Portland, Maine

What is Portland, Maine known for?

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with office towers. "Disasters and Loss ~ When Built Heritage is Destroyed", ''Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management'' One of the few blocks to have retained its heritage character is Granville Mall (Granville Mall (Halifax)), a pedestrian mall formerly part of Granville Street, made up of an array of shops and pubs in a conglomeration of rowed historic buildings built in the 1860s. It is known for the stone facades on each building. Historic Properties

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to '''Gritty's''', is an American microbrewery, with locations in (from south to north) Portland (Portland, Maine), Freeport (Freeport, Maine), and Auburn (Auburn, Maine), Maine. The '''Cumberland County Civic Center''' is a 6,733-seat multi-purpose arena, in Portland, Maine. Built in 1977, at a cost of $ (United States dollar)8 million, it is home to the Portland Pirates ice hockey team, various trade shows and the Maine Principals' Association high school

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admirable. Political life Born in Portland, Maine, Reed attended public school, including Portland High School (Portland High School, Portland, Maine), before graduating from Bowdoin College in 1860. He studied law. After college, he went on to become acting assistant paymaster, United States Navy, from April 1864, to November 1865, and was admitted to the bar in 1865. He practiced in Portland, and was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, in 1868 and 1869. He served

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his first year when his family lost their home in the Great Fire of Portland (1866 Great Fire of Portland, Maine) in 1866. He held a variety of newspaper and advertising jobs in Portland and Boston before establishing his first publication, weekly titled People's Ledger in Boston in 1872. In 1876, he relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in pursuit of lower printing costs. Hatch, Louis Clinton. Maine: A History, volume 4. Published by The American

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, and his father Nathaniel Willis (Nathaniel Willis (1780–1870)) was the founder of ''Youth's Companion'', the first newspaper specifically for children. Willis developed an interest in literature while attending Yale College and began publishing poetry. After graduation, he worked as an overseas correspondent for the ''New York Mirror''. He eventually moved to New York and began to build his literary reputation. Working with multiple publications, he was earning about $100 per article

Portland, Maine

'''Portland''' is the largest city in the state (U.S. state) of Maine and the county seat of Cumberland County (Cumberland County, Maine). In 2013, the city proper had a population of 66,318, growing 3 percent since the census of 2000, while the urban area had a population of 203,914. The Greater Portland metropolitan area (Portland, Maine metropolitan area) is home to over half a million people, more than one-third of Maine's total population.

Tourists visit Portland's historic Old Port district along Portland Harbor, at the mouth of the Fore River (Fore River (Maine)) and part of Casco Bay, and the Arts District (Arts District, Portland, Maine), which runs along Congress Street (Congress Street (Portland, Maine)) in the center of the city. Portland Head Light is located in nearby Cape Elizabeth (Cape Elizabeth, Maine) and marks the entrance to Portland Harbor.

The city seal depicts a phoenix (Phoenix (mythology)) rising from ashes, which aligns with the city's motto, ''Resurgam'', Latin for "I will rise again." The motto refers to Portland's recoveries from four devastating fires.

Portland Public Schools (Portland Public Schools (Maine)) is the largest school system in Maine, serving more than 7,000 students. http: www2.portlandschools.org sites default files Fast%20Facts%20Spring%202013.pdf With about 230 restaurants, Portland is believed to have the most restaurants per capita of any city in the United States.

thumb 250px Aerial view of Portland (File:Porltland, Maine, USA, aerial view.jpg) 250px right thumb Deering Oaks Park with fountain and castle pavilion is located at the point where Interstate 295 (Maine) Interstate 295 (File:Deering Oaks Park and fountain, Portland, ME IMG 1838.JPG) meets State Street, Park Avenue, and Deering Avenue.

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