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historical treatment

and historical treatment of philosophy greatly attracted him. , Germany had 248 uninhabited unincorporated areas (of which 214 are located in Bavaria), called ''gemeindefreie Gebiete'' or singular ''gemeindefreies Gebiet'', not belonging to any municipality, consisting mostly of forested areas. There are also three inhabited unincorporated areas, all of which serve as military proving grounds: Osterheide and Lohheide in Lower Saxony

amazing green

DATE OF DEATH 1945-03 PLACE OF DEATH Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Lower Saxony, Germany Hildesheim Town Hall (Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates Hildesheim Town Hall) thumb Hildesheim (Image:Hildesheim_um_1900.jpg) Town Hall in Lower Saxony, Germany, ca. 1895. A striking image of an awesome building. Check out the detail in the avenue on the left. Amazing green hues in the trees against the beige sky. A 28mb TIFF is available if anyone wants higher res, or to do some cleanup or adjustment. I was impressed enough is it is. Currently illustrating Hildesheim, it may become the starting point for the Photochrom or Photochrome article (the process used to create this picture, a sort of hybrid between photography and lithography). territories of the present-day States of Germany German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia - officetype BPOL-Direktion officename Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony

strong defense

the season. But a strong defense, which only allowed 27 goals in 34 games, an unexpectedly even-balanced league and struggling opposition (for example, runners-up 1860 Munich (TSV 1860 München) were in 17th place after one third of the season before starting a comeback) eventually benefitted the team of coach Helmuth Johannsen. The German Timber-Frame Road connects towns with remarkable fachwerk. It crosses Germany with sections in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse

international long

. It should be noted that tickets for journeys within those transport association zones must be purchase before travelling as they are not available on the trains. Bus Along with state run regional buses covering distances of usually 50 kilometers and less, there are private domestic and international long distance lines (long distance bus travel in Germany ) that serve the region and connect it to the rest of Central Europe By road The largest motorways (''Autobahnen

sports personality

Ireland . After dropping out of Brighton Polytechnic (University of Brighton), he began his TV career as a sports personality impersonator on ''The David Essex Showcase (David Essex)''; it was at this point that he adopted the surname "Barrie" for Equity reasons - as there was already an actor named Chris Brown on the Equity UK lists. He provided the voice of Ronald Reagan in the pop song "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, as well as various vocalisations for other tracks by FGTH and Art of Noise. thumb right Main street Espargos (Image:Cabo Verde Sal Espargos.jpg) Rotselaar maintains sister city relationships with Bad Gandersheim, a city in southern Lower Saxony, Germany, located between Hannover and Kassel, since 1987. In 1990, a town twinning committee was created for the purpose of furthering the ties between Rotselaar and Bad Gandersheim through visits, exhibition (wikt:exhibition)s, language courses and other initiatives. An annual town twinning weekend (Workweek) is organised as well, alternately in Rotselaar and Bad Gandersheim. Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony

concept cultural

point for a new concept: cultural heritage conservation (Cultural heritage management). Since the early 1970s the town has been systematically restored. A leading figure in this initiative since the late 1960s has been Curt Pomp: against much opposition from politicians and councillors he founded and championed the Lüneburg ''Altstadt'' Working Group (''Arbeitskreis Lüneburger Altstadt'') for the preservation of historic buildings. His engagement was rewarded with the German Prize for Cultural

family title

, Lower Saxony, Germany. The family title, which was bestowed upon his paternal grandfather in 1891, was inherited in 1936 by von Cramm's eldest brother, Aschwin. Clemens August von Galen belonged to one of the oldest of the most distinguished noble families (German nobility) of Westphalia, Von Galen Family and was born in the Catholic southern part of the Duchy of Oldenburg (Oldenburger Münsterland, near the German border with the Netherlands), on the Burg Dinklage, now in the state of Lower Saxony. The von Galen name had long been associated with the region; the von Galens had been there since 1667, when Christoph Bernhard von Galen was named first bishop of Münster after putting down the Anabaptists, "leaving the bodies of the ''heretics'' to rot in cages lining the city's gates." Bishop vn Galen, Beth A.Griech-Polelle, p. 9 Clemens August was the son of Count Ferdinand Heribert von Galen, a member of the Imperial German (German Empire) parliament (Reichstag (Reichstag (German Empire))) for the Catholic Centre Party, and Elisabeth von Spee, Heinrich Portmann, Kardinal von Galen Aschendorff, Münster, Westfalen, 1948 9–35 the eleventh of thirteen children. '''Vechta''' ( Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony

educational quot

Educational" but was also summoned to testify by Göring's defense lawyer . He later served in the post-war government of Lower Saxony from 1950 and then in the Ministry of the Interior Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony

starting place

. '''Arensch''' is a local part of Cuxhaven, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. In the proximity of Arensch between 1945 and 1964 various rocket attempts were accomplished. Thus the A4-Raketen of the Operation Backfire (Operation Backfire (WWII)) started in October 1945 of one in the Werner forest between Arensch and Sahlenburg established starting place, from which still some shelter remainders and a soil hollow remained remaining. From 1957 to 1964

young published

Street , London (now recorded with a blue plaque). Young published many of his first academic articles anonymously to protect his reputation as a physician. * Bavaria: Munich Frauenkirche (Munich Frauenkirche) * Lower Saxony: Hanover New City Hall (New City Hall (Hanover)), then St. Michael's Church (St. Michael's Church, Hildesheim) in Hildesheim * Hesse: Römer in Frankfurt am Main According to myth, Widukind rode a black horse before his baptism and a white horse afterwards. A white or black horse can be found on many flags and coats of arms in England, Germany (state (states of Germany) flags of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, Herford (Herford (district)) coat of arms), and the Netherlands (flag of Twente). The PDS survived the reunification of Germany and eventually started growing again, managing to get representatives elected to the Bundestag. The PDS remained influential in former eastern Germany, especially at the state and local levels, in articulating east-German issues and addressing social problems. In 2007 the PDS merged with the Labour and Social Justice – The Electoral Alternative (''Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit–Die Wahlalternative, WASG'') to create the new party The Left (The Left (Germany)) (''Die Linke''), which has resulted in a higher acceptance in western states, the party now also being represented in the parliaments of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Hesse and Hamburg. Nomenclature The name was chosen after the title of Hermann Löns' novel, ''Der Wehrwolf'' (1910). Commons:Category:Lower Saxony Wikipedia:Lower Saxony Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony

Furthermore there are ten urban districts: # Brunswick (Braunschweig (city)) # Delmenhorst # Emden # Göttingen ¹ # Hanover ² # Oldenburg # Osnabrück # Salzgitter # Wilhelmshaven # Wolfsburg ¹ ''following the "Göttingen Law" of January 1, 1964, the town of Göttingen is incorporated into the district (''Landkreis'') of Göttingen, but the rules on urban districts still apply, as long as no other rules exist.'' ² ''following the "Law on the region of Hanover", Hanover counts since November 1, 2001 as an urban district as long as no other rules apply.''

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