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to as a part of the city proper. History The area bears traces of settlers since around 2000 BC. In the early medieval age, around 1000 AD (History of Sweden (800–1521)), Nyköping was a capital of one the many Swedish petty kingdoms. In the 13th century, construction on the Nyköping Fortress was begun; the following century it became the strongest fortress of the country. The coat of arms probably depicts the fortress, or one of its towers.

) thumb A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, with the text "Auf Wiedersehen Lufthansa (File:Ryanair-sxf.jpg)", ("Goodbye, Lufthansa" in German) at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Germany. (2005) thumb A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, named Nyköping (File:ryanair b737-800 nykoping ei-csv arp.jpg), takes off from London Luton Airport, England. (2007) layout FF layout (2002-) F4 layout (2008-) assembly Nyköping, Sweden (convertible 2012) ( AB Nyköpings

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served as regent for her younger son, Charles Philip, Duke of Södermanland, in the Duchy of Södermanland from 1611 to 1622. She also managed the iron mine (Mining)s of her spouse and took an active interest in business. During her son's first years as king in the 1610s, she was considered by some the real, or one of the real, rulers behind the throne during his minority, even though she was not formally regent. She certainly acted as advisor for her son: for example, he asked for her

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, Cullberg was born in Nyköping and married from 1942 to 1949 to actor Anders Ek. She was the mother of Niklas Ek, Mats Ek, and Malin Ek. alias origin Nyköping, Sweden instrument History Ultima Thule was founded in early 1984 in Nyköping, Södermanland, Sweden. Band members have cited the Sex Pistols and late seventies punk rock as their main inspiration. Their songs were a mixture of Nordic folk music, rock

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Södertälje and Stockholm. Buses Nyköping's intercity and city bus-links are operated by Nobina Sverige. The city bus network consists of five lines: class "wikitable" - ! Number !! Origin !! Final destination !! Frequency

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title Nyköpings BIS – Fotboll Klubb format work accessdate 2010-09-16 they play their home matches at the Rosvalla Nyköping Eventcenter. * Nyköpings Hockey is the local ice hockey club; its home rink is PEAB Arena. The city is yet to have a team in the major football or hockey leagues of Sweden, with stints in the second tiers being the greatest achievements for both sides. Sights 800px thumb center Panoramic view of part of Nyköpings (2010). (File:Nyköping - Panorama - 16 - P1290364.jpg) File:Stora torget i Nyköping.JPG City hall File:Culturum i Nyköping.jpg Library and cultural center File:Nyköpingshus2.JPG Nyköping Castle File:Nyköping, Vattugränd.JPG Vattugränd, The oldest street in Nyköping File:Westerlingska gården.JPG Westerlingska gården File:Tornhusen Rosvalla Nyköping aug 2010.jpg Rosvalla Highrise File:Brandholmen Nyköping.jpg Brandholmen Seaside houses File:Sankta Anna kyrka i Nyköping.jpg Sankta Anna Catholic Church (Roman Catholicism in Sweden) File:Sankta Katarina kyrka Arnö2 sept 2010.jpg Sankta Katarina Lutheran Church (Church of Sweden), Arnö File:Hjortensbergskyrkan Nyköping.jpg Hjortensberg Pentecostal Church (Pentecostalism) File:Gunnar_Asplunds_Villa_Sturegården_i_Nyköping.png Villa Sturegården, by architect Gunnar Asplund File:Sunlight Hemgården Nyköping.jpg Former headquarters of Sunlights AB (Aktiebolag) File:Spelhagen Nyköping sept 2010.jpg Spelhagen, former location of AB Nyköpings Automobilfabrik Twin cities Wikipedia:Nyköping Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Södermanland_County Localities Nyköping commons:Nyköping

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as White Power (White nationalism#White power) music . She was born in Nyköping. In the 1970s, she was a member of the leftist theater and music group Nationalteatern. After being active in several other Swedish theatres, she heads the Västerbotten theatre since 2005. Westerberg was born in Nyköping and graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in 1974. His family has been running a family business for generations and he is now


than a year Maria Eleonore condemned the active, spirited little Queen to an appalling mourning seclusion in rooms draped with black and lit by candles day and night, from which every ray of light was excluded. She made her daughter sleep with her in a bed over which her father's heart was hung in a golden casket. Things were made worse by Maria Eleonore's continual weeping. Christina, who was herself somewhat malformed with one shoulder higher than the other, also detested her mother's dwarfs

and buffoons. She became seriously ill; an ulcer appeared on her left breast, causing her terrible pain and a high fever until it burst. In the summer of 1634 the funeral procession finally wound its way to Stockholm. Queen Christina later wrote about her mother: "She carried out her role of mourning to perfection." Coloured legacy Four and a half years later Charles IX died at Nyköping, 30 October 1611 when he was succeeded by his seventeen year old son Gustavus the Great

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Hansson . Later editions of ''Casino (Casino (Alcazar album))'' contained a cover (cover version) of The Human League's hit (chart-topper) "Don't You Want Me (Don't You Want Me#Alcazar version)" which also served as the third single off the album. In the United States, Alcazar gained moderate success. "Crying at the Discoteque" peaked at #44 and "Don't You Want Me" peaked at #30 on the Hot Dance Music Club Play. Image:COA family sv Tyrgils

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, who'd participated in the wars. As a ruler, he is the link between his great father and his still greater son. He consolidated the work of Gustav I, the creation of a great Protestant state; he prepared the way for the erection of the Protestant empire of Gustavus Adolphus. Background Bolin was born in Nyköping, Sweden Rodhe, H. (1991). Bert Bolin and his scientific career, ''Tellus'' '''43AB''' (4), 3–7. and graduated from

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'''Gert Fridolf Fredriksson''' (November 21, 1919, in Nyköping, Södermanland, – July 5, 2006) was a Swedish (Sweden) sprint canoer (Canoe racing) who


'''Nyköping''' ( is a locality (Urban areas in Sweden) and the seat of Nyköping Municipality, Södermanland County, Sweden with 29,891 inhabitants in 2010. The city is also the capital of Södermanland County. Including Arnö, the locality on the southern shore of the bay just a couple of kilometres from the city centre, Nyköping would have 33,762 inhabitants according to the same SCB source. Commonly, Arnö is referred to as a part of the city proper.

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