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, Permskaya Oblast, Middle Urals, Russia. '''Nikolay Dmitriyevich Moiseyev''' ( ; December 3(16), 1902, Perm - December 6, 1955, Moscow) was a Soviet (Soviet Union) astronomer and expert in celestial mechanics. In 1938, he became the chairman of the department of celestial mechanics at Moscow State University and worked on this position until his death. His main works were devoted

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trade center of the Siberian road, as well as the center of leather manufacture in Perm Governorate. Kungur rope and linseed oil were widely known. In 1774, the town withstood a siege by Yemelyan Pugachev's Cossack (Cossacks) forces. By the end of the 19th century, Kungur had become a significant industrial (including manufacture of leather footwears, gloves, and mittens) and cultural center. Müürsepp became the silver medalist of the 2001–02 and 2003–04 Russian Basketball Super

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lat 57.97656 long 56.18697 directions phone +7 (342) 2567892 tollfree fax hours price content Clean, modern and big swimming pool (50x25m) with diving board swimming pool Festivals * *

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t20110120_1631663.htm 国际友好城市一览表 (International Friendship Cities List) , 2011-01-20. (Translation by Google Translate.) 友好交流 (Friendly exchanges), 2011-09-13. (Translation by Google Translate.) * Duisburg, Germany, since 2007

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as a connecting link between Perm, Kazan, Kostroma and Vyatka (Kirov, Kirov Oblast). During this time the first post office, a small public college with 30 pupils, a city hospital for 10 patients, and a private pharmacy were opened. right thumb A w:Boeing 737 Boeing 737-300 (Image:B737-Virgin Express-2002.06.18.jpg) flown by Virgin Express (w:Virgin Express). Another view of the exposed wheel well characteristic of a Boeing 737. A Russian (Russia) teenager has accomplished an unprecedented feat in the history of world aviation. He flew a distance of 1,300 kilometre (w:kilometer)s in a wheel well of a Boeing 737 (w:en:Boeing 737) and lived. The fifteen year old Andrey Scherbakov spent two hours in the wheel well of the airplane at extreme temperature of −50° centigrade (w:Centigrade). The rear wheels do not go all the way into the plane; the wheel merely retracts into an opening and remains exposed. The boy managed to bypass security at the Perm (w:Perm) city airport to hide in the plane as it took off. Airport workers found the boy after the plane had landed at Moscow (w:Moscow). He had collapsed on the tarmac. All seven on board a Russian Antonov (w:Antonov) An-12 (w:Antonov An-12) have been killed after the plane crashed near the Siberia (w:Siberia)n city of Chelyabinsk (w:Chelyabinsk). The Moskovia Airlines (w:Moskovia Airlines) plane had left the city's airport empty and was destined for Perm (w:Perm) in the Ural Mountains (w:Ural Mountains). wikipedia:Perm commons:Пермь

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Station Among the cities museums and galleries, the Perm State Art Gallery is recognized for its outstanding collections of art, including paintings from the 15th- to 18th-century art movements, and wooden sculptures from the region. It is housed in a notable early 19th-century structure, once an orthodox cathedral. The spire of the museum towers over the rest of Perm, as it is situated on the Komsomolsky Prospect. http: M1575 Perm is receiving

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content The theatre festival which has taken place in Perm Opera and Bellet Theatre every two years since 2003 * *

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on the so-called Philosophers' ships in 1922 (e.g. Nikolai Lossky). Furthermore, the entire staff suffered from hunger and extreme poverty during those years. '''Nina Viktorovna Gorlanova''' (born 23 November 1947) is a modern short-story writer and novelist who has been living in a provincial Russian city Perm. Perm was depicted as 'Youryatin' in Pasternak (Boris Pasternak)'s novel ''Doctor Zhivago (Doctor Zhivago (novel))''. Birth

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content The festival boasts an international ice and snow sculpture competition with teams from all over the world competing. It takes place in February. Buy With the city quickly developing, new shopping malls appear everywhere. Definitely worth seeing is the always crowded Central Bazaar, with uncountable kiosks and market stands, as well as huge market halls. The bazaar is located opposite the central bus station, at the very beginning of Kosmonavtov avenue. Perm also has a Chinese

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Karnataka: 20 churches attacked, Christians accuse police of inaction publisher ''The Hindu'' author Nirmala Carvalho accessdate 27 September 2008 publisher AsiaNews date 15 September 2008 archiveurl http: web 20080921143302 http: index.php?l en&amp;art 13221&size A archivedate 21 September 2008 deadurl no * 790&nbsp;km 2 -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada * 798&nbsp;km 2<


'''Perm''' ( ). Official website of Perm. History.

According to the 2010 Census (Russian Census (2010)), Perm's population is 991,162, As of the 2010 Census, the city was the thirteenth most populous (list of cities and towns in Russia by population) in Russia.

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