What is Luhansk known for?

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over 100 industrial plants, Luhansk faced several years, of slowed or stopped production (with a notable exception of alcohol making plant). After this financial crisis, the large metal factory, that had given birth to the town and became over the time a rather famous Ukrainian military and machine tool plant, named after V.I.Lenin, was finally closed in 2008. However, the single largest locomotive plant named after October Revolution (commonly named "Zavod OR") still struggles through

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safety propagation, so they quite often give tours to schoolchildren and students. The museum has many interesting exhibits that model development of different emergency situations. *

religious building

of South-East Ukraine, built in 1995-2006 years. By far the most impressive religious building in Lugansk among built in post-perestroika era. *

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is represented in a tunic, without a head-dress. - Dzerzhinskiy Fieliks Edmundovich was a soviet statesman, revolutionary, one of organizers of «red terror». * *

special attention

the facade of plasticity and severity. *

paintings sculptures

eight thousand items of domestic and foreign art 16-20th centuries. among them, about fifteen hundred paintings, sculptures three hundred, four and a half thousand of decorative and applied arts. *

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* University of Luhansk References *PKFHSPKFHS x-ussr 100k M-37-127.jpg Topographic map 1:100 000 *Historic images of Luhansk *The sightseeings of Luhansk *Marble sculpture of King of marble of Nicolai Shmatko.

withdrew from the Luhansk International Airport on 1 September. http: news world-europe-29009516 Demographics Native language as of the Ukrainian Census of 2001 (Ukrainian Census (2001)): language Russian 85.3% *Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) 13.7% *Armenian (Armenian language) 0.2% *Belarusian (Belarusian language) 0.1% Sport Luhansk is home to FC Zorya Luhansk Zorya

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short life

url email address Kotel'nikova str. lat long directions In the square named Young Guard phone tollfree fax hours price content A monument to poet Tatyana Snezhina. She in his short life managed to write so many wonderful poems. She was infinitely talented, the songs on her works sung many famous entertainers. *

landscape views

not be the best of tourist attraction, but it does provide a specific nice atmosphere if only a bit ruined by recent degradation, and a large number of scenic city landscape views from different points almost in any part of town. A note on naming: while Luhansk is an official English transliteration of the city name, the direct (sometimes called 'Russian-based') transliteration as Lugansk is certainly much more popular. Get in By plane *

academic music

of the revolutionary 15 Inzenskoy Division member KPRS. was the founder the Latvian newspaper 'Moloda borotba' Do * *


thumb 200px Raion (File:Luhansk raions eng.svg)s of Luhansk '''Luhansk''' ( ), formerly known as '''Voroshilovgrad''', is the administrative center of Luhansk Oblast in easternmost Ukraine. The city itself is also designated as its own separate municipality within the oblast. The current estimated population is around 425,848 (as of 2013).

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