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on a pipeline to Port Sudan on Sudan's Red Sea coast, as South Sudan itself is landlocked, as well as on Sudan's superior refinery (oil refinery) infrastructure. The exact terms of a revenue-splitting agreement between Juba and Khartoum have yet to be established, but Sudan will likely receive a significant portion of the income from South Sudan's oil sales as a fee for the use of Sudanese pipelines, refineries, and port facilities, perhaps as much as 50 percent of the profits. ref

part of Sudanese territory, are linked to the country's refineries via pipelines. The two largest oil pipelines are the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline, which travels 1,600 kilometres from the Unity oil field to Port Sudan on the Red Sea via Khartoum, and the PetroDar pipeline, which extends 1,380 kilometres from the Palogue oil field in the Melut Basin to Port Sudan. Anon (no date), 'Melut Basin Oil Project


and Yemen (People's Democratic Republic of Yemen) to receive the submarines on their way to Pakistan in Port Sudan and Aden as a friendly visit. Pakistan's approval to receive Egyptian vessels for repairs were made public. On October 1, a force containing several submarines, destroyers and missile boats set sail on a route planned to ensure their arrival at Bab-el-Mandeb on October 6. The fleet was fully equipped for combat, and the force was ordered to maintain complete radio silence

; which meant there was no way of recalling the submarines. The commanding officers, unaware of their real mission, were issued sealed envelopes detailing their orders and mission, and were instructed to open the envelopes on October 6, only a few hours before the war was to begin, whereupon they would break their radio silence. Once the fleet had set sail that day, October 1, "''the war had effectively begun''". El Gamasy, p.195 ref>

, and southeastern Egypt. There are smaller populations of other Beja ethnic groups in Egypt's Eastern Desert. Some Beja groups are nomadic (nomads). The Kharga Oasis in Egypt is home to a large number of Qamhat Bisharin who were displaced by the Aswan High Dam (Aswan Dam). Jebel Uweinat is a revered by the Qamhat. Some of these breakout attempts were successful. Four Italian submarines successfully reached Bordeaux, two out of three of the Italian armed merchantmen reached Kobe

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railroad system that served the more important populated areas except in the far south, a meager road network (very little of which consisted of all-weather roads), a natural inland waterway—the Nile River and its tributaries—and a national airline that provided both international and domestic service. Complementing this infrastructure was Port Sudan, a major deep-water port on the Red Sea, and a small but modern national merchant marine. Additionally

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to the petitions exceeded support." Majority support is defined as petitioner representation of at least 25 percent of the domestic industry and support from at least 50 percent of the industry expressing an opinion. Support from a majority in the affected industry is necessary under the law for Commerce to commence a formal investigation of an anti-dumping complaint. (DJ, WP, NYT) birth_date birth_place Port Sudan, Sudan death_date Early life

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in Vienna. icipe's headquarters are located in Kasarani, Nairobi. It has a major field research centre at Mbita Point on Lake Victoria. There are four further field sites in Kenya, and one at Port Sudan in Sudan (on the Red Sea). icipe also runs a "Biovillage Initiative" in southern Ethiopia. Demands Both the Free Lions and the Beja Congress stated that government inequity in the distribution of oil profits was the cause of their rebellion


subdivision_type1 State (States of Sudan) subdivision_name1 Red Sea State subdivision_type2 subdivision_name2 subdivision_type3 subdivision_name3 subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_footnotes government_type leader_title leader_name leader_title1 leader_name1

blank1_name blank1_info website footnotes '''Port Sudan''' ( , it has 489,725 residents. Located on the Red Sea, it is the Republic of Sudan's main port city. History File:PortSudan Post Office.jpg thumb left 200px Post office in Port

Sudan Port Sudan was founded by the British (United Kingdom) in 1909 as the terminus of a railway linking the Red Sea to the River Nile. It served as a new modern port to replace Sawakin. The railroad was used to transport the nation's cotton and sesame seed, as well as sorghum, from the agriculturally rich areas of the Nile valley to markets. During World War II Port Sudan was an important strategic location, and in August 1940 it was raided by Eritreans under

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AlKabli was born in the city of Port Sudan in 1933. During childhood, he developed an interest in the Arabic language, especially the old Arabic poems, and learned to play music on a penny whistle. At the age of sixteen, he moved to Khartoum to attend the Khartoum Commercial Secondary School. His musical interest evolved to oud (lute), which he learnt by himself. - style "background:#DCDCDC" Port Sudan WikiPedia:Port Sudan Commons:Category:Port Sudan


Italian command. Tourism thumb left Minaret in Port Sudan (Image:Minaret S.jpg) Port Sudan is known among tourists for its excellent scuba-diving and beaches. Tourists, as well as far larger numbers of Muslim pilgrims en route to undertake their once-in-a-lifetime Hajj to Mecca, use Port Sudan as a departure point to cross the Red Sea to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Economy thumb left 200px Warehouses in Port Sudan (File:Warehouses, Port Sudan.jpg) The harbour

also a number of tugboats, which were used to berth ships in the narrow inlet. The slow but steady growth continued during the 1950s and services were inaugurated to Istanbul, Karachi, Amman, Kuwait City, Asmara, and Port Sudan. The fleet also saw a small growth during the 1950s, with five DC-4s and ten Convair 340s, the first pressurized aircraft for the airline. In 1959, the airline's first maintenance center was inaugurated in Jeddah. Also during

this decade, the very important air link between Jeddah and Riyadh saw improvement. * Lancaster (Lancaster, Lancashire), United Kingdom Sudan has a native Coptic minority, although many Copts in Sudan are descended from more recent Egyptian immigrants. Minority Rights Group International, World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples – Sudan

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Port Sudan

'''Port Sudan''' ( , it has 489,725 residents. Located on the Red Sea, it is the Republic of Sudan's main port city.

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