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making power

to London, where the Greek and Turkish representatives were joined by representatives of the Greek Cypriots, the Turkish Cypriots (represented by Arch. Makarios and Dr Fazil Kucuk with no significant decision making power), and the British. The Zurich-London agreements that became the basis for the Cyprus constitution of 1960 were supplemented with three treaties - the '''Treaty of Establishment''', the '''Treaty of Guarantee''', and the '''Treaty of Alliance'''. The general tone

main strip

Centre to the East in the direction of Ayia Napa is the Larnaca-Dhekelia Road. This is the main 'strip' for high quality hotels, nightclubs, bars, etc., and is where most British Tourists can be found. * '''Blue Pine Bar''' near the American Academy has a huge selection of spirits (all real which is unusual for Cyprus) and has a real atmosphere. The decor is wood and dim lighting and lots of Jack Daniels and Blues music paraphernalia. Comes alive after 10PM. The Bar used to be located

rock album

English Album (Anna Vissi) English album . In an interview with fans, Vissi talked about the album, describing it as ''“a rock album with unbelievably nice songs, that some of the biggest people in the U.S.A. (United States) music industry worked on. It is an album that could only be made in the U.S.A. (United States), that represents who I am, and I believe that this album will be a big plus in my career so far.”''


on to state that a Boeing 737 (registration number N313P, later reregistered N4476S (Rendition aircraft)) "was routed through Shannon and Dublin on fourteen occasions from 1 January 2003 to the end of 2004. This is according to the flight log of the aircraft obtained from Washington, D.C., by ''Village''. Destinations included Estonia (1 11 03); Larnaca, Salé, Kabul, Palma (Palma, Majorca), Skopje, Baghdad, Kabul (all 16 January 2004); Marka (Jordan) Marka

(10 May 2004 and 13 June 2004). Other flights began in places such as Dubai (2 June 2003 and 30 December 2003), Mitiga (29 October 2003 and 27 April 2004), Baghdad (2003) and Marka (8 February 2004, 4 March 2004, 10 May 2004), all of which ended in Washington, D.C.. At 11:00 am on Thursday October 13, 1977, Lufthansa flight LH181 ''Landshut'', a Boeing 737, took off from Palma de Mallorca en route to Frankfurt with 86 passengers and 5 crew, piloted by Jürgen Schumann, with co

complex offering

price checkin 14:30 checkout 11:00 content About 200 metres from the beach. 10 minutes by car from Larnaca town and 20 minutes from Larnaca International Airport. A family run complex offering 12 modest and spacious one-bedroom, self-catering apartments with equipped kitchen, bath or shower room, lounge dining room and private balcony. All apartments are light and refreshing with open-plan living space totalling 50 square metres, sleeping up to four adults or families of up to five

significant political

, pottery, new architectural forms and ideas) are interpreted as indications of significant political changes and the arrival of the Achaeans (Achaeans (tribe)), the first Greek colonists of Kition. Excerpt of text on the only plaque at the Kathari site (as of 2013). Around the same time, Phoenicians settled the area. At the archaeological sites of Kiteon (Kition (ancient state)#The Kition archaeological sites), remains that date from the 13th century BC have been found

world articles

Qualifying - * U.S. forces in Iraq (Multinational force in Iraq) raid a warehouse in Mosul. They uncover a suspected chemical weapons articles 2005 08 14 alleged_chemical_weapons_factory_uncovered_in_iraq (Boston Globe) * Helios Airways Flight 522 (Helios Airways Flight 522) en route from Larnaca, Cyprus via Athens, Greece to Prague, Czech Republic crashes near Athens (Athens, Greece), with at least 121

award show

, George Dalaras, Yiannis Parios, Marinella, Haris Alexiou, Alkistis Protopsalti, Katy Garbi, Natassa Theodoridou, Antonis Remos, Evridiki, Peggy Zina and Sakis Rouvas. His work has received a total of nine Arion Awards (IFPI_Greece#Arion_Music_Awards_.282002.E2.80.932007.29), which was an award show by IFPI Greece. He served as a judge on the first two seasons of the Greek edition of The X Factor (The X Factor (Greece)).

sports local

The Municipal Wind Orchestra (Larnaca Municipal Band) Local institutions include the Municipal Wind Orchestra (Larnaca Municipal Band). Sports Local teams include (football (football (soccer)):) AEK Larnaca FC and ALKI Larnaca FC. Due to the Turkish occupation of Famagusta, the two teams of Famagusta, Anorthosis (Anorthosis Famagusta) and Nea Salamina, are located here. Local sports arenas include GSZ Stadium, " Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium Antonis

most bars

prawns with ouzo sauce. '''Vlachos'''''' Taverna''' on the Dhekelia Rd, 400 metres past the Palm Beach Hotel on the same side is a fantastic place to eat local food. Sheftalia is just great and the salads are lovely. Drink In the city centre an area just off the main promenade called "Laiki Yeitonia" fulfils the need for most Bars and Small scale Nightclubs. '''Club Deep''' is the most popular of these, along with '''Times'''. Driving about 15–20 minutes away from the City


'''Larnaca''' ( ''Larrnaka'') is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and the capital of the eponymous district (Larnaca District). It is the third-largest city in the country, after Nicosia and Limassol, with an urban population of 84,591 (2011).

Larnaca is known for its palm-tree seafront, the Church of Saint Lazarus (Church of Saint Lazarus, Larnaca), the Hala Sultan Tekke, the Kamares Aqueduct and its medieval fort (Larnaca Castle). It is built on the ruins of ancient Citium (Kition), which was the birthplace of Stoic (stoicism) philosopher Zeno (Zeno of Citium).

Larnaca is home to the country's primary airport, Larnaca International Airport. It also has a (both passenger and cargo) seaport and a marina.

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