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, population 140 * Slime (Slime, Croatia), population 270 * Smolonje, population 79 * Srijane, population 270 * Stanići (Stanići, Croatia), population 534 * Svinišće, population 98 * Trnbusi, population 162 * Tugare, population 885 * Zakučac, population 148 * Zvečanje, population 202 Tourist attractions thumb 250px Pirate battle 2009 Click to enlarge (File:Gusarska bitka.jpg) The Omiš Riviera stretches for twenty kilometers (

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in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Both clones are being propagated in California under the aegis of Ridge Vineyards, although virus infections have delayed their release. ref name "Sweet"


symbols * Traditional Croatian schnaps Eat * Try Dalmatinski Prsut-Dalmatian smoked ham (ham smoked and dry on specific way) * Fritule and Krostule (home made cookies) * Jela ispod peke (meals prepared in the traditional way at the local restaurants) * Local sea-food specialties *Restaurant "Puljiz" old town: fresh fish, lobsters, steaks, not expensive, long tradition, terrace, always fresh food. Drink * Rakija: hard alcohol made either from grapes or plums * Prosek: sweet

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, located five kilometers ( ) up to the canyon of Cetina River, is an excursion picnic place famous for bread baked under an iron lid (''peka'') and for fresh trout that can be caught from the river. The Cetina River is a great place for those who like active holidays (white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking). Recreational activities, in Omiš, also include: free climbing, cycling, tennis, football (soccer), basketball, 9-pin bowling, bocce


; History 300px thumb left (File:Omiš rivijera.jpg) Omiš was well known in the past by the Corsairs of Almissa (''Omiški gusari'') pirates&hl en&ei 2j8TTI-ECYffcZfyyboM&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 5&ved

ContentDetails 1871 gcgid 197 lang Croatian GUSARI-VS--PIRATI.wshtml By the 12th century, the pirates of Omiš were known to conduct raids as far north as Zara (Zadar) and as far south as northern Albania, and organized under the local clan of Kačić. In 1167, the city of Cattaro (now called Kotor) was forced to pay tribute to knez (knez (title)) Nikola Kačić of Omiš; a similar agreement was made with Ragusa (Dubrovnik) (later Republic of Ragusa) in 1190. ref name "

also rent a bike or moped from tourist agencies. However most people find it sufficiently comfortable to get around on foot, because Omiš is relatively small city. See * Visit the historic churches of Omiš * Fortresses Mirabella and Fortica * Beautiful city beach (Velika Plaza) * The city museum and harbour Do * Listen to the Festival of Dalmatian Klapas * Participate in summertime activities the Fishing Nights, Crazy Dives and Pirates Nights * Take

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in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Both clones are being propagated in California under the aegis of Ridge Vineyards, although virus infections have delayed their release. ref name "Sweet"


* Kostanje, population 605 * Kučiće, population 607 * Lokva Rogoznica, population 397 * Marušići, population 151 * Mimice, population 216 * Naklice, population 236 * Nova Sela (Nova Sela, Omiš), population 224 * '''Omiš''', population 6,462 * Ostrvica (Ostrvica, Croatia), population 196 * Pisak, population 202 * Podašpilje, population 20 * Podgrađe (Podgrađe, Split-Dalmatia County), population 280 * Putišići, population 46 * Seoca, Croatia Seoca


in the Dalmatian coastal town of Omiš. Commons:Category:Omiš

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tz0TTJqRBcfJcdvtmbsM&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 5&ved 0CEAQ6AEwBDgK#v onepage&q Omis&f false Mediterranean Mosaic: Popular Music and Global Sounds ''by'' Goffredo Plastino indexeng This festival is the highlight of Omiš's summer, the expression of the town's beauty. Omiš's Summer Festival - during which various concerts and recitals are performed - takes place at the plazas and in churches. *Omiš


;ref At the beginning of 1394, the Croatian nobility under Ivaniš Horvat, a subject of the King Naples refused to serve King Dabiša. Dabiša dispatched Prince Ivan Radivojević to take Omiš from Horvat as a punishment. The Hungarian King Sigismund moved to destroy both Horvat and Dabiša

-grandson Paul, mentioned above, reached the peak of power towards the end of the 13th century. He was Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia, his rule extended to Bosnia (Bosnia (region)), and with his brothers he controlled the maritime cities of Dalmatia. In these regions he was champion of the Pope and was instrumental in placing Charles, the firstborn of the King of Naples, on the throne of Hungary and Croatia (Kingdom of Hungary). He was related to the King of Kingdom of Naples Naples


thumb 260px Cetina River bridge (File:Most na Cetini, Omiš - jug.jpg)

'''Omiš''' ( .

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