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and the 'Exhibition Estate' in Gidea Park and, in Liverpool, Wavertree Garden Suburb. The Gidea Park estate in particular was built during two main periods of activity, 1911 and 1934. Both resulted in some good examples of domestic architecture, by such architects as Wells Coates and Berthold Lubetkin. Thanks to such strongly conservative local residents' associations as the Civic Society, both Hampstead and Gidea Park retain much of their original character. It was the site of the wreck (shipwreck) in 1859 of the hybrid ship ''The Royal Charter (Royal Charter (ship))'' near the end of its voyage from Australia to Liverpool. The village today has 502 households and 5% unemployment. In the village there is a bakery, a fish and chip shop, one restaurant, Ann's Pantry, the Oak Lodge Inn (which trades as a pub, a bed and breakfast and a restaurant), and a second pub, The Kinmel Arms Hotel. There were no street lights in the village until well after the Second World War. The French tour generated tremendous publicity for the team and on Boxing Day of 1920 they managed to draw a crowd of 53,000 spectators to watch a match at Goodison Park, Liverpool in a game against St. Helen's Ladies. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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, where a Salvation Army band played. Lennon's aunt Mimi Smith recalled: "As soon as we could hear the Salvation Army band starting, John would jump up and down shouting, 'Mimi, come on. We're going to be late.'" Davies (2002) p. 57 ref

at gigs (concert) in 2004, he remains without a recording contract. In 2007, he announced a series of gigs at the Zanzibar club, Seel Street, Liverpool, each of which took place on the last Saturday of each month and featured guest musicians such as Ian Prowse (of the legendary Scouse band Pele), Ian McNabb and Brian 'Nasher' Nash (Brian Nash) (of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) playing Wylie songs as well as many covers of classic songs by other artists. death_date birth_place

in the Liverpool band Personal Column in the late 1970s. PersonalColumn pictures. Accessed: 7 October 2006 In 2006, Moraghan came second in the BBC singing competition ''Just the Two of Us (Just the Two of Us (TV series))''. His singing partner was Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton with whom he sang classic songs like "Islands in the Stream" and "With You I'm Born Again". DATE OF BIRTH

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in television journalism, Williams spent over a decade with BBC Radio after joining the corporation in 1985. She worked on BBC Local Radio in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester before becoming a producer and reporter in Liverpool, and later joining a national spoken word network, BBC Radio 4, as a producer on ''The World at One '' and ''PM (PM (Radio 4))'' programmes. Williams spent the next few years reporting and editing news programmes on the station, and also on BBC

describing life

landed in Liverpool with recording outfit, a $25 bicycle and introductions and instructions from Berliner. ''The Times'' obituary notice, 13 September 1951, p. 6 Among his first recordings in London were several made by Syria Lamonte, an Australian singer working at Rules Restaurant (Rules (restaurant)) in Maiden Lane. In describing life on a long sea voyage, Poe also drew from personal experience. Poe, 72 In 1815, a six-year-old Poe along with his foster-parents traveled from Norfolk, Virginia to Liverpool, England, a journey of 34 days. Meyers, 10 During the difficult trip, young Poe asked his foster father, John Allan, to include him in a letter he was writing. Allan wrote, "Edgar says Pa say something for me, say I was not afraid of the sea." Thomas & Jackson, 26 The family returned to the United States in 1820 aboard the ''Martha'' and docked in New York after 31 days. Meyers, 14 Closer to the time Poe wrote his novel, he had sailed during his military career, the longest trip being from Boston to Charleston, South Carolina. Born in Bolton and educated in Rochdale after the death of his father, he was apprenticed from 1814 to 1821 to a merchant in Liverpool. He then made his fortune as a beer brewer (Brewing), which enabled him to indulge his interest in astronomy. He built an observatory at Starfield near Liverpool with a Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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) and John Power (John Power (musician)) (bass, backing vocals) along with numerous other guitarists and drummers including Paul Hemmings, Chris Sharrock, Barry Sutton, Neil Mavers and Peter "Cammy" Camell. alias origin Liverpool, England genre Rock (Rock music), alternative (Alternative rock), Britpop '''Cast''' are an English (England) rock band from Liverpool, formed in 1992 by John Power (musician

