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of the United States, which is 34% non-white. A small number of non-whites from outside the United States have also played in the NFL through the years, with notable examples from the past including running backs Rueben Mayes and Tim Biakabutuka (Tshimanga Biakabutuka) (both Black Canadians) and Christian Okoye (Nigerian) and current examples including defensive linemen Israel Idonije (also a Black Canadian), Amobi Okoye (also Nigerian), and Osi Umenyiora ( Black British

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countries doubled between 1983 and 1985. At present, program activities are under way in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria

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of the Year , and Finals MVP (NBA Finals MVP) awards in the same season. In both Finals, Olajuwon outplayed two of the league's leading Centers, Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic's young Shaquille O'Neal. Defensively Olajuwon broke Abdul-Jabbar's career record for blocked shots. Offensively, he was best known for his 'Dream Shake,' a series of fakes and spin moves regarded as the pinnacle of big man footwork.

powerful position

would initially be under the authority of both ECOMOG and the United Nations. The Lome Peace Agreement was the subject of protests both in Sierra Leone and by international human rights groups abroad, mainly because it handed over to Sankoh, the commander of the unimaginably brutal RUF, the second most powerful position in the country, and control over all of Sierra Leone’s lucrative diamond mines. '''''Crassocephalum rubens''''', also called '''Yoruban bologi''', is an erect annual (annual plant) herb growing up to 80 cm tall. It is grown and consumed especially in Southwestern Nigeria, but also as far away as Yemen, South Africa, and islands of the Indian Ocean. Its mucilaginous leaves are used as a dry or fresh vegetable in a variety of dishes, and as medicine for several different ailments. Grubben, G.J.H. & Denton, O.A. (2004) Plant Resources of Tropical Africa 2. Vegetables. PROTA Foundation, Wageningen; Backhuys, Leiden; CTA, Wageningen. Chief guest Since 1950, India has been hosting head of state or government of another country as the state guest of honor for Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi. During 1950-1954, Republic Day celebrations were organized at different venues (like Irwin Stadium, Kingsway, Red Fort and Ramlila Grounds). It was only starting 1955 when the parade in its present form was organized at Rajpath. The guest country is chosen after a deliberation of strategic, economic and political interests. During 1950s-1970s, a number of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and Eastern Bloc countries were hosted by India. In the post-Cold War era, India has also invited several Western leaders on a state visit during the Republic Day. It is notable that before India fought wars with China and Pakistan, leaders from these countries were invited as state guests for the Republic Day celebrations. Interestingly, Pakistan Food and Agriculture Minister was the second state guest from that country for Republic Day in 1965, a few days after which the two countries went to a war. Countries which have been invited multiple times include India's neighbors (Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Mauritius), defense allies (Russia USSR, France and Britain), trade partners (Brazil) and NAM allies (Nigeria, Indonesia and erstwhile Yugoslavia). France has the distinction of being the guest of honor for the maximum (four) number of times followed by three visits each from Bhutan, Mauritius and USSR Russia. It is also worth noting that no President of the United States has been a state guest of honor. '''Falilat Ogunkoya''' (born 5 Dec 1968) is a Nigerian athlete (Athletics (sport)). '''Pategi''' is a town in Kwara State, Nigeria. It is inhabited by the Nupe (Nupe people) people. Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria

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of the Eckankar religion is in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, with a total capacity of 10,000. Health Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria

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link date February 2010 The video signal was poor and the audio inaudible. Andy Williams went on to make a public blunder when he asked the blind-since-birth Wonder, "Stevie, can you see us?" In all, Wonder won four out of seven nominations at the Grammys: Album of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (Best Male Pop Vocal Performance), Best Male Rhythm and Blues Performer, and Producer of the Year

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office as the Governor (List of Governors of Plateau State) of Plateau State, Nigeria on May 29, 1999 on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (People's Democratic Party (Nigeria)) (PDP). He was re-elected for another four-year term starting in May 2003, and was impeached in November 2006. In April 2011 he was elected Senator for Plateau Central on the Labour Party (Labour Party (Nigeria)) platform. image:NigeriaKano.png thumb right 200px

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an academic scholarship to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he majored in psychology. Here he tried out for and made the varsity football team, where he performed at a traditional talent show for new team members. He stole the show performing impressions of his coaches and teammates and discovered his comedic talent. Godfrey honed his stand-up skills at the legendary All Jokes Aside Comedy Club in Chicago in the early 90's. In 1995, Godfrey made his New York debut

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: story hard-to-treat-diseases-inc-htds-targets-merger-with-biotechnology-company-2010-11-12?reflink MW_news_stmp Targets Merger with Biotechnology Company- MarketWatch . Retrieved December 4, 2010 In Africa, the idea of a woman stripping naked is a curse even in modern times.

