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. On this last day huge fireworks are used to light up the sky above Mangalia. In 2006, Europa FM decided not to be the festival's sponsors anymore. The main reason for this was the 2005 Callatis Club ''dopo''-festival show, where the host bashed the radio station and insulted it. In 1983, Rebengiuc appeared in Dan Piţa's ''Dreptate în lanţuri''. Film main 84151 Dreptate%20In%20Lanturi.html?dataSet 1 "''Dreptate în lanţuri

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- Mangalia ''Bulgaria'' align "center" ~60 '''8.5''' ! bgcolor "pink" DN'''39''' align "center" Constanţa - Mangalia - Vama Veche - ''Bulgaria'' During the early decades of communist rule, Sadoveanu, Alexandru Toma and later Tudor Arghezi were often paid homage with state celebrations, likened by literary critic Florin Mihăilescu to the personality cult reserved for Stalin and Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej. ref>

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Journal of Nautical Archaeology, http: search?um 1&q Callatis++colony+Heraclea&sa N&tab pw Its first silver coinage was minted approximately 350 BC. In 72 BC, Callatis was conquered by the Roman general Lucullus and was assigned to the Roman province of Moesia Inferior. Throughout the 2nd century AD, the city built defensive fortifications and the minting of coinage under the Roman emperors Septimius Severus and Caracalla continued. Callatis

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suffered multiple invasions in the 3rd century AD but recovered in the 4th century AD to regain its status as an important trade hub and port city. Michael Grant, "A Guide to the Ancient World", New York: Barnes and Noble Books 1997, p. 140. From 7th to 11th century the city was under the rule of the First Bulgarian Empire. Geography and climate Mangalia is positioned at 43°49’ latitude and 28°35’ longitude, with an approximate elevation of 10


. Dimitrios V. Grammenos and Elias K. Petropoulos. Oxford, Archaeopress, 2001 (BAR International Series; 1675 (1-2)), 239-286. Category:Populated places established in the 4th century BC Category:Ancient Greek cities Category:Black Sea Category:Populated places in Constanța County Category:Populated coastal places in Romania Category:Mangalia Category:Cities in Romania Category:Port cities and towns in Romania


Front page of ''Jos Despotizmul!..'' ("Down with Despotism!!!"), a special issue of ''România Muncitoare'', entirely dedicated to criticism of the Imperial Russian authorities (February 1905) He ultimately settled in Romania (1904) having inherited his father's estate (Estate (land)) near Mangalia. Fagan, ''Socialist leader in the Balkans''; Tănase, "Cristian Racovski"; Upson Clark In 1913, his property, valued at some 40,000 United

''" , ''Variety (Variety (magazine))'' profile; retrieved May 29, 2008 The same year, he also collaborated with Piţa on ''Faleze de nisip'', based on a screenplay by Bujor Nedelcovici. He starred as the surgeon Theodor Hristea, who, after some of his belongings are stolen, involves himself in the inquiry and directs the interrogation of a seemingly innocent man. The subtle criticism of authorities became a matter of scandal: just days after ''Faleze de nisip'' premiered


of the Black Sea, which is chlorided, sulphated, sodic, magnesian, hypotonic (mineralization 15.5g), the sulphurous, chlorided, bicarbonated, sodic, calcic, mesothermal (21-28°C) mineral waters of the springs (spring (hydrosphere)) in the northern part of the city, in the area of the beach between Saturn and Venus, the sulphurous peat mud, rich in minerals, which is extracted from the peat bog north of the city (expected to last another 250 years) and the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols

archaeologists unearthed fragments of a papyrus in Greek (Greek language), the first document of this kind in Romania; the incineration tombs (the necropolis of the Callatis citadel, dating back to the 4th-2nd centuries BC); the ruins of the Callatis citadel (6th century BC); the Turkish Mangalia Mosque (16th century); the Archaeology Museum which shelters a rich collection of amphorae and sculptures from the Hellenistic epoch, fragments of stone sarcophagi; Mangalia Marina

that features the resorts Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia South that features the commercial harbor as well as the shipyard. Mangalia is also a balneoclimateric resort. Annual average temperature stand at 11.2 degrees Celsius. Lake Mangalia (who's surface stands at 261 ha) is supplied by rich sulfuric mezothermal water springs. They are employed in treating degenerative rheumatic diseases. ''Mangalia is the only maritime resort to have mineral water springs!'' Get

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a collection of Hellenistic coins, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and tools dating back from the Greek, Roman and Dacian eras. Most items were recovered from the ancient city of Callatis. The facility also includes a library housing over one thousand volumes of archeology related books. thumb Mangalia Mosque (File:Mangalia Mosque1020578.jpg) *'''Turkish Esmahan Sultan Mosque (1573)''' - one of the oldest mosques in Romania and the only medieval monument of Mangalia. Dating from the 16th

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timezone EET (Eastern European Time) utc_offset +2 timezone_DST EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +3 map_caption Location of Mangalia official_name Mangalia image_skyline Port mangalia.jpeg image_map image_shield ROU CT Mangalia CoA1.jpg subdivision_type1

'''Callatis''' ( ), other historical names '''Pangalia''', '''Panglicara''', '''Tomisovara'''), is a city and a port on the coast of the Black Sea in the south-east of Constanța County, Romania. The municipality of Mangalia also administers several summer time seaside resorts: Cap Aurora, Jupiter (Jupiter, Romania), Neptun (Neptun, Romania), Olimp (Olimp, Romania), Saturn, Romania Saturn


'''Mangalia''' ( ), other historical names '''Pangalia''', '''Panglicara''', '''Tomisovara'''), is a city and a port on the coast of the Black Sea in the south-east of Constanța County, Romania.

The municipality of Mangalia also administers several summer time seaside resorts: Cap Aurora, Jupiter (Jupiter, Romania), Neptun (Neptun, Romania), Olimp (Olimp, Romania), Saturn (Saturn, Romania), Venus (Venus, Romania).

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