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(song) Seven Seas ". One more studio album, ''Echo & the Bunnymen (Echo & the Bunnymen (album))'' (1987), was released before McCulloch left the band to pursue a solo career in 1988. The following year, de Freitas was killed in a motorcycle accident, and the band re-emerged with a new line-up. Original members Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson were joined by Noel Burke as lead singer, Damon Reece on drums and Jake Brockman (Jake Drake-Brockman) on keyboards. This new incarnation of the band released ''Reverberation (Reverberation (album))'' in 1990, but the disappointing critical and commercial reaction it received culminated with a complete split in 1993. *'''Nedkoleje''' - in a joint venture with Polish Railways (PKP), operates trains in West Pomeranian Voivodship (Zachodniopomorskie), Poland. *'''Abellio (Abellio (transport company))''' (formerly ''NedRailways'') is the international expansion of NS. In the UK (United Kingdom) Abellio partners with Serco in a joint-venture which runs Merseyrail services in and around Liverpool and Northern Rail across the north of England. Abellio won the Greater Anglia franchise for East Anglia and will operate this from 5th February 2012 to September 2014. They also put in a bid to run the South Central franchise under the name of '''NedRailways South Central Limited''', however this did not win. NedRailways purchased the German bus and rail operator Abellio (Germany) from Star Capital Partners and the Essen public transit company. On 21 May 2009, it was announced that they were to buy Travel London, a bus operator, from National Express Group. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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preferred to run home. Khendjer is known primarily from his pyramid (Pyramid of Khendjer) complex excavated by G. Jequier at Saqqara which was perhaps completed as a pyramidion was found. G. Jequier: ''Deux pyramides du Moyen Empire'', Cairo 1933, S. 3-35 He is also known from several inscriptions and objects which bear his unique Semitic name. These include a fragment of a canopic jar found at his pyramid complex

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, The Black Jacks, and later with The Beatles. Theatre ''BEST!'', a comedy play written by Liverpool playwright Fred Lawless, was staged at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1995 and 1996. The play, which was mainly fiction, showed a scenario where after Pete Best's sacking from The Beatles, he went on to be become a world famous rock (Rock music) superstar while The Beatles struggled as one hit wonders. The play was critically

in March 2005. Professional and personal connection to Daphne du Maurier In 1948, Lawrence returned to England to star in ''September Tide'', a play written specifically for her by Daphne du Maurier. Her role was that of a middle-aged Cornish (Cornwall) woman whose son-in-law, a bohemian artist, falls in love with her. The playwright had intended her to open the play on Broadway, but Lawrence's husband thought it was too British for the American market. The London press paid scant attention to her return, and Lawrence was distressed to discover that in a country struggling to recover from the effects of World War II, the public no longer was as interested in the private lives of stage stars as it once had been. Morley, pp. 171–2 Prior to opening in the West End theater district of London, the play toured Blackpool, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester, where the frequently sparse audiences consisted primarily of elderly people who remembered Lawrence from her heyday. While on the road, she underwent erratic mood swings and frequently clashed with her fellow cast members, including actors Michael Gough and Bryan Forbes, and the crew. Morley, pp. 174–6 The play opened in London in mid-December 1948. Writing in ''Punch (Punch (magazine))'', Eric Keown called her return "an occasion for rejoicing" but dismissed the play as "an artificial piece of conventional sentiment which leaves the actress's talents unused." She remained with the play until July 1949, then returned to the United States, where she performed her role for one week at her husband's theater in Dennis, Massachusetts. Morley, pp. 177–81 Between 13 December and 16 February 1946, she again voyaged to the Far East, carrying occupation troops to Korea, and returning to Long Beach, California, with servicemen eligible for discharge. At Long Beach she loaded German prisoners of war (Prisoner of war), with whom she sailed for Liverpool, England, on 26 February. Landing the homeward-bound Germans in England for further transfer, ''Florence Nightingale'' embarked troops at Le Havre for transportation to New York City, where she docked on 8 April 1946. The transport was decommissioned on 1 May 1946 and transferred to the War Shipping Administration the same day. British rule in the Indian subcontinent began in the 17th century. During the period the British East India Company employed Indian lascars which included Sylhetis. People of the East End: South Asians Museum of Childhood. Retrieved on 28 May 3009. In the late 18th century, the British East India Company became interested in Sylhet and saw it as an area of strategic importance in the war against Burma. Sylhet was gradually absorbed into British control and administration and was governed as a part of Bengal. In 1778, the East India Company appointed Robert Lindsay of Sylhet, who started trading and governing the region, making fortune. He was disregarded by the local Sylhetis and other Muslims. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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league and sporting world, and were attracting big money sponsors from around the world. Comodo sponsored the club until 2005, when Earth Money became the clubs largest sponsor in their history, and invested in a renovation of Knowsley Road. However, when the company went bust in 2007, St Helens were left without sponsors in a sudden turnaround. However, the local companies that the club had previously turned to for sponsorship would

