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to their names. ''The Mappila fisherfolk of Kerala: a study in inter-relationship between habitat, technology, economy, society, and culture'' (1977), P. R. G. Mathur, Anthropological Survey of India, Kerala Historical Society, p. 1 The Indian government designates members of the community as "Syrian Christians", a term originating with the Dutch colonial authority (Dutch India) distinguishing the Saint Thomas Christians, who used Syriac (Syriac language) as the liturgical language, from newly evangelized Christians following Latin liturgy. Vadakkekara, Benedict (2007). ''Origin of Christianity in India: a Historiographical Critique'', p. 52. Media House Delhi. The term ''Syrian'' relates not to their ethnicity but to their historical, religious and liturgical connection to the Church of the East, or East Syrian Church. Menachery, George (1973) ''The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopedia of India'', vol. II. B. N. K. Press. ISBN 81-87132-06-X '''Bethlehem of Galilee''' ( WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth

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with Tertullus' charge against Paul of being a member of the sect of the Nazarenes (Nazarene (title)), ''Nazoraioi'', "men of Nazareth" in Acts. Against this some medieval Jewish polemical texts connect ''notzrim'' with the ''netsarim'' "watchmen" of Ephraim in Jeremiah 31:6. In Syriac Aramaic ''Nasrath'' (ܢܨܪܬ) is used for Nazareth, while "Nazarenes" (Acts 24:5) and "of Nazareth" are both ''Nasrani'' or ''Nasraya'' (ܕܢܨܪܝܐ) an adjectival form. Bruce

;The Nazarene". Additionally, the followers of Jesus were initially called "Nazarenes" (Acts (Acts of the Apostles) 24:5), a term perhaps used by Jesus himself. Other holy sites and shrines of pilgrimage exist in the Holy Land. In Jerusalem the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount Zion Cenacle of the Last Supper and the Mount of Olives, as well as the Church of the Ascension (Chapel of the Ascension (Jerusalem)) prove spiritually important. Outside Jerusalem are pilgrimage places including the Sea of Galilee, as well as locations in Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Capernaum: * '''Nazareth''': The location of the Church of the Annunciation (in the Catholic tradition marks the site where the Archangel Gabriel announced the future birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth

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many coincidences in his life. In particular, he wrote a lengthy essay entitled ''The Twelve Days of Easter'', arguing that the calendar of events surrounding Jesus of Nazareth's death in Easter Week (Easter) was actually slightly longer. Later he turned away from Biblical scholarship and instead dedicated his life to community work, helping the needy of North London. Matthew's account suggests that the magi knew from the star that the "king of the Jews" had already been born even before they arrived in Jerusalem. The magi presented Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth

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; ref were all born in the town. Manny Charlton the producer of Nazareth emigrated to the town with his family in the 1960s and Stuart Adamson, rock guitarist with the Skids (Skids (band)) and frontman with Big Country was brought up in nearby Crossgates (Crossgates, Fife).

.jp title Rock Star Adamson dies in hotel publisher The Scotsman date 17 December 2001 accessdate 17 February 2011 location Edinburgh In literature, the critically acclaimed author, Iain Banks; poet and novelist, John Burnside; Robert Gilfillan and Robert Henryson who wrote about life in the royal burgh in the 15th century have connections. In Sport, Harry Lind of Dunfermline RFC who was capped sixteen times for the Scotland national rugby union

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of Jesus.'' New York: Penguin Books, 1997, p. 952. Proponents of this hypothesis have buttressed their case with linguistic, literary and archaeological interpretations, W. B. Smith, "Meaning of the Epithet Nazorean (Nazarene),"''The Monist'' 1904:26. * T. Cheyne, ''Encyclopedia Biblica'',"Nazareth" (1899). though one writer called that view "archaeologically unsupportable". Ken Dark, "book review of ''The Myth

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between Jesus' infancy and adult life mentioned in any of the canonical Gospels, although New Testament apocrypha fill in the details of this time, some quite extensively. The '''Battle of Cresson''' was a small battle fought on May 1, 1187, at the springs of Cresson, or 'Ain Gozeh, near Nazareth. It was a prelude to the decisive defeat of the Kingdom of Jerusalem at the Battle of Hattin two months later. * Galilee ran right round the lake, including most of the level coastland on the east. Thus Gamala, on the eastern shore, was within the jurisdiction of Josephus, who commanded in Galilee (BJ, II, xx, 4). Judas of Gamala (Ant., XVIII, i, l) is also called Judas of Galilee (ibid., i, 6). If Gamala, far down the eastern shore of the sea, were in Galilee, a fortiori Bethsaida, a town which lay on the very edge of the Jordan, may be described as in Galilee. * But Josephus makes it plain that Gamala, while added to his jurisdiction, was not in Galilee, but in Gaulanitis (BJ, II, xx, 6). Even if Judas were born in Gamala, and so might properly be called a Gaulanite, he may, like others, have come to be known as belonging to the province in which his active life was spent. “Jesus of Nazareth” was born in Bethlehem. Then Josephus explicitly says that Bethsaida was in Lower Gaulanitis (BJ, II, ix, 1). Further, Luke places the country of the Gerasenes on the other side of the sea from Galilee (Luke 8:26) - antípera tḗs Galilaias (“over against Galilee”). *To go to the other side - eis tó péran (Mark 6:45) - does not of necessity imply passing from the east to the west coast of the lake, since Josephus uses the verb diaperaióō of a passage from Tiberias to Tarichaeae (Vita, 59). But WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth

