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: CKSA (CKSA-FM) (country (country music)) "Lloyd FM" * FM 97.5: CKUA-FM-15 (CKUA) (variety) * FM 106.1: CKLM (CKLM-FM) (rock (rock music)) "The Goat" ;Television * Channel 2 (2.1): CKSA (CKSA-DT), CBC (CBC Television) * Channel 4 (4.1): CITL (CITL-DT), CTV (CTV television network) Notable people *Colby Armstrong - NHL forward *Calvin Ayre - founder of bodog *Garnet "Ace" Bailey (Garnet Bailey)- NHL forward, died on United

, Saskatchewan Battleford and Unity (Unity, Saskatchewan). CTV (CTV Television Network) affiliate Lloydminster, Alberta Saskatchewan '''C''' '''I''' '''T'''elevision in '''L'''loydminster CBC (CBC Television) affiliate Lloydminster, Alberta Saskatchewan '''C''' '''K''' '''S'''askatchewan and '''A'''lberta *Laufenburg divided between Switzerland and Germany *Lloydminster, Canada, divided between Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1905–1930

also owns two "Newcap Television" stations, both in Lloydminster on the Alberta Saskatchewan border. Television * Lloydminster - CKSA-DT, CITL-DT *Lac La Biche (Lac La Biche, Alberta) - CILB-FM *Lloydminster - CKSA-FM, CILR-FM *Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) - CKGY-FM, CIZZ-FM call_letters CITL-DT city Lloydminster, Alberta Saskatchewan station_logo Image:CITL

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0.8% identified German (German language), 0.7% identified Ukrainian (Ukrainian language), and 0.5% identified Cree (Cree language) as their first language learned. The next most common languages were Chinese (Chinese language) and Spanish (Spanish language) at about 0.3% each.

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Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2001 and 2006 Censuses – 20% Sample Data publisher Statistics Canada date 2007-11-20 url http: www12.statcan.ca english census06 data topics RetrieveProductTable.cfm?ALEVEL 3&APATH 3&CATNO &DETAIL 0&DIM &DS 99&FL 0&FREE 0&GAL 0&GC 99&GK NA&GRP 1&IPS &METH 0&ORDER 1&PID 89201&PTYPE 88971&RL 0&S 1&ShowAll No&StartRow 1&SUB 701&Temporal 2006&Theme 70

url http: www12.statcan.ca english census01 products standard themes RetrieveProductTable.cfm?Temporal 2001&PID 55822&APATH 3&METH 1&PTYPE 55440&THEME 56&FOCUS 0&AID 0&PLACENAME 0&PROVINCE 0&SEARCH 0&GC 99&GK NA&VID 0&VNAMEE &VNAMEF &FL 0&RL 0&FREE 0&GID 431641 accessdate 2008-02-06 More than 8% of residents identified themselves as aboriginal at the time of the 2006 census.

;METH 0&ORDER 1&PID 89122&PTYPE 88971&RL 0&S 1&ShowAll No&StartRow 1&SUB 0&Temporal 2006&Theme 73&VID 0&VNAMEE &VNAMEF &GID 838055 accessdate 2008-02-06 class "wikitable" - ! colspan 4 Visible minorities and Aboriginal population - ! colspan "2" Canada 2006 Census!! Population !! % of Total Population - rowspan "12" Visible minority group Source: ref>

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in Saskatchewan, counting Lloydminster but not counting Flin Flon. In August 2009, it was announced that both Martensville (Martensville, Saskatchewan) and Meadow Lake (Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan) would achieve city status, on November 3 and November 9 respectively.

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and declining a government vehicle. During his first term, Stelmach served as Deputy Whip (Parliamentary Whip) and, later, Chief Government Whip for the P.C. caucus. As a backbencher

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of the Legislative Assembly MLA leader_name4 Richard Starke (AB, PC (Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta)) Colleen Young (SK, SP (Saskatchewan Party)) established_title Pre-amalg. 

Stelmach ran for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a Progressive Conservative (Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta) in the 1993 provincial election (Alberta general election, 1993), defeating incumbent New Democrat (Alberta New Democratic Party) Derek Fox in the riding (electoral district (Canada)) of Vegreville-Viking. Stelmach became a member of the Deep Six (Deep Six (Alberta politics)), a group

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: CKSA (CKSA-FM) (country (country music)) "Lloyd FM" * FM 97.5: CKUA-FM-15 (CKUA) (variety) * FM 106.1: CKLM (CKLM-FM) (rock (rock music)) "The Goat" ;Television * Channel 2 (2.1): CKSA (CKSA-DT), CBC (CBC Television) * Channel 4 (4.1): CITL (CITL-DT), CTV (CTV television network) Notable people *Colby Armstrong - NHL forward *Calvin Ayre - founder of bodog *Garnet "Ace" Bailey (Garnet Bailey)- NHL forward, died on United

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- - CKUA-FM-15 (CKUA) 00 97.5 FM Lloydminster CKUA Radio Network public broadcasting - - CILR-FM 00 98.9 FM Lloydminster Newcap Broadcasting tourist information community radio - - CKLM-FM 0 106.1 FM Lloydminster 912038 Alberta Ltd. active rock

style "display:none" 0 106.1 FM Lloydminster 912038 Alberta Ltd. active rock - Canada In Canada, due to the population being concentrated to fewer urban centres (compared to the United States), as well as more lenient policies regarding media ownership (for example, an ownership cap on TV stations does not exist, except for within one media market), many television stations have become (or gone on air as) O&Os. For instance, CTV

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-TV.svg 220px '''CITL-DT''' is a Canadian (Canada) television station, broadcasting in Lloydminster. It is an affiliate of CTV (CTV Television Network), and as of 2011 is the only CTV station not owned and operated by the network itself. '''Meadow Lake''' is a city located in north west Saskatchewan, Canada about north of North Battleford.

Driving Directions from North Battlefor, SK, CA to Meadow Lake, SK, CA Meadow Lake is the main business centre in northwest Saskatchewan and serves the many towns and villages as a regional shopping centre. It is the second-largest community in Saskatchewan's Census Division No. 17 (Division No. 17, Saskatchewan), after Saskatchewan's portion of the interprovincial city of Lloydminster. Incorporated as a city on November 9, 2009, Meadow Lake is the newest city in Saskatchewan. The city

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in Brainerd (Brainerd, Minnesota), Minnesota. Hartnell's nickname is Bird Dogg.


'''Lloydminster''' is a Canadian (Canada) city which has the unusual geographic distinction of straddling the provincial (Provinces and territories of Canada) border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. Lloydminster at The Canadian Encyclopedia. Unlike most such cases (such as Texarkana and Kansas City), Lloydminster is not a pair of twin cities (Twin cities (geographical proximity)) on opposite sides of a border which merely share the same name, but is actually incorporated by both provinces as a single city with a single municipal administration.

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