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. A winner of the Golden Globe, Ullmann has also been nominated for the Palme d'Or, two times for the Academy Award, and a BAFTA Award. International ''Metallica'' topped the charts in Australia (ARIA Charts), Switzerland, ref name "SWI">

(sport) athlete , his career high point coming when he won the gold medal in the 800 m at the 1996 Summer Olympics. '''Arcturus''' is an avant-garde metal band (band (music)) formed in Norway in 1987. They named it Arcturus (meaning ''Bear Guardian''), after the Behenian fixed star (Behenian fixed stars) Arcturus. * 1995 – Macedonia (Macedonia (country))`s Golden Wreath Award: International Poetry Festival * 1996 – Norwegian (Norway) Bjornson Poetry Award

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Up until that point, the company had only developed offline video games for consoles (Video game console), including the critically successful ''Speed Punks (Speed Freaks)'' for the PlayStation.

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Sharon's ruling Likud government threaten to resign if a referendum over the plan will not be held. (Reuters) (Guardian) *Baseball – 2004 World Series, Game 2: The Boston Red Sox achieve another home-field victory over the St. Louis Cardinals 6 to 2. Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling earns another win playing through his ankle injury, despite Boston committing four errors. Games 3 through 5 are slated to be held in St. Louis starting Tuesday. (CNNSI) *Cross-country skiing: World Cup 2005 season opening in Düsseldorf, Germany: The Ladies' 6×0.8 km Team Sprint relay race is won by the Norwegian (Norway) No.1 team (Marit Bjørgen, Hilde G. Pedersen (Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen)), with Germany's No.2 team (Manuela Henkel, Evi Sachenbacher) and Italy's No.1 team (Arianna Follis, Gabriella Paruzzi) taking the 2nd and 3rd place. (FIS-Ski Results) In the Men's 6×1.5 km race, Norway's No.1 team wins (Håvard Bjerkeli, Tor Arne Hetland), while Germany's No.1 team (Tobias Angerer, Axel Teichmann) and No.3 team (Toni Lang, Andreas Stitzl) finish 2nd and 3rd, respectively. (FIS-Ski Results) *Football (soccer): Manchester United (Manchester United F.C.) defeat Arsenal (Arsenal F.C.) 2–0 at United's Old Trafford (Old Trafford (football)) stadium in Manchester, ending the London club's unbeaten streak in the FA Premier League. Arsenal's unbeaten run had stretched a record 49 matches and included the entire 2003–04 season (2003-04 in English football). (BBC) They are farmed (Fish farm) in many countries throughout the world. Since the 1950s, commercial production has grown exponentially, Cowx, I.G. Cultured Aquatic Species Information Programme Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792 (Salmonidae) Rainbow Trout Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (online), Rome, Updated 15 June 2005, Retrieved 27 September 2010 particularly in Europe and recently in Chile. Worldwide, in 2007, Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

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Hotspur and Aston Villa (Aston Villa F.C.). In Norway he played for Molde (Molde FK), Rosenborg (Rosenborg BK), Lyn (FK Lyn) and Strømsgodset. In Norway, the expression "a Leo run" is derived from Leonhardsen's running capacity and his smart movements. He is reckoned as somewhat of a cult hero and a symbol of the Norway national team (Norway national football team) success in the 1990s. He earned great respect during his career due to his highly professional approach to the game. left thumb 180px Kowalewicz at the Cardiff University Students' Union (Image:Ben 08.08.06 - Cardiff Union.jpg) on August 8, 2006. This was the band's second international tour, but played in countries like Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, and Belgium for the first time. After conquering eastern Ulster he established his ''caput'' at Carrickfergus, where he built an impressive stone castle. He married Affreca (Affreca de Courcy), daughter of Godred II Olafsson, King of Mann. It is likely that the marriage, as in the case of many kings and those aspiring to be kings in those days, was political, to seal an alliance with her father who paid homage to the King of Norway. De Courcy and Affreca had no children. She built a monastery at Greyabbey dedicated to Saint Mary of The Yolk of God. She is buried there and her effigy, in stone, can still be seen. thumb left The Castle of Old Wick (Image:OldCastleWick.jpg) The Castle of Old Wick ( Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


culture that he got the nickname ''The Godfather'', even though he has always considered himself a down-to-earth musician. Because women may be underdiagnosed, the exact incidence of reactive arthritis is difficult to estimate. A few studies have been completed, though. In Norway between 1988 and 1990, incidence was 4.6 cases per 100,000 for Chlamydia-induced reactive arthritis and 5 cases per 100,000 for that induced by enteric bacteria.

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-working-together title Nokia and Digia working together to grow the Qt community date 2011-03-07 accessdate 2011-03-08 first Sebastian last Nystrom On May 9, it was announced on the Qt Labs website that the groundwork was being laid for the next major version of Qt, with the expectation that Qt 5 would be released in 2012.

