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and appeared in numerous Fasching Carnival parades and celebrations throughout the country. Final years and death By 1991, Petrillo was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he ran a family-oriented comedy club, The Nut House, and, elsewhere in the city, emceed stage shows starring such porn stars as Georgina Spelvin. "I was accepted by people in both things without any tarnishment on my character", Petrillo recalled. Rutt, p. 29 ref

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''' participants are expected to actively contribute to the spirit of the event in radically expressive (but socially responsible) ways, leaving no trace (Leave no trace) of their presence after the event has ended. Production Baseball scenes were filmed at Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama)'s Rickwood Field, which stood in for Philadelphia's Shibe Park and Pittsburgh's Forbes Field. Scenes also were filmed in Cobb's actual hometown of Royston, Georgia

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of Death '' (1978), directed by Robert Clouse. Novak also had small roles in two Chuck Norris films, ''A Force of One'' (1979) and ''An Eye for an Eye (An Eye for an Eye (1981 film))'' (1981). The trail is part of a trail system between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C, known as the Great Allegheny Passage

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History, Congregation Beth Shalom website . Listfield led protests by the congregation against the posthumous induction into the Alabama Military Hall of Honor of prominent United States Navy officer, frequent political candidate, and outspoken antisemite John G. Crommelin. Listfield moved to Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Congregation in August, 2006. Clergy, Tree of Life Congregation website (#refTreeOfLife). birth_date Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh

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Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh

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the most rugged of any city east of the Rockies—has created unique neighborhoods; flat lands near the rivers were used for mills, while workers' houses cling precariously to the hillsides above. In many places "pockets" of neighborhoods, divided by rivers and valleys, have developed distinctly different characteristics from each other, despite being very close together. Much of the landscape, with its many unbuildable slopes, remains lush and green, and provides for amazing

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was an exceptional pitcher, but notorious as a poor hitter, finishing his career with a .110 batting average. In 1953, he hit a home run at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, the only one of his career, causing fans to roar in surprise and delight. Dodger broadcaster Red Barber told his radio audience, "Well, old Number 28 has hit a home run, and we'll never hear the end of it, folks!" The railway air brake was invented by George Westinghouse of New York state in 1869. Soon after, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he established the '''Westinghouse Air Brake Company''' ('''WABCO''') on September 28, 1869. was born in the Pittsburgh area city of Fredericktown, Pennsylvania. He played football in high school and was offered an athletic scholarship at the University of Maryland (University of Maryland, College Park), but he didn't like the school and found himself at West Virginia University. - 132 Boston Philadelphia Pittsburgh Traffic and weather from Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Image:Triangle-gold.gif Image:Checkbox-red.svg - - 138 Las Vegas Minneapolis St. Louis Traffic and weather from Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area), Minneapolis (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri) Image:Triangle-gold.gif Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area) traffic & weather replaced Pittsburgh traffic and weather on September 26, 2006. Image:Checkbox-red.svg - → St. Louis, MO (Missouri) → Pittsburgh, PA (Pennsylvania) → Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), PA (Pennsylvania) birth_date Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh

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center 100px (File:Point State Park in Fall.jpg) -- Set in 1936 Pittsburgh during the aftermath of the Great Depression, ''The Piano Lesson'' follows the lives of the Sutter family in the Doaker Charles household and an heirloom, the infamous piano. The play focuses on the arguments between a brother and a sister who have different ideas on what to do with the piano they own. The brother, Boy Willie, is a sharecropper who wants to sell the piano to buy the land that his ancestors had toiled on as slaves while the sister, Berniece, remains emphatic about keeping it. The piano shows the carved faces of their great-grandfather's wife of son during the days of their enslavement. merged_into office Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States people Leo Gerard, president The '''United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union''' (United Steelworkers or USW) is the largest industrial labor union (trade union) in North America, with 860,294 members. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, U.S., the United Steelworkers represents workers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The United Steelworkers represent workers in a diverse range of industries (industry), including primary and fabricated metals, chemicals, glass, rubber, heavy-duty conveyor belting, tires, transportation, utilities (public utility), container (Packaging and labelling) industries, pharmaceuticals (pharmacology), call centers and health care. During the 1970s and early 1980s, many television stations (such as WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, WBAL-TV in Baltimore and KNTV in San Jose (San Jose, California)) used the composition - or a version of it re-recorded by Telesound - as their theme song. Plot Wayne Hayes (Robert Redford), and his wife Eileen (Helen Mirren) are living the American dream in a wealthy

at the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Panthers football#Jock Sutherland years (1924–1938)). The offer was to have been in excess of the $13,000 annual salary Sutherland earned at Pitt. When Sutherland spurned the offer (due most likely to the disdain in which he held the professional game)

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private businesses were forbidden and mortgages didn't exist, so the monopoly theme was changed to a horse racing theme. Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh