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the founding of the Department of Drama at the University of Kent in 1970, as well as work with the British Council in Nigeria. Bradby developed the first colloqium on popular film and theatre, featuring contributions from the British theatre director, Max Stafford-Clark. David Bradby was appointed head of the Department of Drama at the University of Caen, Normandy before moving to Royal Holloway, University of London in 1988, where he also took the position of department head. He retired in Summer 2007. In 1970 Reksten signed the shipping contract of all times, when Libya cut down on oil production, while Nigeria was in chaos, and Syria closed the oil pipeline from the Middle East to the Mediterranean. Twelve of his super tankers were now hired out to British Petroleum under a contract providing Reksten with a net profit of 500 million kroner. The later "Reksten-case" originated in this giant sum, which was illegally transferred from Norway and hidden in secret "mailbox companies" abroad. To him, the profit was his, and his alone, and privately he had also ventilated the opinion that the tax policy of the Norwegian Labour party (Labour Party (Norway)) made it necessary to remove funds from Norway. Due to this action however, the Reksten empire had few funds to rely on when the freight rates dropped dramatically from 1971 onwards. The market was so slow that five of Reksten's super tankers were laid-up, while he was forced to sell out another two. He still had considerable orders placed at Akers mekaniske. This firm was worried to such a degree that it was suggested to declare Reksten bankrupt; but in the winter of 1972 73, freight rates went up again, helped by an increase in the import to USA, as well as fear of rising oil prices. John Train: ''Berømte finansfiaskoer'' (p. 167) Economy Maradi is the major transport trade and agricultural hub of Niger's south central Hausa region. It lies on the major east—west paved highway which crosses from Niamey in the west to Diffa in the far east. Maradi has long been a merchant city, on the route north from Kano, Nigeria. This explains why one can use either the West African CFA franc (Niger's official currency) or the Nigerian Naira for currency in Maradi. The city lies in a region known for groundnut (peanut) farming. Her father is Nigerian and her mother is German (Germany). Her first name, "Folasade", means "''Honor confers a crown''". Meaning of Folasade in She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park. Biography at Commons:Category:Nigeria Dmoz:Regional Africa Nigeria


'''Nigeria''' , officially the '''Federal Republic of Nigeria''', is a federal (federation) constitutional republic comprising 36 states (States of Nigeria) and its Federal Capital Territory (Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria), Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

Present-day Nigeria has been the site of numerous kingdoms and tribal states spanning over a millennium. The modern state has its origins in British colonization during the late 19th to early 20th centuries, with the merging of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate and Northern Nigeria Protectorate. During the colonial period, the British set up administrative and legal structures whilst retaining traditional chiefdoms. Nigeria achieved independence in 1960, but plunged into a two-year civil war (Nigerian Civil War) several years later. It has since alternated between democratically-elected civilian governments and military dictatorships, with its 2011 presidential elections being viewed as the first to be conducted reasonably freely and fairly.

Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", owing to its large population and economy. ''Nigeria: Giant of Africa,'' by Peter Holmes 1987 With approximately 174 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world (list of countries by population). Nigeria has one of the largest populations of youth (Youth in Nigeria) in the world. The country is inhabited by over 500 ethnic groups, of which the three largest are the Hausa (Hausa people), Igbo (Igbo people) and Yoruba (Yoruba people). Regarding religion, Nigeria is roughly divided in half between Christians (Christianity), who live mostly in the southern and central parts of the country, and Muslims (Islam), concentrated mostly in the northern and southwestern regions. A minority of the population practice religions indigenous to Nigeria, such as those native to Igbo (Odinani) and Yoruba (Yoruba religion) peoples.

In 2014, Nigeria's economy (GDP) became the largest in Africa, worth more than $500 billion, and overtook South Africa to become the world's 21st largest economy. It is also a member of the MINT (MINT (economics)) group of countries, which are widely seen as the globe's next "BRIC-like" economies. It is also listed among the "Next Eleven" economies set to become among the biggest in the world. Nigeria is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, OPEC, and the United Nations among other international organizations.

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