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, there is the ceremonial 'Lord Mayor' (or civic Mayor) who is elected by the full city council at its annual general meeting in May, and stands for one year in office. The Lord Mayor acts as the 'first citizen' of Liverpool and is responsible for promoting the city, supporting local charities and community groups as well as representing the city at civic events. Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool


, the Official Residence of Liverpool's Lord Mayor is an elegant stone building, having two fronts; one towards Castle Street, the other towards the area formed by the New Exchange Buildings. Each front consists of an elegant range of Corinthian columns, supporting a pediment, and are themselves supported by a rustic base. Between the capitals are heads, and emblems of commerce in basso-relievo; and on the pediment of the grand front is a noble piece of sculpture representing Commerce committing her

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;output Terms !! OR !! 132 ! ! lapith ! !! !!! &orig research search_the_collection_database advanced_search.aspx&currentPage 2&numpages 10 The Bassai Sculptures The Phigaleian Frieze , British Museum, retrieved July 2010 He returned to Liverpool in 1816 and joined the family building firm. He succeeded his father (who bore the same name (John Foster, Sr.)) as Senior Surveyor to the Corporation of Liverpool in 1824, and held that post until the Municipal Reform

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of the borough of Liverpool, for which a number of events were planned. Liverpool is a joint European Capital of Culture for 2008. The main celebrations, in September 2008, included La Princesse, a large mechanical spider which is 20 metres high and weighs 37 tonnes, and represents the "eight legs" of Liverpool: honour, history, music, the Mersey, the ports, governance, sunshine and culture. La Princesse roamed the streets of the city during the festivities, and concluded


a comprehensive regeneration of the city centre, creating an influx of new shops, boutiques, and large performance conference arenas near the waterfront; this has resulted in an upturn in population figures. The regenerated city now plays regular host to national and international conference, media and music events; examples include major political party conferences, the BBC Worldwide Showcase, the MTV Europe Awards, and the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Understand File:The Three Graces


'''Liverpool''' ( The city is within the historic county (Historic counties of England) of Lancashire. Its urbanisation and expansion were largely brought about by its status as a major port (Port of Liverpool), which included its participation in the Atlantic slave trade. Liverpool was the port of registry of the ocean liner RMS ''Titanic'' (RMS Titanic), and many other Cunard (Cunard Line) and White Star (White Star Line) ocean liners such as the RMS ''Lusitania'' (RMS Lusitania), ''Queen Mary (RMS Queen Mary)'', and ''Olympic (RMS Olympic)''.

Liverpool's status as a port city has contributed to its diverse population, which, historically, was drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, particularly those from Ireland. The city is also home to the oldest Black African community (Black British) in the country and the oldest Chinese community (British Chinese) in Europe. Natives of Liverpool are referred to as '''Liverpudlians''' (from a long-standing jocular alteration of 'Liverpool' to 'Liverpuddle') and colloquially as "Scousers", a reference to "scouse (scouse (food))", a form of stew. The word "Scouse" has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent (accent (sociolinguistics)) and dialect. Many people "self-identify" as Liverpudlians or Scousers without actually being born or living within the city boundaries of Liverpool. Many people from within the greater Merseyside area consider themselves thus, although many do not. Conversely, a number of people from Liverpool itself may not consider themselves Scousers, since the term for them may have pejorative overtones.

Tourism forms a significant part of the city's modern economy. The city celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2007, and it held the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway, in 2008. Labelled the "World Capital City of Pop" by ''Guinness World Records'', the popularity of The Beatles, and other groups from the Merseybeat (Beat music) era and later, contributes to Liverpool's status as a tourist destination.

Several areas of Liverpool city centre were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 2004. The Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City includes the Pier Head, Albert Dock, and William Brown Street. Liverpool is also the home of two Premier League football (Association football) clubs, Liverpool (Liverpool F.C.) and Everton (Everton F.C.). Matches between the two are known as the Merseyside derby. The world-famous Grand National also takes places annually at Aintree Racecourse on the outskirts of the city.

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