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is a ''diya (diya (light))''. People also give each other sweets such as laddoo and barfi, and the different communities may gather for a religious ceremony and get-together. It is also an important time to contact family in India and perhaps exchange gifts. Diwali is becoming well known in Britain and some non-Indians join in. Leicester plays hosts to some of the biggest celebrations outside of India. "Diwali - The Festival of Light"

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the then 24-year-old Wilson's ''The Outsider (The Outsider (Colin Wilson))'' in 1956; the work examines the role of the social "outsider" in seminal works of various key literary and cultural figures. These include Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, William James, T. E. Lawrence, Vaslav Nijinsky and Vincent van Gogh; Wilson discusses his perception of social alienation in their work. The book became

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, An Anglican Primary School and a Parish Church. There is also a park for the residents of Kilby. The park has a small football field, swings, a roundabout, climbing obstacles and a picnic table. There is a public bus service that runs at half-hourly intervals that connects with Fleckney or directly to St Margaret's Bus Station, Leicester. There is also a small elderly community. File:All Saints' Church, Beeby - geograph.org.uk - 497003.jpg thumb All Saints Church, Beeby All Saints


, Leicester, Luton and London; and north to Derby, Chesterfield and Sheffield. Northern and Midland Designs (UK) *Leicester Warwickshire: Favoured by midlands-style hedgers, this is a one handed tool with a blade. It has a curved front edge and a shorter straight edge at the back, the front edge being used for general purpose and the back edge kept extremely sharp for delicate trimming

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Midlands Capital FM East Midlands Gem 106, 106.6 Smooth Radio and Hindu Sanskar Radio, which only broadcasts during Hindu religious festivals. BBC Asian Network and Sabras Radio broadcast on AM. The local DAB (Digital audio broadcasting) multiplex has the following stations: *Capital FM East Midlands (Capital East Midlands) *BBC Radio Leicester *Sabras Radio *Highways Agency Traffic Radio (Traffic Radio) *XFM *Classic Gold GEM *Gem 106 * Asian Plus

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came on as a 71st minute substitute in a 1–1 draw with the United States (United States men's national soccer team), a result which meant Jamaica were knocked out of the competition. On 1 June 2006 he scored in a 1–4 Exhibition game#Association football

friendly defeat to Ghana (Ghana national football team) at the Walkers Stadium, Leicester. That year he also played in a 0–6 friendly defeat to England (England national football team). - 1. 1 June 2006 Walkers Stadium, Leicester, England 1–4 Friendly (Exhibition game#Association football) - Meanwhile he surveyed the Midland Counties Railway linking

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, London. A man of diverse hobbies and interests, he was interested in American cars, guns and shooting, model making, guitar playing and guitar design, mountain biking, abstract art and sculpture. Geoff Lawson 1944-1999, Coventry Warwickshire News, 29 June 1999, accessed 2 July 2008 Green Bicycle Murder One of his most famous cases was ''R v Light'', known as the Green Bicycle Murder , which took


Mott (saxophone, guitar, vocals), Clarence Manuelo (tapes (audio tape), electronics) and Daniel Padden (keyboards (keyboard instrument), guitar, clarinet, vocals). Although the principal roles of each member are as listed, the group use a large array of additional sound-making objects to create their music. - 2005 Catonapotato CD Broken Face Digitalis Industries DIGI14 Recorded live in Leicester, Sheffield, Paris and Norrköping. Only Mott & Moore appear. - thumb right Riddington Road Farm (Image:Farm Riddington.jpg) '''Littlethorpe''' is a small village approximately 6 miles south of Leicester, separated from the village of Narborough (Narborough, Leicester) by the Leicester to Birmingham railway line, and the River Soar. He was knighted in 1426 at Leicester alongside King Henry VI (Henry VI of England). During his father's lifetime, he served as Lord Chancellor of Ireland. He was a Lancastrian (House of Lancaster), and served as Lord High Treasurer from 1456 to 1458, besides being created a Knight of the Garter in 1457. He was killed at the Battle of Northampton (Battle of Northampton (1460)). *“Charity, Orphans & Foundlings In the Pre-Modern Islamic World,” lecture by Dr. Gerald Hawting (Gerald Hawting) from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) held at the Foundling Museum. Other events planned by the Festival’s programme partners ranged from drama from the Middle East; a colourful contribution to the Edinburgh Festivals; a conference on “Faith and Identity in Contemporary Culture” in Manchester; a gathering of poets in Bradford and Leeds; contemporary British Muslim artists in Birmingham; a Pakistani film festival in Glasgow as well as a Sufi Festival; Muslim writers at the Hay Literary Festival (Hay-on-Wye); Quranic recitation in Leicester; an arts programme in Cardiff; and early music in York. alias origin Leicester, England genre Progressive rock, rock (rock music) '''Black Widow''' were a rock (rock music) band (musical ensemble) that formed in Leicester, England in September 1969. The band were mostly known for its early use of satanic (Satanism) and occult imagery in their music and stage act. The band were often compared with the better-known Heavy metal (Heavy metal music) band Black Sabbath, but the bands were only superficially similar.