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; on a BBC television performance in which he also demonstrates its use to the host of the show. In 1975, Nazareth lead singer Dan McCafferty (Dan McCafferty (musician)) used a talk box in the popular single "Hair of the Dog (Hair of the Dog (song))". In 1975, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry (Joe Perry (musician)) used a talk box in their highly popular single "Sweet Emotion". In 1976, Steely Dan guitarist Dean Parks used a talk box during a solo


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and where the Finding in the Temple episode took place. ''The Bible Knowledge Commentary: New Testament'' edition by John F. Walvoord, Roy B. Zuck 1983 ISBN 0882078127 page 210 * Sea of Galilee: This lake features prominently throughout the New Testament narrative, from the beginning of his ministry to the end. The encounter with the first disciples of Jesus episode takes place on the shores of this lake. ''The Gospel according to Matthew'' by Leon Morris

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with strong poetic skill (notable even in translation), and includes a heavily cyclical presentation of themes. It is not a "gospel" in the sense of an account of the works of Jesus of Nazareth, but is better understood as a homily. The text is generally considered by scholars one of the best written texts in the whole Nag Hammadi collection, considering its worth highly as both a great literary work and a gnostic exegesis on several gospels, canonical and otherwise. Boring notes that ''where'' is the first word spoken aloud in the Gospel. ''Where'' will also be the first word spoken by Herod in Matthew 2:4. Throughout the early part of the gospel geography will be a central concern of Matthew's, covered in far greater detail that in the other gospels. One theory is that Matthew is writing an apologetic for why the messiah comes from the small and unknown town in Nazareth in Gentile dominated Galilee. Boring, Eugene "Gospel of Matthew." ''The New Interpreter's Bible, volume 8'' Abingdon, 1995 pg. 140 This is the only time in the chapter that Magi speak. Davies and Allison believe their general silence throughout the narrative helps maintain the travellers aura of mystery. Davies, W.D. and Dale C. Allison, Jr. ''A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to Saint Matthew''. Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark, 1988-1997. The portion of Micah where this quote is found is clearly discussing the messiah and states that like King David the messiah's origin would be in Bethlehem. At the time it was not widely accepted that the messiah would necessarily be born in Bethlehem, just that his ancestors would have been. It was thus not considered essential for a messiah to be someone born in that town, but it was considered a reasonable locale for a messiah to originate. Far more reasonable than the peripheral and little known town of Nazareth in Galilee where Jesus grew up. That the Gospel of Luke does not mention this sojourn at all and rather has Jesus in the town of Nazareth within days of his birth. Nolland, John. ''The Gospel of Matthew: a commentary on the Greek text.'' Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2005 pg. 109 This has inspired a number of attempts to reconcile the two gospels. At the time Egypt controlled Gaza, only a few miles from Bethlehem. Some evangelicals thus feel that the family merely made this brief, and unremarkable journey, and did not go to Egypt itself. However at the time Egypt generally referred to the Nile Valley and most readers would have interpreted the term much the same way modern readers would. If the author of Matthew was referring to Gaza he was creating something of a false impression. Bethlehem to the Nile Valley is about 150 miles, and the journey would have taken at least a week. France, R.T. "The Formula Quotations of Matthew 2 and the Problem of Communications." ''New Testament Studies.'' Vol. 27, 1981. pg. 79 Through marriage, he sealed the alliances with the Bedouin sheikhs and the prominent notables of Galilee. He encouraged Jewish families to settle in Tiberias around 1742. Moammar, Tawfiq (1990), ''Zahir Al Omar'', Al Hakim Printing Press, Nazareth, page 70 The newcomers helped him with the influence of their network in Damascus and Constantinople. Also, Daher maintained excellent relationships with the Greek Orthodox church in Nazareth and Acre which secured for him the sympathy and support of Russia. Daher understood early on the importance of a multi-confessional society as a means of prosperity and political support. Career Dana has toured in 46 of the 50 American states, around the East Coast of Australia and across Ireland, England, New Zealand, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Siberia. Dana performs at festivals ranging from Farm Aid with Willie Nelson and Neil Young to the Harley Davidson Festival in Sturgis, South Dakota where he shared the stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steppenwolf (Steppenwolf (band)), Nazareth and Blue Oyster Cult. His policy of "I’ll play anywhere once" has landed Lyons gigs on a tropical island in the Great Barrier reef of Australia, an Irish Pub in Beijing and the Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump (Hanford Site) in his home state of Washington. Nazareth was a small village unmentioned in any writings before this time, though there is some archeological evidence that a village existed in the area at the time of Jesus.Matthew gives no specific reason for why the family moved to this town, and Luke has them originally from there. The town was near the Via Maris , the main road connecting to Egypt, and the route the family would have most likely been travelling. Harrington, Daniel J. ''The Gospel of Matthew.'' Liturgical Press, 1991 pg. 45 Clarke notes that Nazareth was just to the north of the larger centre of Sepphoris that had been largely destroyed in the violence after the death of Herod the Great. At this time it was being rebuilt by Herod Antipas, and Clarke speculates that this could have been a source of employment for a carpenter such as Joseph. Clarke, Howard W. ''The Gospel of Matthew and its Readers: A Historical Introduction to the First Gospel.'' Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2003. Jesus reenters the narrative for the first time since Matthew 2:23. In that verse he moves to Nazareth in Galilee. In this verse he returns from that region to Judea. A journey of about WikiPedia:Nazareth Dmoz:Regional Middle_East Israel Localities Nazareth commons:Nazareth


'''Nazareth''' or '''Nasrath''' ( In the New Testament, the city is described as the childhood home of Jesus, and as such is a center of Christian pilgrimage, with many shrines commemorating biblical events.

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