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(completed 1930). During World War II, a famous incident involving the German pocket battleship ''Admiral Graf Spee'' (German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee) took place in Punta del Este, from Montevideo. After the Battle of the River Plate with the Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy on 13 December 1939, the ''Graf Spee'' retreated to Montevideo's port, which was considered neutral at the time. To avoid risking

the crew in what he thought would be a losing battle, Captain Hans Langsdorff scuttled the ship on 17 December. Langsdorff committed suicide two days later. to protect the feelings of those still sensitive

to Nazi Germany, the swastika on the figurehead was covered as it was pulled from the water. File:Old Town, Montevideo street.jpg thumb left An old colonial feel to a street


battles for Montevideo won him the post of the military leader of the campaign in Peru, replacing José de San Martín, who had to resign due to health reasons. Education Webre entered Yale University in 1960 and graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration Honors. His interest in law brought him to continue his education and to graduate from Yale Law School with a Juris Doctor in International law in 1967. ref name "erh1"

popular books

''L'Australia attuale'' (published in 1910), translated in English in 1999 as ''Western Australia As It Is Today'' (ISBN 1875560971). Later he was the Italian Consul General of Chicago from 18 May 1922 until 1 June 1928 when he was promoted to the rank of Minister plenipotentiary by Benito Mussolini. Júlio César's most popular books, including ''The Man Who Counted'', are collections of mathematical problems, puzzles, and curiosities, embedded in tales inspired by the Arabian Nights. He thoroughly researched his subject matters — not only the mathematics, but also the history, geography, and culture of the Islamic Empire (Caliphate) which was the backdrop and connecting thread of his books. Yet Júlio César's travels outside Brazil were limited to short visits to Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Lisbon: he never set foot in the deserts and cities which he so vividly described in his book. History The city was founded in 1783 as Villa de la Concepcion de las Minas, when a number of families from the Asturias and Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) regions of Spain settled in the area following a frustrated attempt to populate Patagonia. The idea of a city in the area was first raised in 1753 by Jose Joaquin de Viana, the governor of Montevideo, who wanted to create a population centre in "the zones of the mines". He commissioned Rafael Perez Del Puerto to design the layout of the city, the basis of which remains in place today. '''Paysandú''' is the capital of Paysandú Department in western Uruguay. The city is located on the banks of Uruguay River, which forms the border with Argentina. It lies WikiPedia:Montevideo Dmoz:Regional South America Uruguay Localities Montevideo commons:Montevideo

activities art

, Bamboo, Asia de Cuba, Gardenia Mvd, and La Claraboya Cafe. The Towers Square, is an area of remarkable aesthetic design, intended to be a platform for the development of business activities, art exhibitions, dance and music performances and social place. This square connects the different buildings and towers which comprise the WTC Complex and it is the main access to the complex. The square contains various works of art, notably a sculpture by renowned Uruguayan sculptor Pablo Atchugarry

design history

. Interestingly, ''Utah'' and her sister ship never received the more modern "tripod" masts fitted to other classes. U.S. Battleships, an illustrated design history by Norman Friedman, ISBN 0-87021-715-1 Chapter 10 A submerged shoal, the Barra del Indio, acts as a barrier, dividing the Río de la Plata into an inner freshwater riverine area and an outer brackish estuarine area.

long spell

and Europe." . He is well known for his poor disciplinary record and rough tackles as well as his long spell with Italian (Italy) giants Juventus FC.,

strip white

: Miramar and Misiones, in June 1980. As part of the merger, the new strip for the new club was a mixture of those of the previous two clubs. The home strip (white and black) is the old Miramar strip, and the away strip was the one used by Misiones. What made this merger notable was that Miramar and Misiones were local derby rivals, having both originated in the same neighbourhood of Montevideo. alias origin Montevideo, Uruguay genre Rock (Rock music) Proto

amp campaign

http: espn wire?section soccer&id 3731188&campaign rsssrch&source regions date 2008-11-28 accessdate 2008-11-28 '''José María Flores Burlón''' (born February 10, 1955 in Montevideo) is a former boxer (Boxing) from Uruguay. Flores Burlón had a total of 115 professional bouts. He tried, without success, to become Uruguay's first world boxing champion. 21 08 1999 align left Montevideo, Uruguay align left

special high

Noor of Jordan as Honorary President of BirdLife International. She visited Montevideo, Uruguay in 2008, and Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Birdlife World Conservation Conference. During this visit, she attended special high goal polo exhibition played by the Novillo Astrada brothers in her honor at the La Aguada Polo Club. The type was used by Ansett on the Sydney to Lord Howe Island service. Some of Ansett's Sandringhams were converted from S-25

taking water

boats with a dozen men apiece sortied and re-captured the slaver, burning it after having landed the slaves. Bethel (2009), p.206. A week later, while Cox was taking water at Campos, some of the slavers took him and men prisoner after wounding four seamen. Shortly thereafter the Brazilians released their British captives. Thomas (1999), p.664. At the end of September she left Simon's Bay for the East Indies. On 6 November Fremantle was promoted


'''Montevideo''' ( . The southernmost capital city in the Americas, Montevideo is situated in the southern coast of the country, on the northeastern bank of the Río de la Plata. The city was established in 1724 by a Spanish (Bruno Mauricio de Zabala) soldier, as a strategic move amidst the Spanish (Spanish people)-Portuguese (Portuguese people) dispute over the platine region (La Plata Basin); and it was also under brief British rule in 1807 (British invasions of the Río de la Plata).

Montevideo hosted all the matches during the first FIFA World Cup (1930 FIFA World Cup). Montevideo is the seat of the administrative headquarters of Mercosur and ALADI, South America’s and Latin America’s leading trading blocs.

Mercer has ranked Montevideo the top Latin American city since 2006 onwards (2014) on its quality of life rankings (Mercer Quality of Living Survey#Top cities by region). http: opinion GainzaIndiceCalidadVida2006.htm http: 07 04 03 pciuda_273081.asp http: 3022533 the-8-smartest-cities-in-latin-america http: press-releases quality-of-living-report-2014 , it had a GDP of $33 billion, with a per capita (GDP per capita) of $21,000; making Montevideo the 19th most economically powerful city in the continent (Latin America) and 9th highest income earner among major cities (List of Latin American cities by population). For 2025 the projections are $61 billion and $33,000; respectively. http: tools Wrappers Wrapper.aspx?sid C84CB74F-A3B1-47B1-8265-6252F6D85B68 &pid 4F5BEDB1-6C1F-4243-A052-83ADBABE82DF

It is classified as a Beta World City (Global City), ranking seventh in Latin America and 73rd in the world. It is the hub of commerce and higher education in Uruguay as well as its chief port. The city is also the financial and cultural hub of a larger metropolitan area, with a population of around 2 million.

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