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management and control of the activities of subordinate agencies. The ministry is located at Glacisgata 1, Oslo, inside Akershus festning. The ministry is headed by the politically appointed Minister of Defence (Minister of Defence (Norway)), currently Espen Barth Eide. The ministry controls a large group of defence-related agencies, not to be related with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway)) that controls all intelligence-related agencies in the country. Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

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;worldwide" the United states (it is common in Oregon, Alaska, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), and both Northern and Southern California, but is also known to occur in all 50 states). '''Egil Monn-Iversen''' (born 14 April 1928) is one of the most influential modern composers in Norway. He has had many important roles in Norwegian music, film, opera, television, comedy and theater. For some time he had so much influence in Norwegian culture that he got the nickname ''The Godfather'', even though he has always considered himself a down-to-earth musician. Because women may be underdiagnosed, the exact incidence of reactive arthritis is difficult to estimate. A few studies have been completed, though. In Norway between 1988 and 1990, incidence was 4.6 cases per 100,000 for Chlamydia-induced reactive arthritis and 5 cases per 100,000 for that induced by enteric bacteria. Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

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Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

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organised IFK members in Finland, there did also exist IFK associations in Denmark and Norway. The last active member in Denmark was IFK Aalborg that ceased to exist in the early 90s, while the Norwegian member in Kristiania (Oslo) ended its activities early in the 20th century. The band was not at an end however. Four tracks of dark ambience (ambient music), recorded by Henderson, Mitchell and Morelli, were released on a split EP with Melek Tha in 2004. The same year, Nazxul regrouped with a new line-up that included Henderson, Morelli and Mitchell plus two former members of Wollongong (Wollongong, New South Wales) black metal band Secretain, Daniel Lomas (vocals) and Luke Mills (guitar), and drummer Tim Yatras from another Wollongong band called Battalion. Originally booked to tour with Dimmu Borgir, the Norwegian (Norway) band cancelled its visit but several months later Nazxul undertook a tour with Adelaide (Adelaide, Australia) based gothic metal band Virgin Black instead. Nazxul then became dormant for some time since. Mills continued to play in various black metal bands and Yatras was the drummer with Lord (Lord (band)) between 2005 and May 2009. Since the operative UN resolutions were not passed under Chapter VII (Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter) of the United Nations Charter, the planned deployment of a military forces had to be approved by Egypt and Israel. Israel's Prime Minister refused to restore the 1949 armistice lines and stated that under no circumstances would Israel agree to the stationing of UN forces on its territory or in any area it occupied. Eisenhower and Israel: U.S.-Israeli Relations, 1953-1960, Isaac Alteras, University Press of Florida, 1993, ISBN 0813012058, page 246 A Restless Mind: Essays in Honor of Amos Perlmutter, Amos Perlmutter, Benjamin Frankel, Routledge, 1996, ISBN 0714646075, Michael Brecher Essay, page 104-117 After multilateral negotiations with Egypt eleven countries offered to contribute to a force on the Egyptian side of the armistice line: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, India, Indonesia, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Yugoslavia. Support was also provided by United States, Italy, and Switzerland. The first forces arrived in Cairo on November 15, and UNEF was at its full force of 6,000 by February 1957. The force was fully deployed in designated areas around the canal, in the Sinai (Sinai Peninsula) and Gaza when Israel withdrew its last forces from Rafah on March 8, 1957. The UN Secretary-General sought to station UNEF forces on the Israeli side of the 1949 armistice lines, but this was rejected by Israel. Norman G. Finkelstein alludes to Brian Urquhart's memoir, ''A Life in Peace and War'' (ISBN 0060158409), where Urquhart, describing the aftermath of the 1956 Suez Crisis, recalls how Israel refused to allow the UNEF to be stationed on the Israeli side of the line, and labels the Israeli rejection as a "grave weakness for a peacekeeping force." (Finkelstein 2003:277 (#Reference-Finkelstein-2003)) Background Hans Andreas Johanneson Seland grew up on the farm Seland near Nes (Nes, Vest-Agder) in Flekkefjord in the county of Vest-Agder, Norway. Seland attended Stend Agricultural School (1884–1886). He was editor in ''Nordmands'' in Christiania (Oslo) (1893–96) and before 1896 went back to Nes (Nes, Vest-Agder) to take over father's farm. He was deputy to the Parliament of Norway for the Norwegian Liberal Party (Liberal Party (Norway)) (1915–18) and for the Norwegian Agrarian Association (1921–24). Locally he was a member of Nes council board and bank auditor for 30 years. Hans Seland, together with Hans Haga and Nils Trædal, were among the most influential politicians in the Agrarian Party (''Norges Bondelag'') to prevent this group from joining the fascist Nasjonal Samling of Vidkun Quisling. ''Hans Andreas Johanneson Seland'' (Store norske leksikon) Literary career Seland reached out to a broad audience as the author of over 50 books. Almost all literature written by or about him is only available in Norwegian, reducing a potential international audience. He may not be among Norway’s most known authors, but is certainly among the most celebrated ones within such diverse circles as Norwegian emigrants in America (United States). His fame as a wandering storyteller eventually led him to the States in 1904, where he visited several of the Norwegian immigrant communities which had grown up after the great migration from Norway. In 1925, he represented the Norwegian Farmers' Union at the Norse-American Centennial, the 100th anniversary of Norwegian emigration to America. ''The Struggle Over Norwegian'' (Einar Haugen. Norwegian-American Historical Association. Volume XVII, page 1) thumb (File:Rica Seilet Hotell.JPG) '''Rica Seilet Hotel''' is a high-rise building in Molde, Norway. The building is a hotel which was opened on 11 September 2002. At 16 floors and Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway


