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simple food

downtown Morogoro, and scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Many have "bites": simple food like mishkaki (shishkebab), chipsi mayai (french fry omelette), chips, peanuts, kitimoto (fried pork), etc. Like bars everywhere, each has a unique atmosphere and cohort of regulars. The night of a big football soccer match can be fun, but also raucous, if the bar has a TV with the sports channel. * '''Juice ya Miwa''' - Sugar cane juice. On the road from the daladala stand to Msamvu


, opposite Blue room restaurant. Fast, safe and reliable surfing. Voice, video and text chatting services, as well as laser color printing, bulk photocopies, and other services. Cope Go next WikiPedia:Morogoro

national training



a refreshing beverage, etc. Get around Image:MoroMap.PNG Taxi Taxis in Morogoro are plentiful. They should have white plates and a painted marker on the side indicating the local license number. From Msamvu to downtown should cost no more than 2,000. From Msamvu to the Teacher College is around 3,000; to Dragonaire's 2,500. Be prepared to pay more at night. * '''China''' ''+255'' 754 319 322; speaks English * '''Anaseli''' ''+255'' 754 753 619; works very late * '''Godfrey

the Daladala stand, go towards Msamvu on the main road. It is across from Barclay's. * Personal Services * '''Agnes''' ''+255'' 754 010 953 At the New Acropol Hotel (see map) does manicures, pedicures, waxing, and massage. Haircuts Ask around; many ex-pats get their hair cut by folks for whom it's

an informal business. If you want African hairstyles (braiding) there are lots of places in town. Be advised, it takes a long time and is hard on thin hair. * Gym There is a gym on the second floor of the Simba Oil petrol station, on the road from


and Abood are popular lines, cost TSh 6,500 as of January 2013, and leave about every half hour. Other lines, such as Saddiq, run less frequently but may cost less. From town, to get to Msamvu, take the "Kihonda" daladala from the central daladala stand; or just tell them at the dala stand that you're going to the bus stand, they'll sort you out. The hotel restaurant next to the bus stand, "Makuti", is not bad, and is a nice place to escape the hustlers, avoid the rain, have

long time

an informal business. If you want African hairstyles (braiding) there are lots of places in town. Be advised, it takes a long time and is hard on thin hair. * WikiPedia:Morogoro

offering great

. Excellent chips fries, nachos. Co-located spa offers manicures, pedicures, massages. A handful of upscale rooms are available. Walking from the dala stand, head East on the Old Dar Es Salaam road. Go past the posta roundabout, around the bend to the left, past the cathedral, and it's on the left across from the SDA church. '''Joyce''' sells crafts outside most days. * '''New Green Restaurant''' ''(see map)'' A family place offering great continental and Indian food. Walking from the dala stand, cross the bridge on the Old Dar Es Salaam road. Bear left onto Station Road. It's on the left across from the town hall. * '''Mama Pierina's''' ''(see map)'' Serves Italian, Greek, and local food. Full bar available. It has a wonderful wrap-around porch and a good backpacker scene. Uluguru mountains backdrop. Guest rooms available and recently refurbished at reasonable prices. Walking from the dala stand, go past the New Green Restaurant (above) on Station Road, pass the mosque and Hindu temple on the left, it's on the right. Lovely owner always there to assist in any way she can- a good laugh, advice, recommendations etc. Please contact Dimitra Hatzis daughter of Mama Pierina on Phone: +255 786 786913 and +255 713 786913. Email: * WikiPedia:Morogoro


07 14 15820.html Mindu destruction setting stage for a catastrophe The dam is also being rapidly silted due to deforestation in the surrounding areas. WikiPedia:Morogoro


, who was the founder of the Cuban Marimba jazz band, and the Morogoro Jazz Band, another well-known band established in 1944. From the mid-1960s to the 1970s, Morogoro was home to one of Tanzania's most influential and celebrated musicians, Mbaraka Mwinshehe, a lead guitarist and singer-songwriter.


of the better-known NGOs in Morogoro. Buy Food There are many "safi dukas" in town; the following are just highlights. *

price content Pira's one of the nicest minimarkets in town, carrying a wide variety of packaged goods; canned food, housewares, etc. A decent candy selection, frozen meats, and liquor as well, but limited produce. It is one block to the north of the daladala stand. *

see map - Behind the daladala stand phone tollfree fax hours price content Offering a wide range of electronics including cell phones, stereos, even furniture. Worth a visit just to see what they have. They also have a parts store roughly across from Blue Room Restaurant. *


'''Morogoro''' is a city with a population of 315,866 (2012 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania,

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