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natural rock

is protected by a concrete seawall which also serves as the promenade. It is a vital part of the protection of the town against the natural erosion (Coastal erosion) that occurs along the North Norfolk coast. The storm surge of 1953 (North Sea flood of 1953) considerably damaged Sheringham's wooden sea defences. In front of the sea wall are groynes, armoured at their bases with large blocks of natural rock, which prevent long shore drift. There are numerous drains along

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Shaw , was a composer of church music, and his family's love of music heavily influenced Shaw's career path. "Sebastian Shaw," ''The Times'', 30 December 1994, Features (section). Shaw made his acting debut at age eight on the London stage as one of the juvenile band in ''The Cockyolly Bird'' at the Royal Court Theatre in Chelsea (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) ref name "Better Than Beefcake" >

outstanding natural

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between Sheringham and West Runton is no longer being maintained and is thus in a poor state of repair. Sections that become hazardous will be removed. The coastline will then be left to evolve naturally. '''Holt United Football Club''' Holt United has a longer history than the Rugby Club. It was formed in 1894 and was a founder member of the North Norfolk and Norwich League, which began in 1895. In 1927 the club joined the Norwich


to acting; regarding the change, his father informed him, "I wondered when you would come to your senses." He earned a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in Bloomsbury, London. Actor Charles Laughton enrolled in the Academy at the same time as Shaw, who later said his first impression of Laughton was "a poor fat boy". ref name "Post Shaw">

, cottages, bed and breakfast, pubs and businesses work Glaven Valley url http: norfolk village great-snoring.html accessdate 2006-03-31 Its population in the 2001 census was 168, a dramatic decrease since 1841 when it was 556 (this included 81 people in the Walsingham Union Workhouse).

run regular

at all villages en route. Day tickets ('Rovers') are available on the bus, and combined tickets with the Bittern railway line from Sheringham and Cromer to Norwich - such as the Bittern Line Rover - allow a family of four to travel between the coast and Norwich for only £10 return. Sanders Coaches and First Eastern Counties also run regular services from Norwich

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Site Consultation Forum title Minutes of the Gypsy and Traveller Site Consultation Forum publisher North Norfolk District Council date 2006-10-20 url http: gypsy downloads GT_Forum Mins_3010.pdf accessdate 2007-12-21

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of allegiance the political composition of North Norfolk is as follows: class "wikitable" !Year !! Conservative (Conservative Party (UK)) !! Liberal Democrat (Liberal Democrats (UK)) !! UKIP (UK Independence Party) !! Independent (Independent (politician)) - 2013 28 17 1 2 - Composition The district is entirely parished, and is made up of 121 civil parish (civil parishes in England)es. At the time of the United Kingdom Census 2001 2001 census

large size

district of North Norfolk. Formation Beacon Hill is a part of the Cromer Ridge which is a ridge of old glacial moraines (terminal moraine) that stands next to the coast above Cromer. BBC Coast The Cromer Ridge seems to have been the front line of the ice sheet for some time at the last glaciations, which is shown by the large size of the feature. All the material


, the district had an area of , with a population of 98,382 in 43,502 households. Office for National Statistics & Norfolk County Council (2001). ''PKFHSPKFHS groups public documents general_resources ncc017867.xls Census population and household counts for unparished urban areas and all parishes''. Retrieved 2 December 2005. The district contains the following civil parishes: *Alby with Thwaite, Aldborough, Norfolk Aldborough

parish in the English county of Norfolk. It covers an area of 11 km 2 and had a population of 1,033 in the 2001 census (United Kingdom Census 2001).groups public documents general_resources ncc017867.xls Census population and household counts for unparished urban areas and all parishes. Office for National Statistics & Norfolk County Council (2001). Retrieved 20 June 2009. Horning parish lies

web work Office for National Statistics & Norfolk County Council (2001) url http: consumption groups public documents general_resources ncc017867.xls format Excel spreadsheet title Census population and household counts for unparished urban areas and all parishes accessdate 2005-12-02 The motto ''Gem of the Norfolk Coast'' is highlighted on the town's roadsigns.

North Norfolk

'''North Norfolk''' is a local government district (Non-metropolitan district) in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Its council is based in Cromer. The council headquarters (North Norfolk District Council Headquarters) can be found approximately out of the town of Cromer on the road to Holt (Holt, Norfolk) and there is a smaller office for callers in Fakenham.

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