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, 1940, Liverpool, Lancashire). Their first recording was a flexi disc produced in 1964 for Rag Week at Hull University. This consisted of 3 tracks  — one side featured "John Henry" and "All My Sorrows" with "Blood Red River" on the other side. They were most at home performing folk-style cover versions of songs, especially Bob Dylan compositions. Following graduation that year, they spent the summer working at the Devon Coast Country Club in Paignton, Devon, where they also performed most evenings on stage in the ballroom. Coincidentally, another musician also working there at that time was Liverpudlian Rod Pont (1942–2000), whose last band (Steve Day and the Drifters) had already played at The Cavern alongside The Beatles and had just split up following a stint at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg during the previous autumn. In early 1965, after appearing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and performing alongside the The Spinners (The Spinners (UK band)), they were signed up by Brian Epstein who subsequently appointed Alistair Taylor as their manager. Their first single (Single (music)) in June 1965, "Blood Red River", reached # 14 on the Wonderful Radio London Fab 40, but failed to make any impression on the national chart (Record chart). However, with help from The Beatles, they followed this up with a Lennon–McCartney composition which became their one and only chart hit. In the U.K., reviews prompted by the Criminal Cases Review Commission have resulted in one pardon and three exonerations for people that were executed between 1950 and 1953 (when the execution rate in England and Wales averaged 17 per year), with compensation being paid. Timothy Evans was granted a posthumous free pardon in 1966. Mahmood Hussein Mattan was convicted in 1952 and was the last person to be hanged in Cardiff, Wales, but had his conviction quashed in 1998. George Kelly was hanged at Liverpool in 1950, but had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal in June 2003. George Kelly Exonerated 53 Years After Being Executed Derek Bentley had his conviction quashed in 1998 with the appeal trial judge, Lord Bingham (Thomas Bingham, Baron Bingham of Cornhill), noting that the original trial judge, Lord Goddard (Rayner Goddard, Baron Goddard), had denied the defendant "the fair trial which is the birthright of every British citizen." '''Mark Clarke''' (born 25 July 1950, in Liverpool, England) is a British musician, bass player and singer. History The club has its roots in the student team from the Catholic Capuchin (Order of Friars Minor Capuchin) school in Nuevo París, which began playing in 1908. The club took on the name Liverpool as there were many cultural links between the two areas; the majority of coal ships arriving in Montevideo came from the busy English port. History. Official LFC Montevideo website. Retrieved on 2009-04-05. A number of clubs took on Anglicised names, such as league rivals Montevideo Wanderers F.C.; in this case, the team paid homage to Liverpool F.C. *Charles Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen, a 19th century statesman and Lord Chief Justice, when raised to the peerage for life, took his title Baron Russell of Killowen from his native townland of Killowen. He was born in Newry in 1832 and soon after, the family moved to 'Seafield' in Killowen. He entered the legal profession and served for a time as a solicitor in Newry. He later moved to England and in 1886 became Attorney General. In 1894 he became Lord Chief Justice and died in 1900. *The Irish Giant, Patrick Murphy (Patrick Murphy (giant)), was a native of Killowen. He left for England when about seventeen or eighteen and obtained work at Liverpool docks as a labourer. Before he had completed his twentieth year he stood eight feet and one inch high and weighed twenty stone. He travelled throughout Europe and returned to his native village a 'highly accomplished gentleman'. He purchased a little property at Killowen, which he left a short time after for another tour through Europe. While staying at Marseilles he was seized with small-pox and died in his 26th year, being about twenty-four stone weight, and within a few inches of nine feet high. birth_date Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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sympathies. He studied at St. Aloysius College, and learned sculpture from William Behnes. At the age of 20, he began to study natural history and later geology. He contributed illustrations to ''The Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle''. During the 1840s, he produced studies of living animals in Knowsley (Knowsley Hall) Park, near Liverpool for Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby. The park was one of the largest private menageries in Victorian England and Hawkins' work was later published with John Edward Gray's text as ''"Gleanings from the Menagerie at Knowsley"'' . Over the same period Hawkins exhibited four sculptures at the Royal Academy between 1847 and 1849, and was elected a member of the Society of Arts in 1846 and a fellow of the Linnean Society in 1847. Fellowship of the Geological Society of London followed in 1854. thumb right Entrance detail (Image:Jewish museum 2.jpg) The synagogue was built in the Moorish Revival style by the noted Manchester architect Edward Salomons in 1874. Although it is far from being the largest or most magnificent of the world's many Moorish revival synagogues, which include the opulent Princes Road Synagogue in Liverpool, it is considered by architectural historian H.A. Meeks to be a "jewel". H.A. Meek, The Synagogue, Phaidon, London, 1995, p.199 The style, a homage to the architecture of Moorish Spain, perhaps seemed particularly fitting for the home of a Sephardic congregation. The two tiers of horseshoe windows on the facade are emblematic of the style, and the recessed doorway and arcade of five windows on the floor above the entrance are particularly decorative. Inside, a horseshoe arch frames the heichal (aron kodesh) and polychrome columns support the galleries. The mashrabiyya latticework on the front doors is particularly fine. H.A. Meek, The Synagogue, Phaidon, London, 1995, p.199, 202 '''Anfield''' is a district of Liverpool, Merseyside, England and a Liverpool City Council Ward (Ward (country subdivision)). Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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subsequently went on to play in many TV series and several movies. His longest running role was Owen Davies, a Consultant Obstetrician (Obstetrics), in ''Holby City'' which he played from 2001 until 2005. He also appeared in a television commercial for the fabric softener 'Bounce' in 1996 with fellow Liverpudlian Katy Carmichael.PKFHSPKFHS related&search His first introduction to music was as a backing singer and percussionist

