What is Misrata known for?

distinct location

and industrial areas. Hubbard, 1993, p.472. Aside from its distinct location, which makes it a centre for the exchange of commodities and materials with the rest of the cities of the country, Misrata has modern infrastructure, including paved roads, electricity and communications. Climate Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as hot semi-arid (hot semi-arid climate) (BSh).

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07rebels.html title Free of Qaddafi, a City Tries to Build a New Order publisher The New York Times date March 6, 2011 Bayda is the fourth-largest city in Libya (List of cities in Libya),

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the east of North Africa, from Misr (Egypt)

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gauge lines having been dismantled. Plans for a new network have been under development for some time (earthworks were begun between Sirte and Ras Ajdir, Tunisia border, in 2001-5), <

''Railway Gazette International'' date 2008-09-01 url http: www.railwaygazette.com nc news single-view view work-starts-on-libyan-railway.html title Work starts on Libyan railway accessdate 2009-01-24 Libya has had no railway in operation since 1965, all previous narrow gauge lines having been dismantled. Plans for a new network have been under development for some time (earthworks were begun between Sirte and Ras Ajdir, Tunisia

border, in 2001-5), standard gauge railway parallel to the coast from

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on 2012-02-11. By 24 February, the city fell under the control of anti-Gaddafi forces in the Libyan uprising (2011 Libyan Civil War) against Gaddafi.

bank. Government Misrata is governed by a local council (local government) consisting of 28 seats. The city held its first free elections (Misrata municipal election, 2012) on 20 February 2012 after a month of organizing. It was the first major city to hold local elections in post-Gaddafi Libya while other cities had their municipal officials by the national interim government. Gatehouse, Gabriel. news world-africa-17107048

2011, a National Transitional Council (NTC) official told Al Jazeera that Gaddafi had been captured that day by Libyan forces near his hometown of Sirte.

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;Padishah" due to their Military rank in the Ottoman Army, but the part &quot;shah" was dropped after the Ottoman landing in the North East Libyan town of Misrata, and the pronunciation of "Padi" became "Badi" due to Arabic pronunciation. death_date death_place Misrata, Libya nationality Libya and death It was reported on April 20, 2011, that Hondros had been fatally wounded in a mortar

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district and municipal government offices, a renovated Ottoman army barracks and several Turkish-style (Ottoman architecture) houses for the city's wealth families. Burke, 1993, p.117. thumb right The Old City of Misrata, 1930s (File:Misurata Old Town.jpg) Two clans, the Muntasir and Adgham, dominated the political, social and economic aspects of Misrata and led the local tribes against their Turkish (Turkey) overlords during various periods

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of Tripoli and

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, and the western centred in Tripoli and Misrata. The eastern variety extends beyond the borders to the east into western Egypt. Born in Milan, Teruzzi completed military studies, and was promoted colonel in the Italian Army at the unusual age of 28. In 1911, he served in Libya during the Italo-Turkish War - taking part in the victory at Misrata (''Misrata''). He later captured Nalut, and was wounded in the battle over Fezzan - being awarded the Silver Medal of Military Valor. - Misrata

life line

3,000 were injured. With air support from NATO which entered the conflict on the rebels' side on March 19, and a vital sea based life line from neighbouring country the Island of Malta, ref>


'''Misrata''' west of Benghazi on the Mediterranean coast near Cape Misrata.

With a population of about 500,000, Misrata is the third-largest city (List of cities in Libya) in Libya, after Tripoli and Benghazi. It is the capital city of the Misrata District and has been called the business capital of Libya. The harbor is at Qasr Ahmad.

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