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Train" Beit Yad Lebanim – the memorial to fallen IDF soldiers from Netanya, the National Memorial for Fallen Ordnance Corps, the Alexandroni Brigade Memorial, the National Victory Monument – dedicated to the Russian Red Army victory over Nazi Germany and the Memorial to Victims of Acts of Terror. Education According to the Netanya Municipality, the city has 36,544 students including 5,351 pupils in 186 kindergartens, 16,748 in 46

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was drawn up at a meeting of the Bnei Binyamin association in Zikhron Ya'akov. The location was decided upon near the ancient site of Poleg and it was decided to name it in honor of Nathan (Hebrew: ''Natan'') Straus (1848–1931),

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), and south (south of Ashkelon and Jerusalem). The IPS is headed by the Commissioner of Prisons. In 2008, there were 32 correctional facilities, whereof five detention centers, housing a total of 25,000 prisoners. 60% were serving time for criminal offenses and 40% for security offences. company_logo location Netanya , Israel company_type Now

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date of birth February 17, 1980 place of birth Netanya, Israel date of death All military police recruits are trained in a base called '''B'''a'''h'''a'''d''' (Bahad) 13 (''Bsis Hadrakha 13'', lit. Training Base 13), which is part of the larger

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at the checkpoints, but also in preventing suicide bombers from reaching the markets of Tel Aviv and Netanya." Harel, Amos 'IDF chief invites anti-fence protesters to Tel Aviv meeting', ''Haaretz'', 5 March, 2006, accessed 11 March, 2006. * May 25, 2006 – Lismore, Victoria: truck fails to stop at level crossing, derailing trains and causing massive pileup of wagons. Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Rail Occurrence Investigation No. 2006 004 Mist fog is factor. * June 12, 2006 – Netanya, Israel: A passenger train from Tel Aviv to Haifa derails after colliding with a lorry on a level crossing, killing 5 people and injuring more than 100.

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the election claiming election fraud. (BBC) 398 Netanya CBS – Eilat CBS Express Express Atlit Interchange, Hadera, Netanya, Herzliya - Express Herzliya - Hasira Interchange, Netanya Interchange, Hadera- Olga Interchange, Afula CBS, Golani Junction - Express Herzliya – Hasira Interchange, Netanya


in stemming suicide attacks. Isabel Kershner, 'Israeli Tactics Thwart Attacks, With Trade-Off,' New York Times, May 3, 2008. Demographics

index.php?p tandems Tandem Paragliding Netanya A new direction began with the formation of the al-Qassam Brigades militia in 1992, and in 1993 suicide attacks began against Israeli targets

on the West Bank. No End to War, by Walter Laqueur, p. 107. " I n 1993–1994 when Hamas ... enlisted experts for bomb making, and the first suicide bombers went into action. Some of the very early operations aborted. The first successful suicide bomb attack occurred in the Jordan Valley in October 1993. The first bus attack happened in Afula in northern Israel in April 1994..." Search at suicide&dq %22first

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the election claiming election fraud. (BBC) 398 Netanya CBS – Eilat CBS Express Express Atlit Interchange, Hadera, Netanya, Herzliya - Express Herzliya - Hasira Interchange, Netanya Interchange, Hadera- Olga Interchange, Afula CBS, Golani Junction - Express Herzliya – Hasira Interchange, Netanya

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Area 21 (a.k.a. Camp Mota Gur), near Netanya. Bahad 13 was established in Tzrifin in 1954, based on the previous training base in Tel Aviv. From there it moved to a location near Nablus and Kedumim in 1969, shortly after the Six-Day War. It was relocated to Camp Mota Gur in 1995. The CID mainly dealt with theft and smuggling charges. Originally its headquarters were located in Camp Dora in Netanya, but as part of the initial organization of the corps, they were moved to Haifa, and bases were built in Jerusalem, Camp Beit Lid and the base near Qastina (Mal'akhi Junction). The military police command saw the importance of the investigations division and decided that only high school or higher graduates (at that time, most soldiers had not finished 12 years of high school) should be taken into the division, and their training was conducted by the much more professional Israel Police. Slowly, the investigations division became a professional sector and is now considered the most prestigious sector in the military police. The David B. Hermelin Volunteer Fundraising Award at the University of Michigan honors David Hermelin. The ORT Hermelin College of Engineering in Netanya, Israel was named in his honor. It opened in October, 2000. On April 27, 2006, he was convicted for threatening to have then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon killed. Following a trial before the Netanya Magistrates' Court, he was sentenced to a year in prison, of which half a year was to be added to his current prison term.

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is also known as the '''Sanzer Rebbe'''. He is the eldest son of Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, the first Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe, who in his will divided the leadership of the Klausenburger Hasidim between his two sons, Zvi Elimelech and Shmuel Dovid (Shmuel Dovid Halberstam) (the present Sanz-Klausenburger Rebbe of Brooklyn).


thumb Gan Hamelech, 1940 (File:PikiWiki Israel 475 NETANYA GAN HAMELECH גן המלך.jpg) '''Netanya''' ( south of Haifa, between the 'Poleg' stream and Wingate Institute in the south and the 'Avichail' stream in the north. Netanya was named in honor of Nathan Straus, a prominent Jewish American (American Jews) merchant and philanthropist in the early twentieth century.

Its of beaches have made the city a very popular tourist resort. In addition, the city is known for its large immigrant population. A significant percentage of the city's population consists of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, France, and Ethiopia, and the city is home to a notably large population of Anglo speaking immigrants from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), at the end of 2009 the city had a total population of 183,200. An additional 150,000 people live in the local and regional councils within of Netanya which serves as a regional center for them. The city mayor is Miriam Feirberg. The city is expected to reach a population of 350,000 by 2020.

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