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. The university, the campus and the sport facilities are surrounded by a large park. Hejőcsaba and Görömböly Two former villages that were annexed to the city in 1945 and 1950. Görömböly still looks like a small town of its own. Lillafüred The other famous holiday resort, Miskolc-Lillafüred (Lillafüred) is a picturesque village surrounded by the Bükk mountains. Its most famous building is the beautiful Palace Hotel (Palotaszálló). Martin-Kertváros Martin-Kertváros (in Slovak: Martinská osada) is a suburban area. Miskolctapolca One of the most well-known holiday resorts in the country, Tapolca (officially Miskolctapolca or Miskolc-Tapolca to avoid confusion with the Transdanubian town of the same name) is the home of the unique Cave Bath (Cave Bath of Miskolc), a natural cave with thermal water. Tapolca is quite far from the city centre and counts as one of the posh areas of Miskolc. It is a popular tourist attraction. Alsóhámor, Bükkszentlászló, Felsőhámor, Ómassa, Szirma These former villages were annexed to the city in 1950 (Bükkszentlászló in 1981) and are still separated villages, connected to the city only by its public transport system (MVK Rt.). 200px thumb right International Soldiers and Military Band (File:festivalm4.jpg)s Festival. 200px thumb right The National Theatre of Miskolc National Theatre (File:Miskolc national theatre new.jpg). thumb 200px City Hall Square. (File:Miskolc city hall square.jpg) thumb 200px City Centre. (File:Misk city01.jpg) thumb 200px Lillafüred (File:Lillafured.jpg), Palace Hotel. Main sights Downtown * Main street and City Hall Square with the atmosphere of Hungarian towns of the 19th century * Gothic Protestant Church of the Avas Hill (Gothic Protestant Church of Avas) * Greek Orthodox Church (Greek Orthodox Church and Museum of Miskolc) with the largest iconostasis in Central Europe * House of Arts with two art cinemas * Kós House (designed by Károly Kós in Art Nouveau and folk style, 1931) * Mindszent Church * Minorite Church (Minorite Church (Miskolc)) and Heroes' Square * Miskolc-Avas TV Tower * National Theatre of Miskolc * Csodamalom Puppet Theatre (Csodamalom) * Ottó Herman Museum * Palace of Music (Palace of Music (Miskolc)) * Wooden Church (Wooden Church (Miskolc)) Diósgyőr * Castle of Diósgyőr (built in the 13th century, had its prime during the reign of Louis the Great (Louis I of Hungary); medieval castle plays are held in every August) * Lutheran church of Diósgyőr * Protestant church of Diósgyőr (Baroque, built on the ruins of a mediaeval monastery) Lillafüred * Anna Cave, István Cave, Szeleta Cave * Hotel Palace * Lake Hámori * Trout Farm * Waterfalls (the highest one in Hungary) There is a narrow-gauge railway that connects Lillafüred to Miskolc known as the Lillafüredi Állami Erdei Vasút (Lillafüred Forest State Railway). It winds through scenic forests, and takes between a half hour and 45 minutes for the train to go between the two major stops. The Miskolc stop is located in Diósgyőr. Miskolctapolca * Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca (Cave Bath) Near to the city * Bánkút ski resort * Bükk Mountains * Miskolc Zoo * Ruins of the monastery at Szentlélek * Castell Earl Andrassy Tiszadob Festivals * Diósgyőr Castle Plays (every May and August) * International Soldiers and Military Bands Festival (every two years in August) * Jelly festival (Meat-jelly Festival) (February) * Miskolc Opera Festival (every summer) * CineFest - International Festival of Young Filmmakers (every September) Public transport WikiPedia:Miskolc Commons:Category:Miskolc

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, 35, 38, 44 to stop Népkert phone +36 46 560170 fax +36 46 555-397 hours Tu-Su: 10.00-18.00 price content is the largest museum of Miskolc. It has more than 600,000 artifacts. Its main focus is on archaeology, mineralogy, arts, history and ethnography. The collection of fine arts located here: shows works of Hungarian artists in the 18th-20th century. Over the museum here is a library and the storerooms are there. The museum named after the famous polyhistor Ottó Herman in 1953

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thumb Lutheran parish church in Miskolc from Avas Hill (File:Downtown Evangelical Church Miskolc from Avas.jpg) *

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discover the secret at the "stomack" of Avas Hill. Here is a wonderful, long historical cellar, and you can take part in a guided tour and a complex wine tatsing program. - Duration: about 2 hours * WikiPedia:Miskolc Commons:Category:Miskolc

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in the hills with two castle ruins * Tokaj town is in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county — a famous wine town producing high quality white wines. Part of the '''UNESCO World Heritage List''' WikiPedia:Miskolc Commons:Category:Miskolc

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but very interesting feature and documentary films, rollercoaster sessions of half-amateur short films of inapprehensible quality, and a haphazard but invariably watchworthy selection of short animations, almost all with English subtitles; also workshops and talks with foreign guests. Buy * *

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started the government's official newspaper, the WikiPedia:Miskolc Commons:Category:Miskolc

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36. 1st Floor #1 lat 48.10242 long 20.78317 directions Center, opp. Mc KalmárFast Food Restaurant and National Theatre of Miskolc phone +36 20 5543388 fax hours M-F 13:00-17:30, Sa 10:00-13:00 price Free content An exhibition hall with contemporary arts collection. Shows and sales. Buy a gift portrait painting in Miskolc, about Family members, friends, your pet, hobby objects or your favorite travel experiences. From HUF29000 40cm x 30cm simple

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, close to Hösök square and south of the Main Post Office phone +36 46 505044, +36 70 5857616, +36 20 921-7373 fax +36 46 509954 hours Opening hours: Mo-Fr 09.00-15.00 only by booking price Admission: HUF500, Professional guidance available in Hungarian, English. content Description: The synagogue built between 1861-1863. is an outstanding example of Hungarian Romantic architecture and one of the largest such buildings in Europe. The Temple include both Neo-Romanesque, Romantic


'''Miskolc''' ( , German: Mischkolz) is a city in northeastern Hungary, known for its heavy industry. With a population of 167,754 (2011 census) Miskolc is the third largest city (List of cities and towns in Hungary#Largest cities in Hungary) in Hungary (behind Budapest and Debrecen and second-largest with agglomeration.) It is also the county capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén and the regional (Regions of Hungary) centre of Northern Hungary.

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