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and animal breeder (Animal husbandry) from Leicester, England, famous for his unusually large size. After serving four years as an apprentice at an engraving and die casting works in Birmingham, he returned to Leicester around 1788 and succeeded his father as keeper of Leicester's gaol. He was a keen sportsman and extremely strong, on one occasion fighting a bear in the streets of Leicester. He was an expert in sporting animals, widely respected for his expertise with dogs


'''Leicester''' ( ) is a city (city status in the United Kingdom) and unitary authority area (Unitary authorities of England) in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the edge of the National Forest (National Forest, England).

In the 2011 census, the population of the Leicester unitary authority was 330,000, making it the largest unitary authority in the East Midlands region, whilst 509,000 people lived in the wider Leicester Urban Area, making Leicester the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom (List of largest United Kingdom settlements by population) and England's eleventh largest urban area (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom). It is the largest city and has the second largest urban area in the East Midlands region. Eurostat's Larger Urban Zone listed the population of Leicester LUZ at 836,484 (2011). According to the 2011 census Leicester had the largest proportion of people aged 19-and-under in the East Midlands with 27 per cent.

"Unlike almost every other city in the UK, Leicester has retained a remarkable record of its past in buildings that still stand today". Ancient Roman (Roman Britain) pavements and baths remain in Leicester from its early settlement as Ratae (Ratae Corieltauvorum), a Roman military outpost in a region inhabited by the Celtic Corieltauvi tribe. Following the Roman withdrawal from Britain, the early medieval Ratae is shrouded in obscurity, but when the settlement was captured by the Danes (Viking) it became one of five fortified towns important to the Danelaw and it appeared in the Domesday Book as "Ledecestre". Leicester continued to grow throughout the Early Modern period (Early Modern Britain) as a market town, although it was the Industrial Revolution that facilitated a process of rapid unplanned urbanisation in the area.

A newly constructed rail and canal network routed through the area stimulated industrial growth in the 19th century, and Leicester became a major economic centre with a variety of manufacturers engaged in engineering, shoemaking and hosiery production. The economic success of these industries, and businesses ancillary to them, resulted in significant urban expansion into the surrounding countryside. Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, it was the centre of the bishopric from around 670, endowing it with city status (City status in the United Kingdom). However, it lost city status in the 11th century during a time of struggle between the church and the aristocracy. The boundaries of Leicester were extended several times in the 19th and 20th centuries; it became a county borough in 1889, and was re-granted city status in 1919.

Today, Leicester is located at the intersection of the north south Midland Main Line and east west Birmingham Leicester Cambridge CrossCountry railway lines and at the confluence of the M1 (M1 motorway) M69 motorways and the A46 (A46 road) A6 (A6 road) trunk routes. The city and metropolitan area is culturally diverse, with well established South Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities, in addition to more recent influxes from European Community countries, amongst others. Leicester is a major centre of learning: the University of Leicester is famous for the quality of its teaching and research; De Montfort University is very well regarded in many of its specialist fields. The city region also hosts many other notable institutions of higher and further education.

On 20 June 2013, Leicester was announced as one of four shortlisted cities for the second UK City of Culture award.

On 13 November 2014 Leicester City Council passed a motion resolving to "..boycott any produce originating from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank until such time as it complies with international law and withdraws from Palestinian Occupied territories." http: www.leicester.gov.uk your-council-services council-and-democracy council-news our-news-service- full-council-motion-13th-november-2014

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