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accessdate 2007-07-14 language The Treaty terms specify that any party withdrawing from the agreement must provide 150 days notice before withdrawing, but has no provisions for suspension of obligations. However, there is no legal connection between the Adapted CFE treaty and the Russian withdrawal from Georgia and Moldova. The linkage between these two security issues was a decision made by NATO member states to protest against the Second Chechen War and was used as a reason not to ratify the treaty. N. VON OTFRIED, "Das Wort zur Ta" in ''Der Spiegel'', July 15, 2007 Wikipedia:Republic of Moldova Commons:Category:Moldova Dmoz:Regional Europe Moldova

songs competing

, and the rules stated that should this happen, the youngest jury member would choose the winner, which they refused to do. A new national final took place on 15 March, with brand new songs competing. In this new final, Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko feat. Connect-R singing ''Loca (Loca (Arsenium song))'' were successfully chosen to represent Moldova in Athens. The song is written and composed by Arsenium. Arsenie Todiraş (Arsenium) was born on 22 July 1983 in Chişinău, Moldova and is a singer who was part of the boyband O-Zone. When he was 17, the famous opera singer Larisa Shulga taught him singing lessons, which led him to Dan Balan who invited him to become a new member of “O-Zone”. The band had many hits and became successful domestically and internationally. After the band broke up Arsenie started his solo career and his first single ''Love Me, Love Me'' was released in 2005. Popular Romanian rapper Connect-R and the former lead singer of the Moldovan group Millennium, Natalia Gordienko (born 11 December 1987), will join Arsenium to perform the song. At Eurovision He performed twelfth, following Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) and preceding Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the voting he landed fourth with 172 points, getting 12 points from two countries: Moldova and Spain. '''Bălănești Hill''' ( Wikipedia:Republic of Moldova Commons:Category:Moldova Dmoz:Regional Europe Moldova

successful single

informally known as "The Numa Numa Song" (or "'''Mai Ya hee'''" – see lyrics (#Lyrics)), is the most successful single by the Moldovan pop group O-Zone, sung in Romanian (Romanian language). It shot to the number one spot on the Eurochart Hot 100, where it remained for 12 weeks between June and early September 2004. Blunt Maintains Pole-Position On Euro Chart Mediterranean France from It topped the single charts in Germany and France for over three months, reached three in the United Kingdom and 72 on the U.S. Pop 100. A popular cover of the song was made by Haiducii, which also charted in many countries, especially Italy and Sweden where it topped the singles charts. The original song was made notable in the United States by the viral video of Gary Brolsma dancing to the song, calling it "Numa Numa". In 2008, the song's hook was sampled (Sampling (music)) by T.I. Rihanna in their hit "Live Your Life", which topped the ''Billboard'' Hot 100 (Billboard Hot 100) in the United States and reached number two in the United Kingdom. Background and writing The song was written and composed by Dan Bălan, and the original version was sung by Bălan, Arsenie Todiraş, and Radu Sârbu. The single was first released in 2003 in Moldova, where the group lived and produced at that time, and in the spring of 2004 in most other European countries, where it became a summer hit. In as late as 2006, the song was still in the lower reaches of some Eastern European singles charts. In following years, UEFA made it possible for nations to forfeit Intertoto places. For example, in 1998, Scotland, San Marino and Moldova forfeited their places, and England, Portugal, and Greece forfeited one of their two, Crystal Palace (Crystal Palace F.C.‎) being the sole English entrant despite finishing bottom of the Premiership. Wikipedia:Republic of Moldova Commons:Category:Moldova Dmoz:Regional Europe Moldova

called big

; failed to qualify from the semifinal in perhaps the biggest shock of the year's contest. It is also notable that Ireland, the only seven-time Eurovision winner, failed to qualify for the final. In the final itself, the host Ukraine along with the so-called 'Big 4' (Spain, United Kingdom, France, and Germany - the biggest contributors to the European Broadcasting Union, who automatically qualify) occupied the bottom five places of the scoreboard, the first (and only) time

industry main

: enhancing energy security, convergence (Technological convergence) of member state energy markets on the basis of EU internal energy market (Internal energy market) principles, supporting sustainable energy development, and attracting investment for energy projects of common and regional interest. Moldova is known for its wines. For many years viticulture

numerous appearances

and the Wuppertal Plucked Orchestra (Germany). In addition to numerous appearances in Russia, he has performed in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada and Japan. He has played in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Osaka Symphony Hall, and the Hall of Columns of the National Philharmonic Society (Kiev, Ukraine). He appeared at the Festival of Russian Culture (Los Angeles, California, USA

