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1927-37 his family lived in Caracas, Venezuela. He played in the Venezuelan Military Academy Band as well as being a tympanist in the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra. Later he received a music scholarship from the government, and, from 1937–42, studied harmony, composition and orchestration at the Royal Academy of Music. "Ros, Edmundo", Grove Music Online At the same time he was the vocalist and percussionist in Don Marino Baretto's band at the Embassy Club, and also recorded several sides as a sideman to Fats Waller, who was visiting London in 1938. thumb 300px Approximate location of East-West Corridor in blue, with Port of Spain and Arima in red. (Image:East-West Corridor.PNG) The '''East-West Corridor''' is the built-up area of north Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago) stretching from the capital, Port of Spain, 15 miles east to Arima. The term was coined by economist and political philosopher Lloyd Best, after gleaning the works of a technocrat named Lynette Attwell. The Corridor includes such towns as Barataria (Barataria (Trinidad and Tobago)), San Juan (San Juan (Trinidad and Tobago)), St. Joseph (Saint Joseph (Trinidad and Tobago)), Curepe, St. Augustine (Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago), Tunapuna, Tacarigua, Arouca, and Five Rivers, once distinct communities, now districts within a continuous urban area. For the most part it runs along the Eastern Main Road, between the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and the foothills of the Northern Range. It is a densely populated and fairly congested strip of development along some of the best agricultural soils in the country. Over 548,000 Trinidadians live in the densely populated strip. *'''Trinidad and Tobago''' **Port of Spain – Piarco International Airport WikiPedia:Port of Spain Commons:Port of Spain zh:西班牙港

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and Tobago align center '''1'''–0 align center 3–1 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONCACAF)) - ;Trinidad and Tobago *Port of Spain – Piarco International Airport ;Turks and Caicos Islands - bgcolor #DDDDDD Port of Spain align center — align center TTPP bgcolor #DDDDDD Piarco International Airport T -


as it spreads over the surrounding hills. The area is unfortunately portrayed as one of the most violent in the country due to drug, gun and turf wars among gangs (financed arguably by illicit drug wealth which does not remain in the community), http: www.ttparliament.org about.php?mid 83&q engaging+youth+at+risk but it is also the birthplace of the steelpan and, some would argue, the spiritual capital of the city since Calypso

music calypso . Steelpan and carnival are the life source of many Trinidadians who live in the capital. South of Laventille are Beetham Estate (Beetham Estate Gardens) and Sea Lots, two other economically depressed neighbourhoods. Belmont thumb right Port of Spain with Belmont in the centre (File:TnT Port of Spain 6.jpg) In north-east Port of Spain, Belmont, at the foot of the Laventille Hills, was the city's first suburb. In the 1840s–50s, parts of the area were settled

of Bands is broadcast live to the nation on Carnival Monday and Tuesday; it is also the venue for the Calypso Monarch and Carnival King and Queen Competitions and the finals of the Panorama steelpan competition. The architecturally soothing arches and curves of the Port of Spain National Academy for the Performing Arts (see picture and caption) dominate the south boundary of the Savannah between the green trimmed landmarks of Memorial Park (in remembrance of fallen soldiers during World Wars

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descent, Holder is a Tony-award winning stage director and costume designer. He is known for his height (6'6"), heavily-accented deep basso (Bass (voice type)) voice and "hearty laugh." DATE OF BIRTH 1 August 1930 PLACE OF BIRTH Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago DATE OF DEATH Etymology The name ''Laventille'' hearkens back to colonial times, especially when the French (France) dominated


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I and II) and the gingerbread styled, limestone built, colourful splendour of the Knowsley Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building. The western edge of the Savannah, along Maraval Road, is the location of the Magnificent Seven, a group of late Victorian and Edwardian buildings built in an eccentric and flamboyant variety of styles. These are the recently well restored Queen's Royal College; the residences of the Anglican bishop and the Roman Catholic archbishop; Whitehall, once a private

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) is the city's newests Arts centre and is meant to be the home for the development of talent in the performing arts, with particular focus on Trinidad and Tobago's national instrument, the steel pan. The architectural design is reminiscent of the national flower the Chaconia. At its highest point, the grand, modern building rises up to enhancing the state-of-the-art acoustics and offering an inspirational setting for the enjoyment and training of the performance arts. A performance

and teaching academy, the Port of Spain National Academy for the Performing Arts features an array of open vistas for the enjoyment of the performance arts as well as contemporary classrooms, teaching halls and other practice spaces for the cultivation of future performance artistes. The . facility features a 1500 seat acoustically designed performance hall and a hotel for visiting performers. The performance centre was completed in November 2009 and hosted Queen

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. It was an effort to guide the Western world to view African dance as an important and dignified statement about another way of life. Additionally, her work provided a knowledge and meaning for dances that had been plagued by distortion of movement and excessive hip shaking of the backside.

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'''Diego Martin''' is a town in northwestern Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago), just north-west of the capital Port of Spain and east of Carenage. The Diego Martin Valley in the Northern Range was once filled with a number of small villages but is now a densely populated area. It was named after a Spanish (Spain) explorer Don Diego Martín

Port of Spain

'''Port of Spain''', also written as '''Port-of-Spain''', is the capital (Capital (political)) of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the country's third-largest municipality, after Chaguanas and San Fernando (San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago).The city has a municipal population of 36,963 (2011 census), Table 2, 2011 Census, from Ministry of Planning and the Economy, Central Statistical Office, Government of Trinidad and Tobago a metropolitan population of 128,026 (1990 unofficial estimate)

The city serves primarily as a retail and administrative centre and it has been the capital of the island since 1757. It is also an important financial services centre for the Caribbean CIA World Factbook Trinidad and Tobago. cia.gov and is home to two of the largest banks in the region.

The city is also home to the largest container port on the island and is one of several shipping hubs of the Caribbean, exporting both agricultural products and manufactured goods. Bauxite from the Guyanas and iron ore from Venezuela are trans-shipped via facilities at Chaguaramas (Chaguaramas, Trinidad), about five miles ( ) west of the city. The pre-lenten Carnival is the city's main annual cultural festival and tourist attraction.

Today, Port of Spain is a leading city in the Caribbean region. Trinidad hosted the Fifth Summit of the Americas in 2009 whose guests included US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The website for the secretariat for the fifth summit of the Americas. fifthsummitoftheamericas.org Port of Spain also hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2009) in 2009 and hosted a Commonwealth Business Forum in 2011. The website of the secretariat for the CHOGM. chogm2009.org

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