'''Norway''' ( The Antarctic Peter I Island and the sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island are dependent territories (Dependencies of Norway) and thus not considered part of the Kingdom. Norway also lays claim to a section of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land. Until 1814, the Kingdom included the Faroe Islands (since 1035), Greenland (1261), and Iceland (1262).

Norway has a total area of The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km (List of countries and territories by land borders) or 1,006 mi long). Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak Strait (Skagerrak) to the south, with Denmark on the other side. Norway has an extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea.

King Harald V (Harald V of Norway) of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg is the current monarch of Norway (Monarchy of Norway). Erna Solberg became Prime Minister in 2013, replacing Jens Stoltenberg. A constitutional monarchy since 1814, state power is divided (Separation of power) between the Parliament (Storting), the King and his Council (Cabinet of Norway), and the Supreme Court (Supreme Court of Norway). Between 1661 and 1814, Norway was an absolute monarchy, and before 1661, the King shared power with the Norwegian nobility (Aristocracy of Norway). Traditionally established in 872 (Battle of Hafrsfjord) and originating in one of the petty kingdoms (Petty kingdoms of Norway), Norway is one of the oldest still existing kingdoms in Europe and world-wide. The Kingdom has existed continuously for over 1,100 years, and the list of Norwegian monarchs includes over sixty kings and earls.

Norway has both administrative and political subdivisions on two levels, known as counties (fylke (Counties of Norway)) and municipalities (kommune (List of municipalities of Norway)). The Sámi people have a certain amount of self-determination and influence over traditional territories through the Sámi Parliament (Sami Parliament of Norway) and the Finnmark Act. Norway maintains close ties (Norway – European Union relations) with the European Union and its member countries (despite rejecting full EU membership in two referenda (Norwegian European Union membership referendum, 1994)), as well as with the United States. Norway is a founding member of the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe, the Antarctic Treaty and the Nordic Council; a member of the European Economic Area, the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development); and is also a part of the Schengen Area.

The country maintains a combination of market economy and a Nordic welfare model (Nordic model) with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. Norway has extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, lumber, seafood, fresh water, and hydropower. The petroleum industry accounts for around a quarter of the country's gross domestic product. From 2010 to 2012, Norway was classified as the most democratic country by the Democracy Index. Curtis M. Wong (14 December 2010). World's Top Democratic Governments: Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2010 (PHOTOS). ''The Huffington Post.'' Retrieved 27 August 2013. Democracy index 2011. ''Economist Intelligence Unit'' Retrieved 27 August 2013. Kavitha A. Davidson (21 March 2013). Democracy Index 2013: Global Democracy At A Standstill, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Annual Report Shows. ''The Huffington Post.'' Retrieved 27 August 2013.

Around 994 A.D., two centuries of Viking raids to southern and western areas of Europe tapered off following the adoption of Christianity (Christianization of Scandinavia). Norway then expanded its overseas territory to parts of Great Britain, Ireland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. Norwegian power peaked in 1265. Competition from the Hanseatic League, and the spread of the Black Death, weakened the country. In 1397, Norway became part of the Kalmar Union with Denmark and Sweden. The Union lasted until Sweden left in 1523. The remaining union with Denmark (Denmark-Norway) lasted nearly three centuries. In 1814, Norwegians adopted (Norwegian Constituent Assembly) a constitution (Constitution of Norway) before being forced into a personal union with Sweden (Union between Sweden and Norway). In 1905, Norway ended the union, subsequently confirmed in a referendum (Norwegian union dissolution referendum, 1905), ending over 500 years of monarchs residing outside the country. In the same year, the country confirmed the election of its own king. Despite its declaration of neutrality in World War II, Norway was occupied (Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany) for 5 years by forces of Nazi Germany. In 1949 it abandoned neutrality, becoming a founding member of NATO. Discovery of oil in adjacent waters in the late 1960s boosted Norway's economic fortunes.

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