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, and is the home arena of SaiPa. It opened in 1972 and holds 4,847 people. align center 2011 Lappeenranta, Finland -bgcolor "#eeeeee" Service under Empress Elizabeth When the Russo-Swedish War (Russo-Swedish War, 1741-1743) broke out in 1741, the government of Anna Leopoldovna appointed him Commander-in-Chief as the most experienced among Russian generals. Lacy quickly struck against Finland and won his last brilliant victory at Lappeenranta (August

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of the harbour area. Each year they have a different theme and make sculptures on the walls of the castle accordingly. There is a small theatre inside the castle playing acts intended mainly to children and families. Do *

modern family

a passenger service between Lappeenranta and Lauritsala with his Ford Model-T. Today's modern family business, which has being going strong for three generations, grew from this, and is now run by director Raimo O. Honkanen, Senior Advisor for Road Transport. islands 3507 cities Lappeenranta, Imatra, Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Joensuu '''Saimaa''' is a lake in southeastern Finland. At approximately , it is the largest lake in Finland

connection quot address Valtakatu 31 lat 61.0579 long 28.1850 directions phone +358 5 677 811 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content 95 rooms with TV, radio, pay-channel, hair dryer and free broadband connection." Splurge Stay safe Lappeenranta is a safe city very accustomed to foreigners. Lappeenranta is the second most popular destination in Finland, mainly due to Russian shopping tourists, but also many other nationalities visit during

music recording

for melodic death metal band Kauna. '''Hanna Helena Pakarinen''' (born April 17, 1981 in Lappeenranta, Finland) is a Finnish pop and pop-rock singer who rose to fame as the winner of the first series (Idols (Finland)) of the Finnish singing competition ''Idols (Idols (Finland))'' in 2004. Since then she has also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest (Eurovision Song Contest 2007) in 2007, and has sold over 91,000 certified (List of music recording certifications) records


OF BIRTH 20 February 1964 PLACE OF BIRTH Lappeenranta, FIN (Finland) DATE OF DEATH alias Shadowed origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Black metal background group_or_band


Bryggare – Former hurdling athlete, Former member of Parliament of Finland. * Kaarlo Halttunen – Former actor. * Laila Hirvisaari (formerly Laila Hietamies) – novelist, has written a novel series about Lappeenranta and its people. * Horna – legendary Finnish black metal band. * Kari Jormakka – distinguished Professor of Architecture Theory at Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria. * Anssi Kippo – A Platinum selling producer. * Kotiteollisuus – hard rock

band. * Arvi Lind – legendary Finnish TV news reader. * Pave Maijanen – Famous musician. * Miikka Multaharju – Football player. * Jaska Raatikainen - drummer of the band Children of Bodom. * Jukka Paarma – former Archbishop of Turku and Finland * Tiia Piili – the most successful gymnast in Finland * Saku Puhakainen – football player * Satanic Warmaster – Finnish black metal band * Petri Skriko – retired ice-hockey player in the National Hockey League

NHL in USA * Juha Tiainen – former Olympic gold medallist in hammer throw * Mokoma – thrash metal band * Battlelore - symphonic metal band * Hanna Pakarinen – the first Idols winner in Finland came from Lappeenranta * Christian Ruuttu – former ice hockey player in the NHL (National Hockey League) in USA * Vesa Vierikko – Finnish actor * Vesa Viitakoski – former ice hockey player in SM-liiga. Tourism File:Harbour autumn.jpg thumb 263px


university programmes. alias origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Black metal * Maribor (Slovenia) * 2002: Doha (Grand Prix) - 2.28 m; Seville (European cup first league) - 2.33 m; Zürich (Golden League-meet) - 2.35 m; Rieti (Grand Prix) - 2.29m; Paris (Grand Prix Final) - 2.31 m * 2003

a Russian princess Sonja at the time of the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917). background group_or_band origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Thrash metal Death metal thumb Kuisma Aalto and Tuomo Saikkonen (Image:Mokoma MTR 20110619 18.jpg) '''Mokoma''' is a Finnish (Finland) thrash metal band formed in Lappeenranta in 1996. Their music also has grindcore and death metal influences

OF BIRTH 20 February 1964 PLACE OF BIRTH Lappeenranta, FIN (Finland) DATE OF DEATH alias Shadowed origin Lappeenranta, Finland genre Black metal background group_or_band

multiple sports

; ref Sports thumb 263px right Finland-Norway at the Bandy World Championship for women 2004 Women's World Championships (File:Damebandy.jpg) Lappeenranta has multiple sports teams playing in top levels of Finnish sports leagues. SaiPa is an Ice hockey team playing in the highest level in Finland, SM-liiga. SaiPa was fourth in the national Ice hockey league in the season of 2013-2014. 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship - Tournament was played Kisapuisto Ice

numerous professional

also played the French horn in a big band - a fact which later led him to be introduced to Alexander Kuoppala. It was only at the age of 12 that he began playing drums, he had his first double bass pedals before he owned a drum kit. He was inspired by musicians such as Scott Travis (from Judas Priest) and Mikkey Dee (from Motörhead). He has two brothers; Jussi Raatikainen, who plays for numerous professional Finnish metal bands, as well as Julius Raatikainen, who plays


'''Lappeenranta''' ( largest city in Finland. The neighboring municipality of Joutseno was consolidated with Lappeenranta on January 1, 2009, and the neighboring municipality of Ylämaa on January 1, 2010. Lappeenranta is known as an international university city in Finland with Lappeenranta university of technology and Saimaa university of applied sciences who together have an approximate of 13 000 students from 68 countries. Lappeenranta is also a commercial centre of South-East Finland and the meeting point of the EU and Russia, 215 km from both Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Location on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa makes the city the region’s centre for tourism. Lappeenranta is second most visited city in Finland after Helsinki and it competes with Helsinki for the largest share of tax-free sales in Finland. Lappeenranta is a model for renewable energies and a clean living environment. Lappeenranta was the only Finnish city to become one of the 14 finalists in the international Earth Hour City Challenge 2014, organized by WWF.

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