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; was recorded under a flyover of the M62 motorway in Northenden). In a 2009 interview with '' (Q (magazine))'', Jez said that the songs came quickly and effortlessly: "I had this little house in Northenden where my makeshift studio was. It took a couple of nights to get the backing track with the top line melody to the "There Goes the Fear". Literally the next night I had "Words" coming out of the speakers." Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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festival that is one of the most important musical events in Liverpool's calendar. It is Europe's largest free music event and takes place every August. Other well established festivals in the city include Africa Oyé and Brazilica (Brazilica Festival) which are the UK's largest


'''Liverpool''' ( The city is within the historic county (Historic counties of England) of Lancashire. Its urbanisation and expansion were largely brought about by its status as a major port (Port of Liverpool), which included its participation in the Atlantic slave trade. Liverpool was the port of registry of the ocean liner RMS ''Titanic'' (RMS Titanic), and many other Cunard (Cunard Line) and White Star (White Star Line) ocean liners such as the RMS ''Lusitania'' (RMS Lusitania), ''Queen Mary (RMS Queen Mary)'', and ''Olympic (RMS Olympic)''.

Liverpool's status as a port city has contributed to its diverse population, which, historically, was drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, particularly those from Ireland. The city is also home to the oldest Black African community (Black British) in the country and the oldest Chinese community (British Chinese) in Europe. Natives of Liverpool are referred to as '''Liverpudlians''' (from a long-standing jocular alteration of 'Liverpool' to 'Liverpuddle') and colloquially as "Scousers", a reference to "scouse (scouse (food))", a form of stew. The word "Scouse" has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent (accent (sociolinguistics)) and dialect. Many people "self-identify" as Liverpudlians or Scousers without actually being born or living within the city boundaries of Liverpool. Many people from within the greater Merseyside area consider themselves thus, although many do not. Conversely, a number of people from Liverpool itself may not consider themselves Scousers, since the term for them may have pejorative overtones.

Tourism forms a significant part of the city's modern economy. The city celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2007, and it held the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway, in 2008. Labelled the "World Capital City of Pop" by ''Guinness World Records'', the popularity of The Beatles, and other groups from the Merseybeat (Beat music) era and later, contributes to Liverpool's status as a tourist destination.

Several areas of Liverpool city centre were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004. The Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City includes the Pier Head, Albert Dock, and William Brown Street. Liverpool is also the home of two Premier League football (Association football) clubs, Liverpool (Liverpool F.C.) and Everton (Everton F.C.). Matches between the two are known as the Merseyside derby. The world-famous Grand National also takes places annually at Aintree Racecourse on the outskirts of the city.

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