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campaign (March–November 1943) Their battle honor is Oryol 1943 and Smolensk 1943. Biography Joseph Arkadievich Levin (the name was altered in western Europe by a manager who thought "Lhévinne" more distinctive and less Jewish) was born into a family of musicians in Oryol and studied at the Imperial Conservatory in Moscow (Moscow Conservatory) under Vasily Safonov. His public debut came at the age of 14 with Ludwig van Beethoven's ''Emperor Concerto (Piano Concerto No. 5 (Beethoven))'' in a performance conducted by his musical hero Anton Rubinstein. He graduated at the top of a class which included both Sergei Rachmaninoff and Alexander Scriabin, winning the Gold Medal for piano in 1892. Kalinnikov was a policeman's son. He studied at the seminary at Oryol, becoming director of the choir there at fourteen. Later he went to the Moscow Conservatory but could not afford the tuition fees. On a scholarship he went to the Moscow Philharmonic Society School (Russian Academy of Theatre Arts), where he received bassoon and composition lessons from Alexander Ilyinsky. He played bassoon, timpani and violin in theater orchestras and supplemented his income working as a music copyist. Stakhanov was born in Lugovaya near Oryol. In 1927, he began working in a mine called "Tsentralnaya-Irmino" in Kadievka (Stakhanov, Ukraine) (Donbass (Donets Basin)). In 1933, Stakhanov became a jackhammer operator. In 1935, he took a local course in mining. On 31 August 1935, it was reported that he had mined a record 102 tonnes of coal in 5 hours and 45 minutes (14 times his quota). Richard Overy, ''The Dictators: Hilter's Germany, Stalin's Russia'', p258 ISBN 0-393-02030-4 On 19 September, Stakhanov was reported to have set a new record by mining 227 tonnes of coal in a single shift. "Labour in the Land of Socialism; Stakhanovites in Conference", Moscow 1936 His example was held up in newspapers and posters as a model for others to follow, and he even appeared on the cover of ''Time'' (Time (magazine)) magazine. "Heroes of Labor", Time Magazine, 16 December 1935 "Soviet leaders' gifts go on show", BBC.com, 15 November 2006 WikiPedia:Oryol

dramatic history

continuing to serve on the Moscow front, von Thoma relinquished command of the 20th Panzer Division to Generalmajor Walther Düvert. WikiPedia:Oryol


the south took Oryol which was south of the Soviet first main defense line. Three days later the Panzers pushed on Bryansk while 2nd Army attacked from the west. The Soviet 3rd and 13th Armies were now encircled. To the north, the 3rd and 4th Panzer Armies attacked Vyazma, trapping the 19th, 20th, 24th and 32nd Armies. Moscow's first line of defence had been shattered. The pocket eventually yielded 673,000 Soviet prisoners, bringing the tally since

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, fast becoming a literary celebrity, and the two writers remained friends for many years to come. Through Gorky, Andreyev became a member of the Moscow Sreda (Sreda (literary group)) literary group, and published many of his works in Gorky's Znanie (Znanie (publishing company)) collections. A Writer Remembers by Nikolay Teleshov, Hutchinson, NY, 1943. DATE OF BIRTH 1871-08-21 PLACE OF BIRTH Oryol Province (Oryol), Russia DATE OF DEATH 1919-09-12 History The Skoptsy were first discovered by the Russian civil authorities in 1771 in the Oryol region. A peasant, Andrei Ivanov, was convicted of having persuaded thirteen other peasants to castrate themselves. His assistant was another peasant, known as Kondratii Selivanov. A legal investigation followed. Ivanov was knouted and sent to Siberia. Selivanov fled, but was arrested in 1775. Fyodor Dan was born to a Jewish family in St. Petersburg. His original surname was Gurvitch. While still a young man he joined the Union of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class. He was arrested in 1896 and exiled in Oryol for three years. On his return he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party and went to London for their Second Congress in 1903. Dan aligned himself with Julius Martov who wanted to have a larger party of activists, rather than Lenin's conception of a smaller party of professional revolutionaries. Dan helped Martov form the Mensheviks, returning to Russia in 1912. - OEL Oryol Yuzhny Airport Oryol, Russia - Early life and career Suvorov was born into a noble family originating from Novgorod at the Moscow mansion of his maternal grandfather Fedosey Manukov, landowner from Oryol gubernia and an official of Peter I (Peter I of Russia). Some of his ancestors had emigrated from Sweden in 1622. WikiPedia:Oryol

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of the Soviet Air Force made resupply of isolated strongpoints by air difficult. In particular, Hitler had hoped that the surrounded Stalingrad (Battle of Stalingrad) could be turned into a giant hedgehog, tying up vast numbers of Soviet troops. After the Battle of Kursk in 1943 the German army lacked the essential components of the tactic, the mobile armoured reserve and an air combat capability necessary to secure local air superiority for keeping open aerial supply corridor, thus

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Миха́йлович Бахти́н , WikiPedia:Oryol

successful holding

—the successful defense of the Demyansk pocket, for example, helped stem the Soviet counteroffensive following the Battle of Moscow. Although aerial resupply reduced reliance on vulnerable ground transport, it inflicted enormous strain on the Luftwaffe. The successful holding of forward positions in these battles led Adolf Hitler to insist for the remainder of the war that static positions be held to the last man, but growing weakness of the Luftwaffe and increasing combat capabilities

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: www.kirjasto.sci.fi ibunin.htm title Ivan Bunin's biography publisher www.kirjasto.sci.fi accessdate 2011-01-01 In Spring 1889, Bunin followed his brother to Kharkov, where he became a government clerk, then an assistant editor of a local paper, librarian, and court statistician. In January 1889 he moved to Oryol to work on the local ''Orlovsky Vestnik'' newspaper, first as an editorial assistant and later as de facto editor; this enabled him to publish his short stories

, poems and reviews in the paper's literary section. There he met Varvara Paschenko and fell passionately in love with her. In August 1892 the couple moved to Poltava and settled in the home of Yuly Bunin. The latter helped his younger brother to find a job in the local ''zemstvo'' administration. thumb left Portrait of Ivan Bunin by Leonard Turzhansky (Image:Buninturzhansky.jpg). 1905. In December 1910 Bunin

successful defense


literary career

9 year 1915 pages 353–380 language Russian accessdate 2012-01-02 Literary career In May 1887 Bunin published his first poem ''Village Paupers'' (Деревенские нищие) in the Saint Petersburg literary magazine ''Rodina'' (Motherland). In 1891 his first short story ''Country Sketch'' (Деревенский эскиз) appeared in N. Mikhaylovsky (Nikolay Mikhaylovsky)'s journal ''Russkoye Bogatstvo''.


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