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international event

international event, Bondarevsky struggled with just 2.5 7, for a tied 7-8th place; the winner was Reuben Fine; however, he recovered with a solid performance in his first Soviet Chess Championship (URS-ch10, Tbilisi 1937), with 9.5 19 and a shared 10-12th place; the winner was Grigory Levenfish. Bondarevsky qualified from the URS-ch11 semifinal 1938 with 10.5 17, for a shared 3rd-4th place; the winner was Mikhail Botvinnik. Another disappointing performance followed at the very strong

liberal opposition

Region. Yavlinsky developed a regional economic reform program for him. Later, however, their paths diverged, as Nemtsov sided with Yeltsin's government on most issues, eventually becoming deputy prime minister and one of the founders and leaders of the Union of Right Forces, while Yavlinsky became the leader of liberal opposition to Yeltsin). Of particular note was Kulik's meddling in the armament of the T-34 and KV-1 tanks prior to and in the early period of the war with Germany


this image male.svg 200px right '''Alexander Baburin''' (also Alex or Alexandar Baburin, known as Sasha to close friends, born February 19, 1967 in Nizhny Novgorod, then known as Gorky) is a Russian-Irish (Ireland) International Grandmaster of chess. Since 1993 he has lived in Dublin, Ireland and is editor-in-chief of the e-mail distributed chess newspaper ''Chess Today''. Although his forte was battle painting (War artist), Mikeshin's sketch won the much-publicized


the Russian state from Polish interventionists in the early 17th century"'' editorial footnote in John Freedman, "The Major Plays of Nikolai Erdman", p. 112, Routledge (UK), 1995, ISBN 3-7186-5582-9 A native of Balakhna, Minin was a prosperous butcher (meat trader) in the city of Nizhny


, but it arrived too late to take part in the disastrous Battle of the Kalka River. Later life In the meantime Count Ignatyev served as Governor of Nizhny Novgorod, where he was credited with the expansion of the Makaryev Fair. Shortly after the accession of Alexander III (Alexander III of Russia) in 1881, he was appointed Minister of the Interior (MVD) on the understanding that he would carry out a nationalist (nationalism), reactionary policy. After a period of intense, violent

special history

Prince Pozharsky . After the battle for Moscow on October 22, 1612 Old Style (November 1 New Style), the invaders retreated to the Kremlin, and on October 24–27 O.S. Nikolay Kostomarov, ''Russian History in Biographies of its main figures'',special history kostom kostom30.htm Chap. 30. (November 3–6 N.S.) the nearby Polish army was forced to retreat. The garrison in the Kremlin

teaching music

by Tchaikovsky and Rubinstein (Nikolai Rubinstein). He graduated at age 24, but decided not to pursue a career as a musician due to his shyness, and instead went to Jena in Germany, where he studied natural history, and later philosophy at the University of Jena with Rudolf Christoph Eucken. After receiving his doctorate at the age of 30, he held teaching posts in University of Berlin, University of Heidelberg and University of Munich, mostly teaching

music history and music aesthetics. DATE OF BIRTH January 15, 1848 PLACE OF BIRTH Nizhny Novgorod, Russia DATE OF DEATH June 14, 1923 birth_date August 15, 1896 birth_place Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (Russian Empire) death_date December 14, 1985 (aged 89) Early life Doherty was born Ekaterina Fyodorovna Kolyschkine (Екатерина Фёдоровна Колышкина) in Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Empire. Her parents, Fyodor and Emma Kolyschkine, belonged

year service

Russian Railways for eight '''Velaro RUS''' high-speed trains including a 30-year service contract. The contract is in total worth €600 million. The trains, connecting Moscow with Saint Petersburg, and later also Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod at a speed of up to to suit

supporting liberal

there. By the autumn, however, after the censor had banned every play that the theatre proposed to stage, Gorky abandoned the project. Now a financially-successful author, editor, and playwright, Gorky gave financial support to the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), as well as supporting liberal appeals to the government for civil rights and social reform. The brutal shooting of workers marching to the Tsar with a petition

scientific career

to be the longest in Europe Early life Lyapunov was born in Yaroslavl, Russian Empire. His father Mikhail Vasilyevich Lyapunov (Mikhail Lyapunov) (1820–1868) was an astronomer and a head of the Demidovski lyceum. His brother, Sergei Lyapunov, was a gifted composer and pianist. In 1863, M. V. Lyapunov retired from his scientific career and relocated his family to his wife's estate at Bolobonov, in the Simbirsk province (now Ulyanovsk Oblast). After the death of his

Nizhny Novgorod

'''Nizhny Novgorod''' ( ), after the writer Maxim Gorky who was born there. The city is an important economic, transportation and cultural center of Russia and the vast Volga-Vyatka economic region. It is located about 400 km east of Moscow.

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