special legal

) Constitution gave autonomy to the breakaway Transnistria and Gagauzia. On December 23, 1994, the Parliament of Moldova adopted a "Law on the Special Legal Status of Gagauzia", and in 1995 the latter was constituted. After winning the 1996 presidential elections (Moldovan presidential election, 1996), on January 15, 1997, Petru Lucinschi, the former First Secretary of the Moldavian Communist Party (Communist Party of Moldova) in 1989–91, became the country's second president (1997–2001), succeeding Mircea Snegur (1991–1996). In 2000, the Constitution was amended, transforming Moldova into a parliamentary republic, with the president being chosen through indirect election rather than direct popular vote. Winning 49.9% of the vote (Moldovan parliamentary election, 2001), the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (reinstituted in 1993 after being outlawed in 1991), gained 71 of the 101 MPs, and on April 4, 2001, elected Vladimir Voronin as the country's third president (re-elected in 2005). The country became the first post-Soviet state where a non-reformed Communist Party returned to power. New governments were formed by Vasile Tarlev (April 19, 2001 – March 31, 2008), and Zinaida Greceanîi (March 31, 2008 – September 14, 2009). In 2001–2003 relations between Moldova and Russia (Moldova–Russia relations) improved, but then temporarily deteriorated in 2003–2006, in the wake of the failure of the Kozak memorandum, culminating in the 2006 wine exports crisis (2006 Russian ban of Moldovan and Georgian wines). The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova managed to stay in power for eight years. The fragmentation of the liberal bloc (aka the democrats) helped consolidate its power. The decline of the Communist Party started in 2009 after Marian Lupu joined the Democratic Party and thus attracted many of the Moldovans supporting the Communists. Wikipedia:Republic of Moldova Commons:Category:Moldova Dmoz:Regional Europe Moldova

life playing

, United Kingdom, United States - Performances Illarionov has an active concert life, playing solo recitals and performing as soloist with orchestras. He has played with such orchestras as the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia, the State Symphony Orchestra "New Russia", the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Irkutsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (Russia), the Moscow Chamber "The Seasons" Orchestra (Russia), the National Chamber Orchestra of Moldova

rock song

into the final by a very small margin. Her rock song was aggressive in nature and performance. She took 10th place with 109 points. Then Zdob și Zdub again represented Moldova in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest finishing 12th. Dan Bălan, another popular artist, released the album ''Chica Bomb'' in 2010. The band SunStroke Project with Olia Tira represented the country in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with their hit song " Run Away (SunStroke Project and Olia Tira song

''') is an extra-parliamentary political party in Moldova, currently led by Victor Şelin. - Romania Moldova, Spain - - Moldova Romania - - rowspan "3" 4 Russia Moldova, Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria - However, "Run & Hide", a modern pop-rock song with heavy use of synthesizers, failed to catch the audience's imagination in the Eurovision Song Contest and ignominiously placed last (24th), with just four

band based

) is a Moldovan band, based in Chişinău, whose work for the last several years has combined elements of hip-hop (Hip hop music) (especially sampling (Sampling (music))), hardcore punk and comical lyrics (comedy) with traditional Romanian folk music. The name is onomatopoeic (onomatopoeia) for the sound of a drum beat. In English the name is sometimes rendered "Zdob shi Zdub," and this is how their work is catalogued at iTunes and elsewhere. The band

represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine, on May 21, 2005, finishing 6th. It also represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, on May 14, 2011, finishing 12th. '''Zdob şi Zdub''' (Здоб ши Здуб, ) is a Moldovan band, based in Chişinău, whose work for the last several years has combined elements of hip-hop (Hip hop music) (especially Sampling (music) sampling


'''Moldova''' country in Eastern Europe located between Romania to its west and Ukraine to its north, east and south. Its capital city is Chișinău.

Moldova declared itself an independent state (Moldovan Declaration of Independence) with the same boundaries as the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1991 as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A new constitution (Constitution of Moldova) was adopted on 29 July 1994. A strip of Moldova's internationally recognised territory on the east bank of the river Dniester has been under the ''de facto'' control of the breakaway government of Transnistria since 1990.

As a result of a decrease in industrial and agricultural output since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the relative size of the service sector in Moldova's economy (Economy of Moldova) has grown to dominate its GDP (Gross domestic product) and currently stands at over 60%. Moldova remains, however, the poorest country in Europe.

Moldova is a parliamentary republic with a president (President of Moldova) as head of state and a prime minister (List of Prime Ministers of Moldova) as head of government. It is, among other organizations, a member state of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization (WTO) (World Trade Organization), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (Commonwealth of Independent States) and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) (Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation). The country aspires to join the European Union

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