and is a good example of a self-sustaining learning community. They attract students from all over West Africa for agriculture studies and they are pioneers in waste management and resourcefulness. The compound includes a dormitory residence, beautiful open-air conference centers, cyber café, nice

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restaurants and bar, and a small general store with fresh produce. There is in mid- January a fete which celebrates Afro-Brazilian legacy is a large festival of food, music, and dancing; definitely worth checking out if you are around. Contact Musee de Silva for more information. Ask around in Ouando, there is a decent swimming pool. Across from the National Assembly, there are two nice parks with an outdoor patio restaurant, and walking paths. Buy There are about four supermarkets with lots

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with driver waiting on you should cost 5,000cfa maximum. Not bad. See thumb The Grand Mosque. (File:Grande mosquee porto-novo.jpg) The unique and perhaps most colorful building in West Africa is the 19th century Brazilian style church now converted into a mosque. A must-see. *


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''' - - Benin Porto-Novo (official), Cotonou (administrative) Cotonou - In addition to being Benin's largest city, it houses many of its government and diplomatic services; thus, it is Benin's ''de facto'' capital (Capital (political)), even though the official (de jure) capital is Porto-Novo. The city is a major port, and is also home to an airport (Cadjehoun Airport) and a railway that links to Parakou. Other features of Cotonou include Cotonou Friendship Stadium


thumb 180px Parliament building of Benin in Porto-Novo (File:Parliament building of Benin, 2007.jpg) '''Porto-Novo''' (also known as '''Hogbonou''' and '''Adjacé''') is the official capital (Capital (political)) of the West African nation of Benin, and was the capital of French Dahomey. The commune covers an area of

Porto-Novo is a port on an inlet of the Gulf of Guinea, in the southeastern portion of the country. It is Benin's second-largest city, and although Porto-Novo is the official capital, where the national legislature sits, the larger city of Cotonou is the seat of government, where most of the government buildings are situated and government departments operate. The region around Porto-Novo produces palm oil, cotton and kapok. Petroleum was discovered off the coast of the city in the 1990s, and has become an important export.

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