Portland, Oregon

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series of children's books featuring Henry Huggins, his dog Ribsy, Beatrice "Beezus" Quimby and Ramona Quimby. Klickitat Street, where Cleary's characters live, is an actual street in northeast Portland. Statues of the characters stand in nearby Grant Park (Grant Park, Portland, Oregon). Portland is home to a number of independent, small graphic novel publishers such as Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press,

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his classmates included David Byrne (David Byrne (musician)) and other members of Talking Heads. It was also at RISD that Van Sant received an introduction to avant-garde directors like Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, and Andy Warhol; this introduction quickly inspired him to change his major from painting to cinema (Film). Van Sant moved back to Portland, Oregon, where he set up house and began giving life to the ideas rejected by Universal. With the assistance

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(where the locomotive was operated in regular service), or "General Service." The locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, for SP in May 1941; it received the red-and-orange "Daylight" paint scheme for the passenger trains of the same name which it hauled for most of its service career. No. 4449 was retired from revenue service in 1957 and put into storage. In 1958 it was donated, by the railroad, to the City of Portland (Portland, Oregon) who

; (a nickname for California, where the locomotive was operated in regular service) or "General Service." The locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, for SP in May 1941; it received the red-and-orange "Daylight" paint scheme for the passenger trains of the same name which it hauled for most of its service career. 4449 was retired from revenue service in 1957 and put on static display in Oaks Park, Portland, Oregon, the following year, where

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year 2005 url http: co.humboldt.ca.us aviation content.asp?page airport_and_airline_information.htm title Aviation Airports publisher County of Humboldt accessdate July 7, 2008 T2-SE-A1 By far the most common variety of the T2-type tanker was the T2-SE-A1, another commercial design already being built in 1940 by the Sun Shipbuilding Company for Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. They were abeam

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, Portland (Portland, Oregon) to Vancouver, Washington *Hawthorne Bridge, Portland (Portland, Oregon) Threshold Records The Moodies were also among the pioneers of the idea that a successful rock band could promote itself through their own label, following the Beatles' creation of Apple Records. After their ''On the Threshold of a Dream'' album (1969), they created ''Threshold Records'', prompted in part by disputes with London Deram over album design costs

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as Z100. http: free.house.cx ~eil etc notal_list.html *I Want A Fat Babe is a ShockWave (Macromedia Shockwave) video featuring the Backstreet Boys (referred to in the parody as the SnackTreat Boys) discovering and praising an obese woman in song and dance. '''Jamie Marie Kern''' (born July 16, 1977) is a beauty queen from Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)). Kern graduated from

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, California Eureka , Portland (Portland, Oregon), Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington), Seattle (Seattle, Washington), Vancouver (Vancouver, British Columbia) as well as in ports in the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and other nations. IWW members played a role in the 1934 San Francisco general strike (1934 West Coast Longshore Strike) and the other organizing efforts by rank-and-filers within the International Longshoremen's Association up and down

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the threat to revoke her inheritance. Nancy Krieger. ''Queen of the Bolsheviks: The Hidden History of Dr. Marie Equi'' 1983 Plot ''Saved'' tells the story of Wyatt Cole, a Portland, Oregon, paramedic with a rough past and a history of compulsive gambling. The series follows the ups and downs of Cole's life, from the adrenaline rush he receives from his busy 24-hour shift to the chaotic personal decisions he makes. '''Orycon''' is Portland, Oregon's annual

science fiction fantasy convention, held in November since 1979. Professional career Following his collegiate career, McDaniels worked for Procter & Gamble as a Health and Beauty Care representative in the Portland, Oregon area before pursuing a professional football career in the World League of American Football with the Birmingham (Alabama) Fire. In 1991, McDaniels signed his first contract in the National Football League with the Philadelphia Eagles

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;The Krusty the Klown Show" Krusty first appeared in "The Krusty the Klown Show," one of The Simpsons shorts from ''The Tracey Ullman Show'' that first aired on January 15, 1989. The character was partially inspired by TV clown " Rusty Nails

Portland, Oregon

'''Portland''' is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, near the confluence of the Willamette (Willamette River) and Columbia (Columbia River) rivers. According to the 2010 Census (2010 United States Census), it had a population of 583,776, estimated to have reached 609,456 in 2013, making it the 29th most populous (List of United States cities by population) city in the United States and the third most populous city in the Pacific Northwest region (after Seattle, Washington (Washington (state)); and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). Approximately 2,314,554 people live in the Portland metropolitan area (MSA (United States metropolitan area)), the 19th most populous (List of metropolitan areas of the United States) MSA in the United States.

Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is the county seat of Multnomah County (Multnomah County, Oregon).

Located in the Marine west coast climate region, Portland has a climate marked by both warm, dry summers and wet, cool-to-chilly winter days. This climate is ideal for growing roses. For more than a century, Portland has been known as the "City of Roses",

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