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Memorial Stadium''' is a football (association football) stadium located in Pago Pago Park, in Pago Pago, American Samoa. The 10,000 capacity venue is one of the smallest stadiums in Oceania (List of Oceanian stadiums by capacity), and serves as American Samoa's national stadium. It is the home venue of the American Samoa national football team, hosting all of their home games. It is currently used mostly for matches in various football codes, such as football (soccer

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of American Samoa with government offices functioning from Utulei (both are urban centers located to the northeast of Pago Pago ); Pago Pago (a deep harbor that divides the island into two parts ), the harbor town opposite to Fagatago; the Vatia village on the northern coast known for its famous beach and scenic setting, which is also a coral fringed bay; and Leone (Leone, American Samoa), a safe anchorage station in the past where the Europeans and Samoans first started their interaction in the early years of the island's history. The southwestern-most settlement is Taputimu, the western-most settlements are Poloa and Amanave, the northern-most settlement is Vatia and the eastern-most settlement is Tula (Tula, American Samoa). WikiPedia:Pago Pago, American Samoa

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northeast of Fiji. It contains a large, natural harbor, Pago Pago Harbor, where Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa is situated. Pago Pago International Airport is also located on Tutuila island. Its land expanse is about 68% of the total land area of American Samoa and accounts for 95 % of its population.

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) is an American silent film that tells the story of a "fallen woman" who comes to Pago Pago on the island of Tutuila to start a new life, but encounters a zealous missionary who wants to force her back to her former life in San Francisco (San Francisco, California). The film stars Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore, and Raoul Walsh, and was one of Swanson's better known silent films. The making of the film was extremely controversial. However, it was a financial and critical success for Swanson, one of her last. The film was based on the short story "Rain" by author W. Somerset Maugham and the 1923 play of the same name by John Colton (John Colton (screenwriter)) and Clemence Randolph. On 15 April 1926, ''Thompson'' steamed with the Fleet from San Francisco for fleet problems in Hawaiian waters. Upon completion of this training on 1 July she departed Pearl Harbor with the Fleet, bound for a goodwill cruise to Australia and New Zealand. After calling at Pago Pago, Samoa, on 10 July and 11 July, she arrived in Melbourne on 23 July. In company with sister ships WikiPedia:Pago Pago, American Samoa


) to prepare her for visits to Australia and New Zealand during the forthcoming celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Repairs and availability completed, she stood out of Subic Bay on 24 April in company with ''McKean'' (USS McKean (DD-784)) (DD-784). En route to Melbourne, the two ships stopped at Manus in the Admiralty Islands and at Brisbane, Australia. The ship reached Melbourne on 8 May; and, while she remained there until the 13th, her crew

Pago Pago

'''Pago Pago''' ( ) is the territorial capital (Capital (political)) of American Samoa. In 2010, its population was 3,656. The city is served by Pago Pago International Airport. Tourism, entertainment, food, and tuna canning are its primary industries.

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