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increased, some recorded such as at On Air West in Japan, Mort Aux Vaches for VPRO Dutch (Netherlands) Radio, and aboard the Mortorschiff Stubnitz. It seemed no combination of labels, collaborations, or live performances could exhaust his musical output. Media scrutiny increased too (albeit mostly on independent publications) with a total of eight interviews in 1998. During the early phase of his career, Jones was known to have performed only one live show in 1986 at the W2 in s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. At the behest of Bourbonese Qualk, mainstays of the Recloose label, Jones performed a half hour set. The show consisted of Jones singing to a backing track while Simon Crab then members of Bourbonese Qualk, added instrumental accompaniment. By all accounts the show went reasonably, but Jones was traumatized by the experience enough to swear off live performance until the 1990s. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands


;March 13, 1977) was a Dutch (Netherlands) Christian scholar, professor, and author who wrote and lectured on art theory, art history, music, philosophy, and religion. ''Nepenthes spathulata'' was formally described (Species description) by B. H. Danser later that same year, the first of two ''Nepenthes'' species described by the Dutch (Netherlands) botanist following the publication of his 1928 monograph, " The Nepenthaceae of the Netherlands

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trade begins. Sociological studies using ADS Because it is used almost universally by astronomers, ADS can reveal much about how astronomical research is distributed around the world. Most users access the system from institutes of higher education, whose IP address can easily be used to determine the user's geographical location. Studies reveal that the highest per-capita users of ADS are France and Netherlands-based astronomers, and while more developed countries (measured by GDP per capita) use the system more than less developed countries; the relationship between GDP per capita and ADS use is not linear. The range of ADS usage per capita far exceeds the range of GDPs per capita, and basic research carried out in a country, as measured by ADS usage, has been found to be proportional to the square of the country's GDP divided by its population. '''Zacharias Jansen''' (1580–1638) was a Dutch (Netherlands) spectacle-maker from Middelburg associated with the invention of the first optical telescope. Jansen is sometimes also credited for inventing the first truly compound microscope. However, the origin of the microscope, just like the origin of the telescope, is a matter of debate. Plans for the centre included an organ in Southam Hall, however funding did not permit this. On 17 March 1970, the 25th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, a Dutch-Canadian Committee presented two organs purchased as the result of its ''Operation Thankyou Canada''. The 21-stop concert organ and positiv organ (Positive organ) were both constructed by the Flentrop Orgelbouw of Zaandam (Flentrop) and given in gratitude for the role played by Canadian troops in the liberation of the Netherlands (History_of_the_Netherlands_(1939-1945)#Liberation). The concert organ premiered in a recital 7 October 1973 by Albert de Klerk. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands

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''' is a Netherlands-based company founded in 1984 which delivers digital maps and other dynamic content for navigation and location-based services, including personal and in-car navigation (Automotive navigation system) systems, and provides data used in a wide range of mobile and Internet map (Web mapping) applications. The company competes on a global basis with companies like Navteq, as well as with local map suppliers in individual countries. Since July 30, 2008

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sing tenor and bass roles. '''Willem Marinus van Rossum''', CSSR (Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer) (September 3, 1854 – August 30, 1932) was a Dutch (Netherlands) Cardinal (Cardinal (Catholicism)) of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples), and was elevated to the cardinalate (Cardinal (Catholicism)) in 1911. Biography Willem van Rossum was born

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of the original tournament was played. It returned in 1999 with the backing of the International Event Partnership (IEP). Four teams participate in the competition, played in a league format since 1986. ref

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neo-Nazis , allegedly because a carefully placed outer jacket leaves only the letters ''NSDA'' showing; one letter short of NSDAP, the acronym for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the German name of the Nazi Party.

tol news world article379031.ece title Neo-Nazi teenagers fight in British boxing's No 1 brand work The Times date 9 April 2005 accessdate 2009-08-13 location London first Anushka last Asthana "Branded youths". ''Daily News''. 7 February 2005. Retrieved 2010-01-05. Her group exhibitions include the Jean Albano Gallery in Chicago, Athaneum, Stripdagen, in the Netherlands

