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religious ties

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writing lyrics

it is an old tradition to go in the forest, which is near Kutaisi. Families barbecue and play games. On this day, people wear traditional clothes, ''choxa'', so you can imagine that you are in past times. Also there is a new tradition of writing lyrics which have been written by writers from Kutaisi and then airplanes throw them from the sky. There is also a competition in different kinds of martial arts. Notable natives *Aeëtes - King of Kingdom of Colchis *Bagrat III - King of united

cultural social

the virtually independent principality of Samtskhe, ruled by his cousin Qvarqvare I Jaqeli. Having restored the kingdom’s unity, he focused now on cultural, social and economic projects. He changed the coins issued by Ghazan khan with the Georgian ones, called George’s tetri. Between 1325 to 1338, he worked out two major law codes, one regulating the relations (Regulations of the Royal Court) at the royal court and the other devised for the peace of a remote and disorderly

successful defense

Paliashvili portrait by Ucha Japaridze '''Zakaria Paliashvili''' ( WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi

special military

), ''The Cyprus Question and the Turkish Position in International Law'', p. 3. Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-825846-1. Occupied by the Russians on August 28, 1878, the town was declared a free port until 1886. It functioned as a center of a special military district until being incorporated in the Government of Kutaisi on June 12, 1883. Finally, on June 1, 1903, with the Okrug of Artvin, it was established as the region (oblast) of Batumi placed under the direct

and resettle in Voronezh. Abkhazia was incorporated in the Russian Empire as a special military province of Suhum-Kale which was transformed, in 1883, into an ''okrug'' as part of the Kutais (Kutaisi) ''Guberniya''. *20px (Image:Flag of Turkey.svg) Trabzon, Turkey *20px (Image:Flag of Georgia.svg) Kutaisi, Georgia (Georgia (country)) *20px (Image:Flag of Tajikistan.svg) Rasht District, Tajikistan ** ს 2 Poti, Senaki ** ს 1 Senaki, Samtredia, Kutaisi, Khashuri, Gori (Gori, Georgia), Tbilisi ** ს 9 Tbilisi '''Samtredia''' ( WikiPedia:Kutaisi Commons:Category:Kutaisi

large historic

Armazi Mtskheta Artanuji (now in Turkey) Kutaisi Tbilisi Gremi Telavi appointer thumb 250px right The Synagogue in Oni (Image:Oni Synagogue.jpg) Despite a post-Soviet tendency towards migration, Oni still retains a small number of Jewish families - remnants of once powerful and large historic Jewish (Georgian Jews) community , Georgia’s third largest, after those

based low

International Airport alt url http: www.facebook.com KingDavidTheBuilderInternationalAirport email address Kopitnari, 14 km west of Kutaisi proper on the main S1 highway lat 42.250 long 42.629 directions phone tollfree fax hours price content The airport services domestic flights to Tbilisi, and several international flights. The Hungary-based low-cost carrier Wizz Air provides very cheap flights to from Minsk, Belarus

impressive victory

managed to capture the town Kutatisi (Kutaisi) and the Uchimerion fortress blocking the important roads to the mountains. In the summer of 555, he won an impressive victory at Telephis and forced the Byzantine-Lazic forces to retreat to Nesos. He graduated from the Kutaisi Gymnasium in 1852 and the University of Saint Petersburg Faculty of Oriental Languages in 1863. He oversaw the construction of Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, western Georgia. The cathedral's ruins

influential basketball

participated on the highest level of the Soviet Union football (Football (soccer)) league. After Georgia achieved independence, it won many domestic and international titles. RC AIA Kutaisi won the Soviet Championship (Soviet Championship (rugby)) several times in rugby (Rugby union), and after independence, national championship (Georgia Championship)s and cups. Kutaisi also had an influential basketball club BC Kutaisi 2010. Main sights The landmark of the city

movie quot

email address Chekhovi Street I lat 42.25509 long 42.68809 directions phone hours price content * * '''White Bridge''' over the river Rioni, known by the bridge Springer scene in the movie "Neobyknovennaja Vystavka" *


'''Kutaisi''' ( west of Tbilisi.

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