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-570 SEK content Texas steak house. * Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping

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95-149 SEK, Lunch 60 SEK content Good spicy Thai food. No alcoholic drinks. * Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping

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name Williams_p73 thumb left St. Bridget in the religious habit (File:St Brigitta 1476.jpeg) and the crown of a Bridgettine nun, in a 1476 breviary of the form of the Divine Office unique to her Order As a child, she had already believed herself to have visions; these now became more frequent, and her records of these ''"Revelationes coelestes"'' ("Celestial revelations") which were translated into Latin by Matthias, canon of Linköping, and by her confessor, Peter, prior of Alvastra, obtained a great vogue during the Middle Ages. Her visions of the Nativity of Jesus had a great influence on depictions of the Nativity of Jesus in art. Shortly before her death, she described a vision which included the infant Jesus as lying on the ground, and emitting light himself, and describes the Virgin as blond-haired; many depictions followed this and reduced other light sources in the scene to emphasize this effect, and the Nativity remained very commonly treated with chiaroscuro through to the Baroque. Other details often seen such as a single candle "attached to the wall," and the presence of God the Father above, also come from Bridget's vision: ...the Virgin knelt down with great veneration in an attitude of prayer, and her back was turned to the manger.... And while she was standing thus in prayer, I saw the child in her womb move and suddenly in a moment she gave birth to her son, from whom radiated such an ineffable light and splendour, that the sun was not comparable to it, nor did the candle that St. Joseph had put there, give any light at all, the divine light totally annihilating the material light of the candle.... I saw the glorious infant lying on the ground naked and shining. His body was pure from any kind of soil and impurity. Then I heard also the singing of the angels, which was of miraculous sweetness and great beauty... Schiller and Seligman, p. 78 After this the Virgin kneels to pray to her child, to be joined by St. Joseph, and this (technically known as the ''Adoration of the Child'') becomes one of the commonest depictions in the fifteenth century, largely replacing the reclining Virgin in the West. Versions of this depiction occur as early as 1300, well before Bridget's vision, and have a Franciscan origin, by which she may have been influenced, as she was a member of the Franciscan Order. Schiller and Seligman, pp. 76–78 Biofuels research The King attended the Sweden-Michigan Clean Energy Summit at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, on 26 September 2008, at the start of a two-day visit to Michigan. He also traveled to Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, for the ceremonial groundbreaking for a biogas plant that will be, when completed, similar to a biogas plant in Linköping, Sweden. On the second day of his visit he toured the test tracks of the Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation, then owners of Volvo (Volvo Cars) and Saab (Saab Automobile) respectively. ''Detroit Free Press'', 27 September 2008. Östergötland County has a population of 429 852 (March 31, 2011) and the capital and biggest city is Linköping. Linköping and neighbouring twin city Norrköping together form one of Sweden's biggest metropolitan areas; The Linköping-Norrköping Corridor is therefore often referred to as ''The Fourth Metropolitan Region'' of Sweden, the other three being Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. 18th century Little is known of the early history of Staffa, although the Swiss (Switzerland) town of Stäfa on Lake Zurich was named after the island by a monk from nearby Iona. Originally part of the Ulva estate of the MacQuarries (Clan MacQuarrie) until 1777, it was brought to the English-speaking world's attention after a visit by Sir Joseph Banks in August 1772. ''En route'' to Iceland in the company of the painter Johann Zoffany, the Bishop of Linköping, and a Dr. Solander, Banks, (later a president of the Royal Society) was entertained by Maclean of Drummen, on the Isle of Mull. Hearing about Staffa he resolved to visit and set out from Tobermory (Tobermory, Mull) the next day. The winds were light and they did not arrive until darkness had fallen. Bray (1996) pp 89–90. Bray (1996) p 89 suggests that Banks' companion was a Bishop of Iceland, but this seems unlikely as Cooper (1979) provides him with a name and a bishopric - see note below. Banks wrote: left thumb ''Kårallen'' building in Linköping. (Image:LA2 Karallen natt.jpg) '''Linköping University''' (in Swedish (Swedish language): Linköpings universitet, LiU) is a state university in Linköping, Sweden. Linköping University was granted full university status in 1975 and is now one of Sweden's largest academic institutions. Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping

academic career

retired from Linköping politics to become governor of Kalmar County, Lindvall became the leading Moderate in Linköping. He failed to win the election in 2002 but succeeded instead to win the local election 2006 in Linköping. Lindvall is now city commissioner, chairman of the city board and leader of the ruling right-center coalition in Linköping. He was born in Västervik and later pursued an academic career at Linköping University. He was later elected Leader

medical training

medical training and the Institute of Technology was established. In 1970 all activities were brought together in three faculties within the Linköping University College: the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Technology. In 1977 former teacher training colleges in Linköping and Norrköping were transferred to Linköping University and in 1986 the Faculty of Health Sciences was formed, based on the faculty of medicine and regional funded education in health care professions. In 1997 a campus was opened in the neighbouring city of Norrköping. The renowned Carl Malmsten School of Furniture has been part of Linköping University since 2000. After almost 60 years at the city centre, the school moved into new premises on the outskirts of Stockholm in 2009. Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping

important water

important water paths Motala ström and the Göta Canal) where the E4 (European route E4), Sweden's highway backbone, crosses the river Stångån (and Kinda kanal). It is situated on the main southern railway line connecting Stockholm with Malmö and Danish (Denmark) capital Copenhagen. There is also an international airport, Linköping City Airport with daily connections to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Notable residents *Niklas Luoto * Ghost

education research

university status in 1975 and is now one of Sweden's largest academic institutions. Education, research and PhD training are the mission of four faculties: Arts and Sciences, Educational Sciences, Health Sciences and the Institute of Technology.

focus international

of FFVs for any car manufacturer willing to produce them. The objective was to jump-start the FFV industry in Sweden. The two domestic car makers Volvo Group (Volvo) and Saab AB refused to participate arguing there were not in place any ethanol filling stations. However, Ford Motor Company took the offer and began importing the flexifuel version of its Focus (Ford Focus (International)) model, delivering the first cars in 2001, and selling more than 15,000 FFV Focus by 2005

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Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping

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95-149 SEK, Lunch 60 SEK content Good spicy Thai food. No alcoholic drinks. * Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Östergötland County Localities Linköping commons:Linköping


'''Linköping''' is a city in southern Sweden, with 104,232 inhabitants in 2010. It is the seat of Linköping Municipality and the capital of Östergötland County. Linköping is also the episcopal see of the Diocese of Linköping (Church of Sweden) and is well known for its cathedral. Linköping is the center of an old cultural region and celebrated its 700th anniversary in 1987. Dominating the city's skyline from afar is the steeple of the cathedral (Linköping Cathedral).

Nowadays Linköping is known for its university (Linköping University) and its high-technology (High tech) industry. Linköping wants to create a sustainable development of the city and therefore plans to become a carbon neutral community by 2025.

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