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; ref Associated entities NCDC also maintains World Data Center for Meteorology, Asheville. The four World Centers (U.S., Russia, Japan and China) have created a free and open situation in which data and dialogue are exchanged. NCDC maintains the US Climate Reference Network datasets amongst a vast number of other climate monitoring products. NCDC: Climate Monitoring !-- Bot

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The Arizona Republic accessdate 2008-08-28 url http: community gilbert articles 2008 08 26 20080826abrk-weather.html * September 2009: The remnants of Hurricane Jimena (Hurricane Jimena (2009)) moved over Arizona on September 5. Near Walapai (Walapai, Arizona), water, rock, and other debris covered many roads.

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year snow days 16.8 source 1 National Climatic Data Center; The Weather Channel date June 2011 Due to its position between the Great Lakes and the windward side of the Allegheny Mountains, Brentwood, along with the rest of the region, receives plentiful precipitation which supports lush vegetation. Also, because it is on the windward side of the mountains, it is often cloudy, having 203 cloudy days per year. Cloudiness - Mean Number of Days. Comparative Climate Data, ''National Climatic Data Center''. 2002. Last accessed January 11, 2007. The winter


Weather Service-Flagstaff, AZ date unknown title Damage From a Dust Devil at the Coconino County Fairgrounds - September 14, 2000 url http: fgz past cocodust coco_fair.php?wfo fgz accessdate 2007-10-05 On May 19, 2003, a dust devil lifted the roof off a two-story building in Lebanon, Maine, causing it to collapse and kill a man inside. NCDC: Event Details '' National

) in damage and one injury. Losses were more significant from the twister in Coffee County (Coffee County, Georgia), reaching $250,000 (1972 USD).

?wwevent~ShowEvent~23045 title Event Record Details: Tornado publisher National Climatic Data Center accessdate January 8, 2012 One mobile home in Georgia suffered significant damage, though it is unknown if this was related to the tornadoes. Though the damage from both tornadoes combined was about $275,000 (1972 USD), the National Hurricane Center notes only $205,000

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, Kansas title Overpasses and Tornado Safety: Not a Good Mix url http: ddc ?n over work Tornado Overpass Information publisher NOAA accessdate 24 March 2012 However, a highway overpass is a dangerous place during a tornado: the subjects of the video remained safe due to an unlikely combination of events: the storm in question was a weak tornado, did not directly strike the overpass, and the overpass itself was of a unique design. Due

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) maintains the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN-Monthly) data base contains historical temperature, precipitation, and pressure data for thousands of land stations worldwide. Also, NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), which has "the world's largest active archive" http


misconception is that highway overpasses provide adequate shelter from tornadoes. This belief is partly inspired by widely-circulated video captured during the 1991 tornado outbreak (1991 Andover, Kansas tornado outbreak) near Andover, Kansas, where a news crew and several other people take shelter under an overpass on the Kansas Turnpike and safely ride out a tornado as it passes by.

The Weather Channel year snow days source 1 National Climatic Data Center; The Weather Channel date Climate Dodge City lies in North America's temperate semi-arid climate zone (Köppen ''BSk'') (semi-arid climate) with hot summers, highly variable winters with both warm and very cold periods, and low to moderate humidity and precipitation throughout the year. The average temperature in Dodge City is

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Administration North and south of this are regions of descending air that form subtropical ridges where precipitation is low; Dr. Owen E. Thompson (1996). Hadley Circulation Cell. Channel Video Productions. Retrieved on 2007-02-11. the land surface underneath is usually arid, which forms most of the Earth's deserts. ThinkQuest team 26634 (1999). The Formation of Deserts. Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation. Retrieved on 2009-02-16. An exception to this rule is in Hawaii, where upslope flow due to the trade winds lead to one of the wettest locations on Earth.

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: gistemp title Datasets & Images – GISS Surface Temperature Analysis publisher Goddard Institute for Space Studies accessdate 2007-07-13 The two analyses differ in the details of how they obtain temperature values on a regular grid from the network of irregularly spaced observation sites; thus, their results for global and regional temperature differ slightly. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA

National Climatic Data Center

The United States '''National Climatic Data Center''' ('''NCDC'''), previously known as the National Weather Records Center (NWRC), in Asheville, North Carolina is the world's largest active archive of weather data. Starting as a tabulation unit in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1934, the climate records were transferred to Asheville in 1951, becoming named the National Weather Records Center (NWRC). It was later renamed the National Climatic Data Center, with relocation occurring in 1993.

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