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economic sectors such as fisheries, marine tourism, oil and gas, and achieve a sustainable economic development of the marine resources and conserve its marine diversity value. To take appropriate decisions in the matter, the Nature Conservancy, WWF-Indonesia and other partners have initiated studies for a preliminary assessment on the prospects for "marine conservation and tourism in the Halmahera area". The surveys also cover study of the ecological link between Halmahera and the Bird's Head Seascape to the east and the Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape on the west. Administration The regency was formerly divided into twenty-two districts (Districts of Indonesia) (''kecamantan'') and contained 260 villages. More recently, the creation in 2009 of a separate regency for Morotai Island has removed the five districts on that island from North Halmahera. It now contains seventeen districts, tabulated below with their 2010 Census population. class "sortable wikitable" - ! Name English name Population Census 2010 - Malifut align "right" 11,006 - Kao Teluk Kao Bay align "right" 3,590 - Kao align "right" 7,513 - Kao Barat West Kao align "right" 8,092 - Kao Utara North Kao align "right" 10,509 - Tobelo Selatan South Tobelo align "right" 13,054 - Tobelo Barat West Tobelo align "right" 4,358 - Tobelo Timur East Tobelo align "right" 6,283 - Tobelo align "right" 29,377 - Tobelo Tengah Central Tobelo align "right" 12,543 - Tobelo Utara North Tobelo align "right" 9,714 - Galela align "right" 7,390 - Galela Selatan South Selatan align "right" 7,491 - Galela Barat West Galala align "right" 9,283 - Galela Utara North Galela align "right" 7,053 - Loloda Utara North Loloda align "right" 8,627 - Loloda Kepulauan Loloda Islands align "right" 5,964 Demographics right 200px thumb Togutil people Togutil (File:Natives of Halmahera Island.jpg) native of Halmahera As of 2010, North Halmahera had a population of 161,580. The main native ethnic groups are Tobelorese, Galelarese, Lolodarese, Kaonese, Pagu and Modole. The remaining 10% are immigrants, mainly from Java, Sulawesi and other parts of North Maluku, especially Makian Island. Apart from the Indonesian language, natives have their own languages and one such language is Tabelo spoken by about 15,000 people in the island of Halhamera. ) - capital Labuha

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9BkCCxeZolNMFT7_WGvKwSmA_GM&hl en&ei BzIbTLvzD8q3rAeGtvmXDg&sa X&oi book_result&ct result&resnum 5&ved 0CBgQ6AEwBA#v onepage&q History%20of%20Tobelo%20town%20in%20Indonesia&f false publisher SEAP Publications year 2008 isbn 0-87727-745-1 The Regency, which has been considerably reduced by the separation of Tidore and (more recently) of Morotai Island, now covers an area of and as of 2010 had a population

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is typically accompanied by traditional Tobelorese music, played with gongs and drums and a Cakele dance is usually performed in front of the bride as she approaches the groom. Around the time of New Year, Tobelo attracts a number of Yangere groups (such as the Orang Hutan band etc.) from all over North Halmahera who perform music and dances. The Tobelo language is spoken across North Halmahera by approximately 15,000

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religions in North Halmahera are primarily Christianity and Islam. Muslims and Christians had lived here from the 16th century. The two communities lived peacefully following the cultural tradition of the ''Hibua Lamo'' (a pact between Muslims and Christians to live together without aggressive designs against each other and cooperating on all matters of mutual interest).


freshwater lake of the Halmahera island. The lake is used for swimming, fishing and canoeing. Bamboo rafts are also used on the lake. Two smaller crater lakes namely Makete and Ngidiho are also in its vicinity. Parks ;Tobotobo marine park Tobotobo marine park in Tobotobo village in he Loloda Islands district has coral reef which is good for diving and snorkelling. Fruit-bats abound here roosting in the mangroves. A unique sight seen here is of the wild green

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; ;Rorangane island Rorangane island, uninhabited island a short distance from Tobelo harbour; has a white sand beach. The sea waters have coral reefs at a depth of 10–30 metres. It is a good location for diving and swimming. ;Somola bay Somola bay is a group of small rich in mangrove forest that grow out of the rocks. Its waters are clear, good for canoeing and also fishing migrate. Pune village in Galela district is the nearest to this bay.

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" Traditional weddings in the capital of Tobelo are also said to be among the most colourful in Maluku and the Christians follow traditions during their wedding ceremonies, with traditional music and dance. A wedding

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of 161,580 people. The principal settlements are Tobelo, Kao (Kao, Indonesia) and Galela. The area is noted for its

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is predominantly concentrated in the capital of Tobelo. GDP in 2005 amounted to 373,693.21 million rupee. In the year 2003, the economy of North Halmahera increased 2.93%, 3.33% in 2004, and 3.54% in 2005. Culture thumb left Traditional dance on Loloda island in the early 20th century (File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Dans Loloda-baai TMnr 60052423.jpg) One festival of note is the annual North Halmahera Cultural Festival, when the people wear full traditional ceremonial dress. ref name "EII

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in traditional style has historical Tobelorese artifacts. ref>

North Halmahera Regency

'''North Halmahera Regency''' or '''Halmahera Utara''' is a regency (on Halmahera Island) of North Maluku Province, Indonesia. It was declared a Regency on 31 May 2003. The capital town of the regency lies at the port of Tobelo. The principal settlements are Tobelo, Kao (Kao, Indonesia) and Galela. The area is noted for its white beaches and coral reefs.

Apart from the importance of its 115 islands (19 have remained unnamed) for spices, North Hamahera was the World War II base camp. The Japanese and the America (United States)n allies fought for its control. From the island of Morotai, Americans headed by the General of the Army (General of the Army (United States)) Douglas MacArthur prepared for an attack on the Philippines.

Halmahera and its small islands are located in the Coral Triangle, which has rich marine life. Marine biodiversity data on reef fishes was collected during a rapid survey conducted at 28 locations in 2005 in the south-western part of Halmahera. Explorer Gerry Allen, during his diving surveys in 2005, recorded 803 species of reef fishes.

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