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hit music

) America's Got Talent successes); Daly also co-directed and co-wrote the Mill Valley-focused movie The Invisible Peak, concerning the razing of the Mount Tamalpais West Peak during the Cold War. The multiple award-winning film, narrated by Peter Coyote, was screened and featured in multiple US film festivals including the Mill Valley Film Festival. Hit music producer and songwriter Scott Mathews' home is up on Mount Tamalpais while his private recording studio and office

strong sense

. In addition, there are many municipally maintained open-space reserves, parks, and coastal habitats which, when taken together, ensconce Mill Valley in a natural wilderness. This close and constant proximity to nature has left generations of Mill Valley residents with a strong sense of conservancy toward much of this natural environment. This unique cultural attitude, along with the many natural public spaces preserved within (see below) and around its borders, combine to form one of the main cultural

training good

as a reporter there in 1979, he edited newspapers in Mill Valley (Mill Valley, California) and Richmond (Richmond, California) before return Sping to the ''Tribune'' in 1984 as a copy editor who in six years would be running the newsroom. Burke, Anne (Spring Summer 2003). Newton's Law:Education+Training Good Journalism. ''SFSU Magazine'' Original Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

artistic culture

; While Mill Valley has retained elements of its earlier artistic culture through galleries, festivals, and performances, its stock of affordable housing has diminished, http: fastsearchresults ci_4355908 forcing some residents to leave the area. This trend has also affected some of the city's well-known cultural centers like Village Music and the Sweetwater Saloon. As of April 2007, only one affordable housing project was underway: an initiative

fighting including

moved to Mill Valley permanently. At the height of the War, nearly 400 locals were fighting, including many volunteer firemen and government officials. By 1950, 1 in 10 Mill Valleyans were living in a "Goheen Home". George C. Goheen built the so-called "defense homes" for defense workers throughout the 1940s and 1950s in the Alto neighborhood. 1950s to present Image:dwtnMillValley.jpg thumb left 225px alt The corner

show called

,'' and subsequent movie versions of the book have been set elsewhere. Fictional character Doris Martin from the TV show ''The Doris Day Show'' called Mill Valley home as well. In the syndicated version of ''Too Close for Comfort'', Henry Rush was owner and editor of the ''Marin Bugler'' newspaper in Mill Valley. Writer Jack Kerouac and beat poet Gary Snyder shared a Mill Valley cabin in 1955-56 http: view?docId

career early

of eleven. She and her mother moved to Los Angeles when Breckenridge was fifteen years old to pursue her career. Early life Breckenridge was born in Bridgeport (Bridgeport, Connecticut), Connecticut on May 15, 1982. She lived in Darien (Darien, Connecticut) until the age of ten, when she and her mother moved to Los Angeles. A year later, they moved to Mill Valley (Mill Valley, California), California. At age 13, Breckenridge became

performing annual

Mount Tamalpais State Park. For several years the Curtain Theatre Group has also been performing annual free Shakespeare plays among the redwoods on the Old Mill Park Amphitheatre behind the Mill Valley Library. Music, novels, television and movies Mill Valley has also been home to many musicians, authors, actors, and TV personalities. The actress and comedian Eve Arden was born there in 1908. Jerry Garcia—who recorded music in a Mill Valley recording studio—also once called

main cultural

'''Russ Mahon''' is an avid cyclist and founder of a cycling group known as The Morrow Dirt Club. Originally based in Cupertino, California, The Morrow Dirt Club were, arguably, the first to put multiple gears on pre-WWII balloon-tired bicycles for use off-road. These bicycles were the precursor to the modern mountain bike. Russ, along with Tom and Carter Cox, competed in a race in Mill Valley, California in 1974 on these bikes. It was there that Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze, among others, saw the bikes and developed them into the worldwide phenomenon known as mountain biking. In 2007, Russ Mahon was profiled in the documentary film, Klunkerz: A Film About Mountain Bikes.

public performance

, the choral director at San Domenico School and the music director for the College of Marin. Through public performance, his lyric tenor voice brought to life the great works of Igor Stravinsky and Benjamin Britten. As a teacher, he was held dear in the hearts of his students and remembered for his sensitivity, patience and the ability to work with young people whose experience with music was limited. He maintained a close friendship with Greig and Mackey and stayed with them when visiting

Mill Valley, California

'''Mill Valley''' is a city in Marin County (Marin County, California), California, United States, located about north of San Francisco (San Francisco, California) via the Golden Gate Bridge. The population was 13,903 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census).

Mill Valley is located on the western and northern shores of Richardson Bay. Beyond the flat coastal area and marshlands, it occupies narrow wooded canyons, mostly of second-growth redwoods (Coast redwood), on the southeastern slopes of Mount Tamalpais. The Mill Valley 94941 ZIP code also includes the following adjacent unincorporated communities: Almonte, Alto (Alto, California), Homestead Valley, Tamalpais Valley (Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, California), and Strawberry (Strawberry, Marin County, California). The Muir Woods National Monument is also located just outside the city limits.

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