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team sports

, 2013. Sports thumb Speedway track in Yyteri (File:Speedway Extraliiga 22. 5. 2010 - erä 13.jpg) Major team sports in Pori are ice hockey and football (Association football). Pori is especially known for its popular hockey team Ässät which is a three-time Finnish Champion (Liiga), most recently in 2013 (2012–13 SM-liiga season).

NiceFutis is competing in the top division Naisten Liiga. Other popular team sports in Pori are bandy and pesäpallo, the Finnish version of baseball. Women's pesäpallo team Pesäkarhut and bandy side Narukerä are both playing in the premier divisions. Pori has also male or female teams of lower divisions in almost all major team sports, including clubs like Musan Salama (football), Pori Futsal (futsal), Bears (Pori Bears) (American football), Pori Rugby (rugby

picturesque wooden

61.4894 long 21.7923 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content The Theater building and its neighbouring house Hotel Otava, the world's first theater house built for performances in Finnish. * Commons:Pori

top football

The Western Finland State Provincial Office (State Provincial Offices of Finland) was a joint regional administrative authority of seven ministries. The State Provincial Office served at five localities; the main office was in Turku, regional service offices were located in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Vaasa, and finally there was an office in Pori. The State Provincial Office was led by Governor (Provincial Governors of Finland) Rauno Saari. Approximately 350 persons worked at the State Provincial Office. The agency was divided into eight departments. In 1651

light music

; Pori is a home for several amateur and youth theatres and the Kirjurinluoto Summer Theatre that presents open-air productions in summertime. Pori Symphony Orchestra was established 1938 and it is today known as Pori Sinfonietta. The orchestra performs in 1999 built Promenadikeskus music hall. The first city orchestra was founded in 1877. In its early years the orchestra was mostly performing light orchestral music (Light music) and its musicians were German. The very first symphony

business life

. At the present, the eastern part of the old province has formed the region of Pirkanmaa and the western part forms the region of Satakunta. Satakunta, with the rest of Finland, was separated from Sweden when Finland was ceded to Russia in 1809. During the era of Autonomy (1809–1917), the province experienced slow industrialization, Pori becoming the most important industrial city of the region. The forest and textile industries dominated the business life. In addition, the merchants of Rauma


in the city center. Since the Pori station is a terminal train station, railway traffic is quite moderate. Pori is only connected to Tampere with 13 daily departures by the Tampere–Pori railway. Bus traffic is very busy instead. Pori has more than 100 intercity buses with major Finnish cities Helsinki, Turku and Tampere as well as smaller places like Rauma (Rauma, Finland) and Vaasa. Public transport is managed by the city owned bus company Porin Linjat. It has also

, Turku, Tampere and Lahti. "Suomen kuntien väkilukutiedot 1.1.1952" Mitä missä milloin Yearbook 1954. style "width:80%;" - valign "top" style "width:15%;" * 1910 – 13,482 * 1910 – 13,981 * 1920 – 13,928 * 1930 – 15,966 * 1940 – 18,230 * 1950 – 43,306 style "width:15%;" * 1960 – 52,542 * 1970 – 72,983 * 1974 – 80,443 * 1978 – 79,815 * 1980 – 78,405 * 1984 – 78,933 style "width:15%;" * 1988

container port after completion in 2008 and others include Kotka, Hamina, Hanko, Pori, Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Oulu. There is passenger traffic from Helsinki and Turku, which have ferry connections to Tallinn, Mariehamn and Stockholm. The Helsinki–Tallinn route, one of the busiest passenger sea routes in the world , has also been served by a helicopter line. * France one of the first countries which recognised Finland's

title band


amp site

– 76,789 * 1990 – 76,357 * 1994 – 76,561 * 1998 – 76,375 * 2000 – 75,994 * 2004 – 76,152 style "width:15%;" * 2005 – 76,144 * 2006 – 76,181 * 2007 – 76,234 * 2008 – 76,436 * 2010 – 83,029 * 2012 – 83,285 style "width:15%;" * 2013 – 83,427amp;site 3&id 0 Finnish Population Registry Center, 31 August 2013 Retrieved 5 December 2013. *Source

largest culture

). Culture thumb Pori Jazz 2010 (File:Pori Jazz 2012 2.jpg) Pori Jazz Festival Pori is widely known for its international jazz music festival, established in 1966. Today Pori Jazz is one of the major jazz festivals in Europe as well as one of the largest culture events in Finland. The nine-day festival is held annually in July. Commons:Pori

work providing

bass guitar work providing a counterpoint to the guitar attack; and often indecipherable lyrics delivered both in Spanish (Spanish language) and in English (English language). Some comparisons have been made to bands like Cardiacs (Turtle's 1994 album in fact has a song titled ''Cardiako'') and NoMeansNo. * '''27''' the rest of southern Satakunta * '''28''' Pori (including Ulvila) * '''29''' the rest of northern Satakunta Early life and training Crusell


'''Pori''' ( ). Pori is the capital of the Satakunta (Satakunta (region)) region (regions of Finland).

The municipality has a population of largest city in Finland, and the 7th largest urban area.

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