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Among other IYA activities she initiated and organized exhibition of astro-photographies ''From Earth to the Universe'' at Jakopič promenade in the Tivoli Park (Tivoli Park (Ljubljana)) in Ljubljana, Travelling exhibition ''From Earth to the Universe'', Open door days at Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory Golovec (Astronomsko geofizikalni observatorij Golovec) (AGO

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4 December 1926 History The first occupation by the French army - in March 1797- led by General Bonaparte caused huge civil disturbances. The Slovene (Slovenia) territories were mostly occupied by the troops under the command of General Bernadotte who tried to calm the worried and scared population by issuing special public notices which were published also in the Slovene language. During the withdrawal of the French army the commanding general Bonaparte

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'', excerpt from the novel, p.3-4 Ljubljana is also the setting of Paulo Coelho's 1998 novel ''Veronika Decides to Die''. Festivals Each year, over 10,000

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, 2004, when the latter won the title while Urzică took 8th place. Suciu is an Olympic bronze medalist with the team, a silver world medalist on pommel horse and a six-time European medalist (pommel horse, vault and team). Suciu was one of the key team members of the Romanian gymnastics team for several years contributing to the 2004 Olympic team bronze medal and three continental team medals (two gold and one silver). He also placed fourth all around at the 2004 Olympic Games. European Union of Gymnastics Statistics birth_date 8 December 1874 birth_place Ljubljana, Slovenia death_date 1951 '''Ernst Moro''' (8 December 1874 in Ljubljana, Slovenia – 1951) was an Austrian physician and pediatrician who discovered the infant reflex (Primitive reflex) which was named after him (Moro reflex). DATE OF BIRTH 8 December 1874 PLACE OF BIRTH Ljubljana, Slovenia DATE OF DEATH 1951 - valign "top" bgcolor "" 2013 ''TBD'' EuroBasket 2013 Ljubljana, Slovenia * commons:Ljubljana

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- ''Songs of a Wayfarer'' is the (somewhat romantic) title by which the cycle had been known in English. Fritz Spiegl has observed that German "Geselle" actually means "journeyman", i.e., one who has completed an apprenticeship with a master in a trade or craft, but is not yet a master himself; journeymen in German-speaking countries traditionally traveled from town to town to gain experience with various masters. A more accurate

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. Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana Regen's most important contribution to the field apart from realization that insects also detect airborne sounds was the discovery of tympanal organ's function.

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century, and quickly gained popularity among the residents. After World War II, the Cinema Company Ljubljana, later named ''Ljubljana Cinematographers'', was established and managed a number of already functioning movie theaters in Ljubljana, including the only Yugoslav children's theater. A number of cinema festivals took place in the 1960s, and a cinematheque opened its doors in 1963. With the advent of television, video, and recently the Internet, most cinema theaters in Ljubljana

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that terms Slovene Slovenian came into English as late as in the first half of 19th century? And what bothers me is that nobody here respected older contributions which were related to Slovenes and Slovenia and which go back for 3 years. This is what bothers me. Since "Slovene" is a regular term, and first contributors used it, no other naming conventions (Wikipedia:Naming conventions (common names)) are needed here. What goes in favour for "Slovene" is also


'''Ljubljana''' ( a Slovene (Slovenes)-inhabited part of Austria-Hungary, and it has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991. Its central geographic location within Slovenia, transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific and research institutions and cultural tradition are contributing factors to its leading position.

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