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, and history . Morocco attracted more than 10 million tourists in 2013. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in Morocco after the phosphate industry. The Moroccan government is heavily investing in tourism development, in 2010 the government launched its Vision 2020 which plans to make Morocco one of the top 20 tourist destinations in the world and to double the annual number of international arrivals to 20 million by 2020,

;Breton, J. Manhattan in the Hadhramaut. ''Saudi Aramco World'' (June 1986) pages 22,-27 What distinguishes these manuscripts is that the majority belong to Yemeni authors and editors who resided in the Wadi Hadhramaut area. Nevertheless, there are others that belonged to scholars from Morocco, Khurasan (Greater Khorasan), and other Muslim regions. In 1996, estimates for the annual number

original show

;categ_id 2&article_id 12759 (Daily Star) Every December 31, a special New Year's Eve countdown show occurs normally beginning at 11:40 PM. The show begins with the original show production and is then immediately followed by a special countdown show. Highlights of New Years celebrated in individual countries begins the show; the Asian pavilions (Japan and China (People's Republic of China)) go first, followed by those in Europe (Italy, Norway, France, Germany), after that, the countries of those in the GMT time zone (Morocco and the United Kingdom). During the presentation, fireworks shoot from the back of each pavilion accompanied with custom celebration music from each country. The official countdown begins at 10 seconds before midnight with the North American nations (United States, Canada, Mexico). The count down is initiated with a dong (which originates from the American pavilion) and leads to the massive celebratory firework display at 12:00 midnight including a 360 degree launch of fireworks around the World Showcase lagoon. The song Auld Lang Syne plays as spectators cheer and watch the massive firework display. This tag uses double the amount of fireworks that are launched in IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. A male announcer concludes the show wishing guests a happy New Year and reminds guests of extended park hours for the New Year's Eve celebration. '''''Quercus coccifera''''', the '''Kermes Oak''', is an oak in the Turkey oak section ''Quercus'' sect. ''Cerris'' (List of Quercus species#Section Cerris). It is native to the western Mediterranean region and Northern African Maghreb, from Morocco and Portugal east to Libya and Greece. The '''Spanish Imperial Eagle''', '''Iberian Imperial Eagle''' or '''Adalbert's Eagle''' (''Aquila adalberti'') is a threatened (Threatened species) species of eagle that only occurs in central and south-west Spain, adjacent areas of Portugal and possibly northern Morocco WikiPedia:Morocco Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Commons:Category:Morocco

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in the Savage two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 piston engines, with a large turbocharger fitted inside each engine nacelle. This combination made it possible for the R-2800 engines to produce rated power (2,500 hp 1,864 kW) up to 42,000 ft (12,802 m) altitude. An Allison J33 turbojet was fitted in the rear fuselage. Interestingly, both engine types used the same fuel. The piston-turbojet arrangement was intended to give added power on take-off and extra

legendary bass

into the studio to record 'Apartheid is Nazism'. This album was more politically committed than ever. It is a call for the end of Apartheid and the freedom for all. In 1986 Blondy recorded “Jerusalem” at the legendary Tuff Gong studios in Jamaica, again with The Wailers featuring Bob Marley's legendary Bass Aston "Family Man" Barrett. Blondy tried to promote unity between the religion of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. He drew his arguments and inspiration

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have to fight back." He was because of this speech criticised by politicians, religious leaders and other public personalities within Norway. Some days later, the ambassadors of Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Morocco, and chargé d'affair (chargé d'affaires) of Tunisia made an unusual strong attack on Hagen in a letter in the newspaper Aftenposten. WikiPedia:Morocco Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Commons:Category:Morocco


the Webby People's Voice Award in Education (Webby Awards) three times. NASA's Earth Observatory Wins Third Webby Award There were a series of publicized images issued by the website in 2008, including imagery of clouds streaming over the Caspian Sea, dust storms curling off the coast of Morocco, the crumbling of the Wilkins Ice Shelf, Hurricane Bertha (2008

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WikiPedia:Morocco Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Commons:Category:Morocco

scientific books

Qiao, C.-Y., Jin-Hua Ran, Yan Li and Xiao-Quan Wang (2007): Phylogeny and Biogeography of ''Cedrus'' (Pinaceae) Inferred from Sequences of Seven Paternal Chloroplast and Maternal Mitochondrial DNA Regions. ''Annals of Botany'' '''100(3)''':573-580. Available online Farjon, A. (1990). ''Pinaceae. Drawings and Descriptions of the Genera''. Koeltz Scientific Books ISBN 3-87429-298-3. ref

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established a local Judenrat, took hostages, confiscated the property of the Jews and imposed on the community heavy financial punishments. The community required to provide the needs of the German army (Heer (1933-1945)), and the synagogue become a German (Germany) storeroom. The Jews were marked with the Yellow badge, 4,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps in Tunisia and a few were sent to the extermination camps (Nazi extermination camp). Many Jews were murdered by means

cultural blending

and newcomers is an attribute of French culture, from popular music to movies and literature. Therefore, alongside mixing of populations, there exists a cultural blending (''le métissage culturel'') in France. It may be compared to the traditional US conception of the melting-pot. There are historical instances of blending from other races and ethnicities in France. Biographical research has determined a possibility of African ancestry on a small number of famous French citizens. For example


'''Morocco''' ( , meaning "The West") are commonly used as alternate names.

Morocco has a population of over 33 million and an area of . Its political capital is Rabat, although the largest city is Casablanca; other major cities include Marrakesh, Tangier, Tetouan, Salé, Fes, Agadir, Meknes, Oujda, Kenitra, and Nador. A historically prominent regional power, Morocco has a history of independence not shared by its neighbours. Its distinct culture is a blend of Arab (Arab people), indigenous Berber (Berber people), Sub-Saharan African, and European influences.

Morocco claims the non-self-governing territory (United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories) of Western Sahara as its Southern Provinces. Morocco annexed the territory in 1975, leading to a guerrilla war with indigenous forces until a cease-fire in 1991. Peace processes (Western Sahara peace process) have thus far failed to break the political deadlock.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The King of Morocco (List of rulers of Morocco) holds vast executive and legislative powers, especially over the military (Military of Morocco), foreign policy and religious affairs. Executive power is exercised by the government (Moroccan government), while legislative power (legislature) is vested in both the government and the two chambers of parliament, the Assembly of Representatives (Assembly of Representatives of Morocco) and the Assembly of Councillors. The king can issue decrees called dahir (Moroccan Dahir)s which have the force of law. He can also dissolve the parliament after consulting the Prime Minister (List of heads of government of Morocco) and the president of the Constitutional court.

Morocco's predominant religion is Islam, while the official languages are Berber (Berber languages) and Arabic (Arabic language). Moroccan Arabic, referred to as ''Darija'', and French (French language) are also widely spoken.

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