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by a number of natural atolls plus atolls in the form of a few islands and isolated reefs today which form a pattern stretching from 7 degrees 10' North to 0 degrees 45' South. The '''South Asian Olympic Council''' (formerly known as South Asian Sports Federation,established 1981) is the governing body of South Asian Games. Member nations include South Asian countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri

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'', Vol. I. Bombay. * Lieut. I.A. Young & W. Christopher, ''Memoirs on the Inhabitants of the Maldive Islands''. * Geiger, Wilhelm (Wilhelm Geiger). ''Maldivian Linguistic Studies''. Reprint 1919 edn. Asian Educational Services. Delhi 1999. * Hockly, T.W. ''The Two Thousand Isles''. Reprint 1835 edn. Asian Educational Services. Delhi 2003. * Hideyuki Takahashi, ''Maldivian National Security –And the Threats of Mercenaries'', The Round Table (London), No. 351, July 1999, pp. 433

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;, महिलादिभ) in Pali, which is probably a mistranslation of the same Sanskrit word meaning "garland". Hogendorn theorises that the name ''Maldives'' derives from the Sanskrit ''mālādvīpa'' ( मालाद्वीप ), meaning "garland of islands". Hogendorn, Jan and Johnson Marion (1986). ''The Shell Money of the Slave Trade''. African Studies Series 49, Cambridge University Press

; ''Monetaria moneta'' were used for centuries as a currency in Africa, and huge amounts of Maldivian (Maldive Islands) cowries were introduced into Africa by western nations during the period of slave trade. Hogendorn, Jan and Johnson Marion (1986). ''The Shell Money of the Slave Trade''. African Studies Series 49, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ISBN 0521541107. The cowry is now the symbol of the Maldives Monetary Authority. The Maldivian

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, adjacent to the capital Malé. The airport is served by flights to India, Sri Lanka, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Istanbul, and major airports in South-East Asia, as well as charters from Europe. Gan Airport (Gan International Airport), on the southern atoll of Addu (Addu City), also serves an international flight to Milan several times a week. British Airways offer direct flights to the Maldives around 2–3 times per week. Fishing industry Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

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and local folklore about the establishment of the capital and kingly rule in Malé. A strong underlying layer of Dravidian population and culture survives in Maldivian society, with a clear Dravidian-Malayalam substratum in the language, which also appears in place names, kinship terms, poetry, dance, and religious beliefs. Malabari seafaring culture led to Malayali settling of the Laccadives, and the Maldives were evidently viewed as an extension of that archipelago. Some argue (from

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to the Malay Archipelago on the islands of Sumba and Alor (Alor Island). <

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publisher Google Books accessdate 19 December 2010 '''Thaana''', '''Taana''' or '''Tāna''' (written Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives

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, and Sri Lanka. Established in 1985, SAARC encourages cooperation in agriculture, rural development, science and technology, culture, health, population control, narcotics control and anti-terrorism. International disputes India's territorial disputes with neighboring Pakistan and People's Republic of China have played a crucial role in its foreign policy. India is also involved in minor territorial disputes with neighboring Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives. India currently maintains

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date February 2009 '''Sultan Al hajj Hassan Nooraddeenul Iskandhar I''' was the Sultan (List of Sultans of the Maldives) of the Maldives from 1779–1799. He was the son of Sultan Muhammad Mu'iz ud-din. Nooraddeen went on hajj twice and on the second occasion he battled with the Sharif of Mecca. He died in Jeddah, together with 238 of the men of the Maldivian army, from an infectious disease called kashividhuri or smallpox. Image:Burning riot02.jpg right thumb 300px Building

set on fire On Saturday '''September 20, 2003 civil unrest''' broke out in Malé, the capital city of the Maldives. This unrest was provoked by the death of Hassan Evan Naseem at Maafushi Prison - located on a separate inhabited island - and the subsequent shooting at the same prison, that killed 3 and injured 17 others. - India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Star Sports '''Air Equator

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, Manama. the Maldives and the United Nations where the bird does not occur. Commons:Category:Maldives WikiPedia:Maldives Dmoz:Regional Asia Maldives


'''Maldives''', south-west of Sri Lanka.

Maldives has been an independent polity for the majority of its history, except for three periods in which it was ruled by outside forces. In the mid-16th century, for fifteen years, the Maldives was dominated by the Portuguese Empire. In the mid-17th century, the Dutch Empire (Malabar (Dutch Malabar)) dominated Maldives for four months. Finally, in the late 19th century, on the brink of war, the Maldives became a British (United Kingdom) protectorate from 1887 until 1965. The Dutch referred to the islands as the "Maldivische Eilanden" ( ), while the British anglicised (Anglicisation) the local name for the islands first to the "Maldive Islands" and later to the "Maldives". The islands gained independence (Second Republic of the Maldives) from the British Empire in 1965, and in 1968 became a republic ruled by a president (President of the Maldives) and an authoritarian (Authoritarianism) government.

The Maldives archipelago is located on top of the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean. Maldives also form a terrestrial ecoregion together with the Chagos and the Lakshadweep. Malé is one of the Maldives' administrative divisions (Administrative divisions of the Maldives) and, traditionally, it was the "King's Island" where the ancient Maldives royal dynasties were enthroned.

The Maldives is the smallest Asian country (List of sovereign states and dependent territories in Asia) in both population and land area. With an average ground level elevation of

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