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solo performances

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great military

, the Songs formed an alliance with Champa and the Khmer Empire and sent troops to invade Đại Việt. Lý Nhân Tông again sent Lý Thường Kiệt. Being one of the many great military strategists of Vietnam, Lý Thường Kiệt had placed spikes under the Như Nguyệt River before tricking the Song troops into the deadly trap, killing more than 1,000 Chinese soldiers and forcing the Chinese to retreat. According to legend, during this time Lý Thường Kiệt had also composed the famous poem ''Nam Quốc Sơn Hà'' (Rivers and Mountains of the South Nation), which asserted the sovereignty of Vietnam over its land. This poem is considered the first Vietnamese Declaration of independence. '''Pinghua''' ( WikiPedia:Nanning

early culture

Road, across from Mengzhidao Department Store phone tollfree fax hours T-F 09:00-17:00 price Free content The only national-level museum in Guangxi, it has quite an eclectic exhibition. The museum's large collection of pottery and porcelain is displayed on the first floor, while on the second floor, there are exhibits on the early culture of Guangxi, including a collection of bronze drums, prehistoric tools and metalwork. There is also an open-air exhibition, with performances

number association

With increasing awareness of the importance of government’s ability to deal with critical situations, there is a growing demand for emergency response systems in China. Without an organization like the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) in the United States, China has not yet developed a national technical standard for its emergency response system. At present, large and economically well-off cities in China like Beijing, Tianjin, Nanning and Chengdu have started building public safety networks by introducing TETRA-based digital trunking system that integrate with their existing analogue (analog signal) systems. More Chinese cities followed in 2005. There has been development of database software, interoperability consoles and data management systems. In December 2001, Dr. Thomas went to Nanning, China to conduct his ''Three Scenes from the Summer Palace'' and other works, to perform as a pianist, and to teach master classes in composition. WikiPedia:Nanning

food culture

cinemas, 285 projecting units, over 70 karaoke halls and over 1000 newsstands. Bookshops and cultural markets can be found everywhere. Food Nanning has not only local cuisine but also food from other areas of China and abroad. Traditional food culture can be found around most streets of Nanning. Nanning food shares the style of Cantonese (Cantonese cuisine) food and of Southeast Asia. Chinese cuisine including Guangdong, Szechuan (Szechuan cuisine), Hunan (Hunan cuisine) and Jiangsu (Jiangsu cuisine) as well as Japanese (Japanese cuisine), Thai (Thai cuisine) and Western (European cuisine) cuisines can be found. Rice noodles are very popular among the Nanning people. Laoyou rice noodles are the most famous, while other noodle dishes such as Guilin rice noodles and hand made noodles can be found. Tourism Nanning is close to scenic Guilin, with its world famous hillscape, northern and western Guangxi and its minority villages, and the border with Vietnam in the south. Tourist attractions in Nanning include Guangxi Museum, People's Park (People's Park (Nanning)) (White Dragon Park) with the Zhenning Fort, Mount Qingxiu, Guangxi Medicinal Herb Botanical Garden, WikiPedia:Nanning

artistic abilities

at a conference of middle school administrators and government officials from all parts of China. In an effort to upgrade music education throughout China, Dr. Thomas developed a program which brought together music academies in an effort to advance all the students’ technical and artistic abilities in Western as well as Asian music. In April 2004 he conducted the Shanghai Conservatory Youth Orchestra and the Nanning Symphony in a three concerto evening with student soloists from

spicy food

Dongge Rd in the south phone tollfree fax hours price content Sichuan hot, spicy food. * Splurge Anything in around Langdong or the Five Elephant Plaza (financial district); the YongJiang Hotel, by the river, has an excellent

singles amp

content Rooms with air con, electronical lock, cable TV and internet. *

world development

- National Unification Council - Natsume Soseki - Naxi District - Naxi language - Naxi people - Neijia - Neijin - Nei Mongol - Neihu - Neo-Confucianism - Neofelis nebulosa - Nerchinsk Treaty - Nestorian Stele - New 1st Army - New Army - New Century Forum - New Kuomintang Alliance - New Lantao Bus - New security concept - New Territories - New World Development Co. Ltd. - New World First Bus - New Youth

including people

of Nanning was 6,611,600, among which 2,875,220 were urban residents (after the adjustment of administrative divisions) and 2,480,340 in the built up area made of 5 out of 6 urban districts. Nanning is a city in which Zhuang ethnic group live in compact communities, and also the only city in all the autonomous regions of China with open coastal areas. Thirty-five ethnic groups (List of ethnic groups in China) live in compact communities in Nanning, including people of Zhuang people Zhuang


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'''Nanning''' ( It is known as the "Green City" because of its abundance of lush tropical foliage.

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