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station s in New Belgrade's Blokovi neighbourhood. The owner of one such station was DJ W-ICE who mixed folk songs with dance rhythms and broadcast them. Later he appeared in Zorica Brunclik's video, and then in other commercial folk performers' videos. Paspalj the businessman Paspalj also decided to try his hand at business by investing heavily in the ambitious Aqua Park project in New Belgrade's Blok 44. The construction started in fall 2005 and the project


continuous built-up area. Economy thumb left Corner of Block 25 (File:Novi Beograd - 25 block - A business building.JPG) thumb right upright Ušće Tower (File:Usće tower and the Moon.jpg) As all of the socialist governments considered heavy industry to be the driving force of the entire economy, it for decades dominated New Belgrade's economy too: Motors and Tractors Industry - ''IMT (IMT tractors)'', Metallic cast iron factory - ''FOM'', ''Beograd'' (formerly ''Tito

, no other neighbourhoods have historical or traditional names, as Novi Beograd did not exist as such. However, in the five decades of its existence, some of its parts gradually became known as distinct neighborhoods of their own. List of the neighbourhoods of New Belgrade: - valign top *Ada Međica *Bežanija *Bežanijska Kosa *Blokovi *Dr Ivan Ribar *Fontana (Fontana (Belgrade)) *Ledine *Mala Ciganlija *Paviljoni *Savski Nasip * Staro Sajmište

For a settlement of such size, New Belgrade has some unusual cultural characteristics, influenced by the Yugoslav communists' ideas how a new and modern city should look like. If it can be understood why there were no churches built, a fact that a city of 250,000 has no theaters and only one museum (out of the residential area) is much less comprehensible, underlying the decades long Belgrader's feel of New Belgrade being nothing more but a big dormitory. Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade

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used for extremely heavy lifting. Before the actual construction started, the terrain was evenly covered with sand from the Sava and the Danube rivers in an effort to dry out the land and raise it above the reach of flooding and underground streams. Among the first to go up was the SIV 1 building, which housed the Federal Executive Council (Federal Executive Council (Yugoslavia)) (SIV). The building has 75,000 square metres of usable space. Built during the Socialist Federal Republic


the early life he and his brother have been many time busted as a blind passengers on the ship to America, and they always get out with the excuse that they didn't see him. He finished Middle and High School in Zemun, he was awarded best interpretation in the Kosta Manojlović-school. Since his childhood he has listened to Pop and folk music and gone to every concert by Riblja Čorba to Halid Bešlić, whether it was in Drvar or in Belgrade. He remembers his first singing to Miroslav

population size'

Belgrade are Delta City, Sava City, Univerzitetsko Selo and Ušće Tower. Ever since the construction began in 1948, New Belgrade experienced explosive population growth, but oddly, as the 2002 census showed, the population size actually decreased slightly during the 1990s. File:Novi beograd mun.png thumb right 200px Map of New Belgrade

largest development

, Tulipa, and Lily. During the construction of the village it was the largest development site in the Balkans. It is located in New Belgrade with the closest venues to it being Belgrade Arena (basketball and table tennis), EXPO XXI (wrestling and taekwondo) and TK Gazela (tennis). Early years Born in a working class family to parents Slobodan and Mirjana, Cane exhibited rebellious tendencies early in life, and seguéd easily into the role of a punk band frontman. Growing up near the Ušće (Ušće (Belgrade)) area of New Belgrade, he founded his first band in 1979 at the age of 15 — a group called '''Kopilad''' (Bastards). In 1980, he played with Urbana Gerila for a short time, before joining Radnička kontrola in 1981 where he played alongside some also soon-to-become-notable musicians: drummer Žika Todorović (Srdjan Todorovic), lead guitarist Darko Milojković and bassist Srđan "Đile" Marković.

world famous

used to be synonymous with turbo folk in what was essentially a stereotypical ''kafana'' setting, a recent trend saw many turned into full-fledged clubs on water with elaborate events involving world famous DJs spinning live music. Criticism and public image right thumb 300px Blok 62 (File:NoviBG Jan23 2005.jpg) Not much attention was paid to detail and subtlety when New Belgrade was being built during the late 1940s and early 1950s. The objective was clearly to put up as many buildings

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Belgrade in Serbia is named after him, the Dr. Agostina Neta street. On April 16, 2011 Nikolić organized a larger protest with the same request. He also started a thirst and hunger strike that morning and later moved to the national parliament. He stated that his goal is to force the current Serbian government (led by Boris Tadić) into holding early parliamentary elections. B92 16

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Yugoslavia . It has been host to numerous large scale events and performances. History The construction of the biggest congress and performance hall in Yugoslavia (as called back then - now Serbia) started in 1976. The hall would be located in the new construction area of the city of Belgrade, New Belgrade. In those years the capital of Belgrade spread across the rivers of the Sava and Danube to construct a modern alternative to the historical city. The complete construction

construction site

II ended, that the ground was broken on a huge construction project, which would give birth to what is known today as New Belgrade. Buildings sprung up one after another and by 1952, New Belgrade was officially a municipality. In 1955 the municipality of Bežanija was annexed to New Belgrade. It was for years the biggest construction site in Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia and a huge source of pride for country's communist authorities that oversaw the project. During first

New Belgrade

'''New Belgrade''' or '''Novi Beograd''' ( it is the second most populous municipality of Serbia (municipalities of Serbia) after Novi Sad.

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