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social networking site in the Netherlands with mainly Dutch (Netherlands) visitors and members and competes in this country with sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Hyves was founded in 2004 by Raymond Spanjar, Koen Kam, and Floris Rost van Tonningen. '''Hyves''' is a social networking site (Social network service) in the Netherlands with mainly Dutch (Netherlands) visitors and members and competes in this country with sites

with the participation of banks in 14 countries: Belgium, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and West Germany (which issued and accepted Eurocheques) together with Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain and Sweden (which accepted Eurocheques). '''Joseph Ascher''' (4 June 1829 – 4 June 1869) was a Dutch (Netherlands)-Jewish composer and pianist. '''Hyves''' is a Social network service

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Renaissance style design in Denmark. '''Bad Bentheim''' is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany lying in the district of Grafschaft Bentheim on the borders with North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands roughly 15 km south of Nordhorn and 20 km northeast of Enschede. It is also a state-recognized thermal brine and sulphur spa town, hence the designation ''Bad'' (“Bath”). In Bad Bentheim is also found the ''Burg Bentheim'' (castle), the town’s

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Italian National Research Council (CNR) while the Wide Field Cameras were developed by the Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON) and the LECS was developed by the astrophysics division of the European Space Agency's ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) facility. Flemish nationalism The main issue for the party was Flemish nationalism (Flemish Movement), and most issues that were added later, were in some way also connected to this. ref name

and Jason Donovan and Dutch (Netherlands) dance group 2 Unlimited. As a production house they produced hits for English (England) artists such as Rick Astley, Dead or Alive (Dead or Alive (band)) and Bananarama on other record labels. OmegaCAM: The VST Camera At its Cassegrain focus, the VST hosts an imaging wide-field camera (OmegaCAM), comprising a mosaic of 32 2Kx4K CCDs (268 megapixels total), and produced by an international consortium between


The '''Netherlands''' (

The Netherlands' name literally means "Low Country (Low Countries)", inspired by its low and flat geography, with only about 50% of its land exceeding one metre above sea level (Above mean sea level). Most of the areas below sea level are man-made. Since the late 16th century, large areas (polders) have been reclaimed (land reclamation) from the sea and from lakes, amounting to nearly 17% of the country's current land mass.

With a population density of 406 people per km² – 497 if water is excluded – the Netherlands is a very densely populated country (List of sovereign states and dependent territories by population density) for its size. Only Bangladesh, South Korea and Taiwan have both a larger population and a higher population density. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of food and agriculture products, after the United States. Netherlands: Agricultural exports top 80 billion Euros Holland is world-leading exporter of agri-food products

The Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to have an elected parliament, and since 1848 it has been governed as a parliamentary (parliamentary system) democracy and a constitutional monarchy, organised as a unitary state. The Netherlands has a long history of social tolerance and is generally regarded as a liberal (liberalism) country, having legalised abortion, prostitution and euthanasia, while maintaining a progressive drugs policy (drug policy of the Netherlands). In 2001 it became the world's first country to legalize same-sex marriage (same-sex marriage in the Netherlands).

The Netherlands is a founding member of the EU (European Union), Eurozone, G-10 (Group of Ten (economic)), NATO, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), WTO (World Trade Organization) and a part of the trilateral Benelux economic union. The country is host to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and five international courts: the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Court and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The first four are situated in The Hague, as is the EU's criminal intelligence agency Europol and judicial co-operation agency Eurojust. This has led to the city being dubbed "the world's legal capital". , specifically, ''"In the 1990s, during his term as United Nations Secretary-General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali started calling The Hague the world's legal capital."'' The Netherlands is also a part of the Schengen Area.

The Netherlands has a market-based mixed economy, ranking 17th of 177 countries according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

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