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central park is a pleasant grass covered area with majestic old trees. Wide walkways crisscross the park. * * '''Birkelunden and Olaf Ryes plass''' Two cool

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. Bislett Stadion is the city's main track and field venue, and hosts the annual Bislett Games, part of IAAF Diamond League. Bjerke Travbane is the main venue for harness racing in the country. Oslo Spektrum is used for large ice hockey and handball (team handball) matches. Bækkelagets SK and Nordstrand IF plays in the women's Postenligaen in handball, while Vålerenga Håndball plays in the men's league. Jordal Amfi, the home of the ice hockey team

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needed date April 2007 The pair have co-written and recorded many songs together, some of which have been featured on ''Melankton'', including "Unlike Me", "Not Fair" and "You Again", and some of which will be included on Kate's second album 'You', including "Disobey", which Havnevik premiered on her official web site. She describes ''Melankton'' as "dramatic, beautiful and euphoric", and deemed it the perfect introduction to her music

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publish.show&template content&func_id 2434&table CONTENT title '7 Years Online' Video accessdate 2008-08-16 publisher Funcom year 2008 The project's team grew steadily between 1995 and 2001 to include at least 70 developers. foundation

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(1927). jurisdiction Kingdom of Norway headquarters Viktoria terrase, Oslo, Norway employees '''Berg Upper Secondary School''', known in Norwegian (Norwegian language) as '''Berg videregående skole''' is an upper secondary school located in Oslo, Norway. The school was established in 1925 and provides education leading to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as well as the college preparatory "studiespesialisering" of the Norwegian school system. Recruited by one of the founders of XU, Captain Eivind Hjelle, Strømnæs joined XU in August 1940. Strømnæs was said to be a "natural agent", and he had a very relaxed tone with his agents. Strømnæs assumed the leadship of XU when Arvid Storsveen was killed in April 1943. He worked undercover in Oslo until the end of the war (world War II). Strømnæs focused on security to the point Defense Command in London, did not know the real identity of the chairman of the intelligence service. ''XU'' (Store norske leksikon) Ambassador Miles worked for the South Carolina Voter Education Project from 1964 to 1967 in the field of voter registration and political leadership training. He entered the Foreign Service in 1967 and has served abroad in Oslo, Moscow, Belgrade, as Consul General in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)), and as Principal Officer of the U.S. Embassy Office in Berlin. - 3 3 June 2000 Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

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; birth_date title Biography: De Lillos last Birchmeier first Jason publisher Allmusic

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Cultural Profile accessdate 4 August 2010 The centre, designed by Norwegian architects Jon Eikvar and Sven Erik Engebretsen, also contains Sonja Henie's award collection. ref>

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of Norwegian that are close or largely identical WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo

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1993 location Oslo, Norway key_people Trond Arne Aas (CEO (Chief executive officer)) '''Funcom Productions A S''' ( WikiPedia:Oslo Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Oslo Commons:Category:Oslo


name Oslo coatofarms Oslo komm.svg county Oslo idnumber 0301 '''Oslo''' ( ) is the capital and the most populous city (List of towns and cities in Norway) in Norway. Oslo constitutes both a county (Counties of Norway) and a municipality (Municipalities of Norway).

Founded around 1000 AD, and established a "kaupstad" or trading place in 1048 by King Harald III (Harald III of Norway), the city was elevated to a bishopric (diocese of Oslo) in 1070 and a capital under Haakon V (Haakon V of Norway) around 1300. Personal unions with Denmark from 1397 to 1523 (Kalmar Union) and again from 1536 to 1814 (Denmark–Norway) and with Sweden from 1814 to 1905 (Union between Sweden and Norway) reduced its influence. After being destroyed by a fire in 1624, the city was moved closer to Akershus Castle during the reign of King Christian IV (Christian IV of Norway) and renamed '''Christiania''' in his honour. It was established as a municipality (List of municipalities of Norway) (''formannskapsdistrikt'') on 1 January 1838. Following a spelling reform, it was known as '''Kristiania''' from 1877 to 1925, when its original Norwegian name was restored.

Oslo is the economic (Economy of Norway) and governmental (Politics of Norway) centre of Norway. The city is also a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping. It is an important centre for maritime industries and maritime trade in Europe. The city is home to many companies within the maritime sector, some of which are among the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance brokers. Oslo is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission intercultural cities programme.

Oslo is considered a global city and ranked "Beta World City" in studies performed by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network in 2008.

As of January 2014 the city of Oslo has a population of 634,000.

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