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2013 ''Forbes'' again placed Pittsburgh among its 10 most unexpectedly romantic world locations. 10 Unexpectedly Romantic Cities. Forbes. Retrieved on 2013-07-17. In April 2014, Niche (Niche (company)) rated Pittsburgh the 15th best city for millennials. Dill, Kathryn. "Best cities and neighborhoods


leader_title2 State House (Pennsylvania House of Representatives) leader_name2 title Representatives frame_style border:none; padding: 0; list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Jake Wheatley 2 Don Walko 3 Dominic Costa 4 Chelsa Wagner 5 Dan Frankel 6 Joseph Preston, Jr. 7 Dan Deasy 8 Paul Costa 9 Harry Readshaw leader_title3 State Senate (Pennsylvania State Senate) leader_name3 Jim Ferlo (D (Democratic Party (United States))) Jay Costa (D (Democratic Party (United States))) leader_title4 U.S. House (United States House of Representatives) leader_name4 Mike Doyle (Michael F. Doyle) (D (Democratic Party (United States))) established_title Settled established_date 1717 established_title1 Founded established_date1 November 27, 1758 established_title2 Municipal incorporation established_date2 April 16, 1771 (Township) April 22, 1794 (Borough) March 18, 1816 (City) founder George Washington, General John Forbes named_for "The Great Commoner": Prime Minister William Pitt (William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham) unit_pref Imperial area_total_sq_mi 58.3 area_land_sq_mi 55.5 area_water_sq_mi 2.8 area_water_percent 4.8 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_sq_mi 5343 elevation_ft elevation_max_ft 1370 elevation_min_ft 710 population_as_of 2013 (United States Census Bureau) population_footnotes population_total 305,841 population_rank US: 62nd (List of United States cities by population) population_density_sq_mi 5540 population_urban 1,733,853 (US: 27th (List of United States urban areas)) population_metro 2,360,867 (US: 22nd (List of Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) population_blank1_title CSA (Combined statistical area) population_blank1 2,659,937 (US: 20th (List of Combined Statistical Areas)) population_blank2_title GMP (Gross metropolitan product) population_blank2 $131.3 billion (23rd (List of U.S. metropolitan areas by GDP)) population_demonym Pittsburgher or Yinzer timezone Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset −5 timezone_DST Eastern Daylight Time (Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset_DST −4 latd 40 latm 26 lats 30 latNS N longd 80 longm 00 longs 00 longEW W coordinates_display 8 postal_code_type ZIP Code postal_code area_code 412 (Area code 412), 724 (Area code 724), 878 (Area code 878) blank_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank_info 42-61000 blank1_name GNIS feature ID (Geographic Names Information System) blank1_info 1213644 blank2_name Expressways blank2_info 22px link Interstate 279 (File:I-279.svg) 22px link Interstate 376 (File:I-376.svg) 22px link Interstate 579 (File:I-579.svg) 16px link Pennsylvania_Route_28#Pittsburgh_area (File:PA-28.svg) 16px link Pennsylvania_Route_65 (File:PA-65.svg) blank3_name Waterways blank3_info Ohio River, Monongahela River, Allegheny River, Chartiers Creek, Saw Mill Run, Becks Run Street's Run blank5_name Transit blank5_info Port Authority Transit (Port Authority of Allegheny County) blank6_name Rail blank6_info Penn Station (Union Station (Pittsburgh)) Capitol Limited (Capitol Limited (Amtrak train)), Pennsylvanian (Pennsylvanian (train)) website PittsburghPA.gov footnotes

'''Pittsburgh''' (

Aside from the steel industry, Pittsburgh also led innovations and industries in aluminum, glass, shipbuilding, petroleum, foods, appliances (home appliance), sports, transportation, computing, retail, automotive industry, and electronics. parks (Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy), research centers (RIDC), libraries (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh), a vibrantly diverse cultural district (Cultural District, Pittsburgh) and the most bars (Bar (establishment)) per capita in the U.S.

These legacies have earned Pittsburgh the title of America's Most Livable City by ''Places Rated Almanac'', ''Forbes'', and ''The Economist'' while having ''National Geographic (National Geographic (magazine))'' and ''Today (Today (U.S. TV program))'' name the city a top world destination. Since 2004, the area has added over 3,000 hotel rooms with higher occupancy than 11 comparable cities.

Google, Uber (Uber (company)), Intel, Disney Research, IBM, Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH), Apple (Apple Inc.), and Eaton (Eaton Corporation) are among 1,600 technology firms generating $10.8 billion in annual Pittsburgh payrolls, with the area serving as the long-time federal agency headquarters for cyber defense (CERT Coordination Center), software engineering (Software Engineering Institute), robotics (National Robotics Engineering Center), energy research (National Energy Technology Laboratory) and the nuclear navy (Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory).

The nation's fifth-largest bank (PNC Financial Services), eight Fortune 500 companies, and six of the top 300 US law firms make their global headquarters in the Pittsburgh area, while RAND (RAND Corporation), BNY Mellon (The Bank of New York Mellon), Nova (Nova Chemicals), Bayer (Bayer USA), FedEx (FedEx Ground), GSK (GlaxoSmithKline#Operations) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) have large regional bases that helped Pittsburgh become the sixth-best area for U.S. job growth.

A leader in environmental design (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) the city is home to 60 total and 10 of the world's first green buildings, even as billions have recently been invested in the area's Marcellus (Marcellus Formation#Economic impact) energy renaissance.

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