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in central southern France do you think have heard of the M77 Motorway in Scotland (about 1000 miles away)? It is still notable due to the usage it gets, and the political & social upheaval caused by the building of it. More sensible would be that it has a unique identifying number within that country (e.g. an Interstate number in the US, an M-, A- or B- number in the UK etc.), as this is typically the mark of a road considered notable within that country --Cynical (User:Cynical) 13:52, 17

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of Yugoslavia were forcibly cut off. Pahor nevertheless managed to publish his first short stories in several magazines in Ljubljana (then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) under the pseudonym Jožko Ambrožič. In 1939, he established contact with the Slovenian personalist (Personalism) poet and thinker Edvard Kocbek. Kocbek introduced him to contemporary literary trends and helped him to improve his use of standard Slovene. In March 2010, Boris Pahor was also proposed by several civil associations as an honorary citizen of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. However, the proposal stalled at the commission for awards of the City Municipality of Ljubljana who decided not to forward the proposal to the Ljubljana city council for a vote. Pahor himself has stated he does not want to become the Ljubljana's honorary citizen as through the history after World War I the Slovenia's capital city has never supported the Slovenian Littoral as it should. commons:Ljubljana

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earthquake destroyed much of the city center, enabling an extensive renovation program. thumb The oldest preserved film recordings of Ljubljana (1909), with a depiction of streets, the Ljubljana tram system Ljubljana tram (File:Ljubljana 1909 (Salvatore Spina) removed watermark.ogg), and a celebration. Salvatore Spina Company, Trieste.

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Bonuševac, he organized the first Yugoslav rock performance at the sold-out Belgrade SKC (Studentski kulturni centar (Belgrade)). commons:Ljubljana

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the State Gymnasium (Gymnasium (school)). Already at a very young age, he learned Latin, Ancient Greek, as well as German (German language), which was then the language of education, administration and high culture in most areas inhabited by Slovenes (Slovene Lands). In Ljubljana, Prešeren's talent was spotted by the poet Valentin Vodnik who encouraged him to develop his literary skills in the Slovene language. As a high school student, he became friends with the future philologist Matija Čop, who would have an extremely important influence on the development of Prešeren's poetry. In 1821, Prešeren enrolled at the University of Vienna, where he studied law, against the wishes of his mother who wanted him to become a priest. In Vienna, he became acquainted with the western canon from Homer to Goethe, but he was most fascinated by Dante and the Italian (Italy) trecentists (Trecento), especially Petrarch and Boccaccio. He also read contemporary Romantic (Romanticism) poets, and he was even fired from the teaching post at the Klinkowström (Joseph von Klinkowström)'s Jesuit institute for having lent a booklet of banned poetry to his friend Anastasius Grün (Anton Alexander Graf von Auersperg). Štukelj was born in Novo Mesto, Austria-Hungary (now Slovenia). He is a noted figure in Slovenian sporting history. Štukelj is one of the few Slovene athletes to have risen to the very top of his sport, where he remained right from the World Championships in Ljubljana in 1922 all the way to the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin (1936 Summer Olympics), at which he finished his competitive gymnastics career. - '''Carlos, Duke of Madrid''' '''(Charles XI)''' 1887–1909 100px (Image:Carlos Duke of Madrid.jpg) 30 March 1848, Ljubljana son of Juan, Count of Montizón and Beatrix of Austria-Este Margarita of Bourbon-Parma (Princess Margherita of Bourbon-Parma) 4 February 1867 5 children 18 July 1909 Varese aged 61 - thumb left Triglav Lakes valley (File:Triglavska jezera 2009 09 1.JPG) The nation's capital, Ljubljana, has many important Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, with several important works of the native born architect Jože Plečnik. Other attractions include the Julian Alps with picturesque Lake Bled and the Soča Valley, as well as the nation's highest peak, Mount Triglav. Perhaps even more famous is Slovenia's karst named after the Karst Plateau in the Slovenian Littoral. More than 28 million visitors have visited Postojna Cave, while a 15-minute ride from it are Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several other caves are open to public, including the Vilenica Cave. He was born as '''Ignacij Gruden''' in the small fishermen village of Nabrežina ( commons:Ljubljana

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hours price From €145 checkin checkout content 5-star hotel. The most expensive hotel in Ljubljana. A gleaming glass high rise building. Popular among business travelers. Lavish rooms have smark oak chairs and desks. *

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. Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana Regen's most important contribution to the field apart from realization that insects also detect airborne sounds was the discovery of tympanal organ's function.

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, 2004, when the latter won the title while Urzică took 8th place. Suciu is an Olympic bronze medalist with the team, a silver world medalist on pommel horse and a six-time European medalist (pommel horse, vault and team). Suciu was one of the key team members of the Romanian gymnastics team for several years contributing to the 2004 Olympic team bronze medal and three continental team medals (two gold and one silver). He also placed fourth all around at the 2004 Olympic Games. European Union of Gymnastics Statistics birth_date 8 December 1874 birth_place Ljubljana, Slovenia death_date 1951 '''Ernst Moro''' (8 December 1874 in Ljubljana, Slovenia – 1951) was an Austrian physician and pediatrician who discovered the infant reflex (Primitive reflex) which was named after him (Moro reflex). DATE OF BIRTH 8 December 1874 PLACE OF BIRTH Ljubljana, Slovenia DATE OF DEATH 1951 - valign "top" bgcolor "" 2013 ''TBD'' EuroBasket 2013 Ljubljana, Slovenia * commons:Ljubljana

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become a traditional event in the city's yearly cultural calendar. He has performed worldwide, including Adelaide, Australia, Barcelona, Spain, and New York City www.kreslin.com indexen.html and has opened for many other bands, such as R.E.M., Rory Gallagher, and Bob Dylan. His genre is a type of blues mixed with Slovene folk music. In addition to performing songs in Slovenian, Kreslin's repertoire also includes songs sung in English, Bosnian Croatian Serbian, Italian, and Judaeo-Spanish, as well as folk songs sung in various dialects (from his native Prekmurje, Međimurje, the Slovenian Littoral, Istria, and elsewhere). With his friends the rock singers Peter Lovšin and Zoran Predin, he composed the anthem of the Slovenia national football team for the 2000 European Football Championship. commons:Ljubljana


'''Ljubljana''' ( a Slovene (Slovenes)-inhabited part of Austria-Hungary, and it has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991. Its central geographic location within Slovenia, transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific and research institutions and cultural tradition are contributing factors to its leading position.

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