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pokhara email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax price checkin checkout content This award winning eco-lodge situated 30 minutes out of Pokhara has stunning mountain views, fine home cooking with local and organic produce and 18 excellent bed rooms. A unique infinity pool complements the surroundings and a range of massage, yoga and meditation therapies are available. Expert local guides escort walks exploring local culture, flora and fauna. * Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara

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name The China Town alt Chinese Restaurant & Bar url email address 137 Lakeside Rd lat 28.21183 long 83.95705 directions Centre Point phone +977 61 463847 tollfree fax hours 09:00-22:00 price content Serves typical Chinese food, especially sweet & sour dishes. Fresh and locally grown caught duck, fish and chickens. Also, a food menu for vegetarians. *

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thumb right 200px Paragliders over Phewa Lake (File:Paragliding pokhara.jpg), Pokhara The sporting activities are mainly centered in the multipurpose stadium Pokhara Rangasala (or Annapurna Stadium) in Rambazaar. The popular sports are football, cricket, volleyball, basketball etc. The Sahara Club (Sahara Club (Pokhara)) is one of the most active organizations promoting football in the city and organizes a South Asian club-level annual tournament: the Aaha Gold Cup. Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara

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October 2010, accessed 4th March 2011. it is currently being developed into Nepal's second international airport. "Construction of international airport in Nepal's Pokhara inaugurated", ''Xinhuanet'', 9th December 2009, accessed 4th March 2011. In 2011 Buddha Air, a Nepali private airline, will begin international flights from Pokhara to Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport

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There are several ATMs located in central Lakeside. All charge a withdrawal fee of NPR400 per transaction. Nabil Bank ATMs have the highest withdrawal limit of NPR35,000 per transaction. *'''Jewels and trinkets''' from the lovely Tibetan women who ply the streets with their wares in backpacks or blankets. Sit and enjoy the atmosphere, and make sure you bargain (haggle) as starting prices are generally highly inflated. **Kriayt Social Business is a marketplace in central Lakeside with the mission of empowering Nepali women to earn a living. You can buy beautiful handmade items and even design your own, all while supporting a good cause. Eat The cheapest (and often the best) food is found at the street stalls, selling momos dumplings (NPR80 for 10 pieces), samosas (NPR10 each) or fried noodles (NPR50). Early in the morning, children walk the streets with trays of pastries; chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls and other cakes. Each cost about NPR15. Along the Lakeside road are a variety of restaurants, including: * Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara

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India to Tibet. Pokhara was envisioned as a commercial center by the King of Kaski in the mid 18th century A.D.

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tollfree fax hours 07:00-20:00 price budget content A lovely little place with outdoor seating in the sun, serving excellent coffee. It's set up by a joint Dutch-Nepal non-profit organization, helping single women with children. * Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara

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: A Traveler's Guide year 2011 publisher The Mountaineers Books location Seattle, Washington, USA isbn 978-0-89886-613-1 pages 34 edition 8th author2 Lyons, Alonzo Even within the city there is a noticeable difference in rainfall between the south and the north of the city, the northern part of the city situated at the foothills of the mountains experiences proportionally higher amount of precipitation. The Seti Gandaki is the main river flowing through the city.

: The Dynamics of International Assistance Among a Community in Exile year 2002 publisher Berghahn Books location USA isbn 1-57181-157-5 pages 136 edition Studies in forced Migration - Vol. 11 many of whom arrive in Pokhara typically as a transit to Tibetan exile communities in India. About 50,000 - 60,000 Tibetan exiles reside in Nepal, and approximately 20,000 of the exiled Tibetans live in one of the 12 consolidated camps, 8 in Kathmandu and 4 in and around Pokhara. The four Tibetan

;ref The area along the Phewa lake, called Lake Side, has developed into one of the major tourism hubs of Nepal.

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Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara

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by a branch of the Shah Dynasty. Many of the hills around Pokhara still have medieval ruins from this time. In 1786 Prithvi Narayan Shah added Pokhara into his kingdom. It had by then become an important trading place on the routes from Kathmandu to Jumla (Jumla District) and from

on eastern fringes of Pokhara generally called ''Miya Patan''. Batulechaur in the far north of Pokhara is home to the ''Gandharvas or Gaaineys'' (the tribe of the musicians). The nearby hill villages around Pokhara are a mixed community of Khas and Gurung.

;ref The area along the Phewa lake, called Lake Side, has developed into one of the major tourism hubs of Nepal.


'''Pokhara''' ( of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas.

Pokhara is home to many Gurkha soldiers. It is the second most expensive city in the country after Kathmandu, with the Cost of Living Index of 95. Cost of Living Index in Nepal - Statistics & Graphs of Nepalese Citizen's Economic Power. Retrieved 2014-01-10.

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