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tollfree fax hours price content Art handicrafts, gifts and utility items. * *

active young

Winter Youth Olympics , a youth sports festival in the tradition of the Olympics. It became a finalist in November 2008, but ultimately lost to Innsbruck, Austria. Kuopio's image as a small city with a large University and many active young people was considered a model of what the International Olympic Committee seeks for the Games. Innsbruck and Kuopio Make Final Shortlist For 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games *KalPa (ice hockey) *KuPS (football (football (soccer))) *Kuopion Taitoluistelijat (Figure Skating) *Puijon Hiihtoseura (skiing, ski jumping, nordic combined, biathlon) *Puijon Pesis (pesäpallo) *Kuopion Reippaan voimistelijat (gymnastics) *Finland Ice Marathon (ice skating event) *Kuopio Steelers (american football) *Kuopio Skating club, Kuopion Luisteluseura KuLs (figure skating) International relations WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio

people style

Finnish Meteorological Institute date January 2011 Notable people style "border-width:0; margin:0;" - style "vertical-align: top;" * Juhani Aho * Martti Ahtisaari * Atso Almila * Minna Canth * Pekka Halonen * Janne Happonen * Matti Hautamäki * Marco Hietala * Zachary Hietala * Janne Tolsa * Olli Jokinen * Sami Kapanen * Mika Kojonkoski * H. Olliver Twisted style "vertical-align: top

extreme metal

origin Kuopio, Finland genre Industrial metal, extreme metal, EBM (electronic body music) '''Kauko Armas Nieminen''' (born 15 February 1929 in Kuopio, Finland) is a Finnish self-taught physicist. - Kuopio Finland align center KUO align center EFKU Kuopio Airport - present - On 13 September 1982 Flight 995 (Spantax Flight 995) to New York City

team event

in the cross country team event. * University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus (enrollment ca. 6,000, in Kuopio) * Savonia University of Applied Sciences (enrollment ca. 6,000, in Kuopio (about 4,500), Varkaus and Iisalmi) * Kuopio department of Sibelius Academy (ca. 150 studying for Master of Music in Church music or Master of Arts (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) in Arts Management) group1 Municipalities list1 Iisalmi WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio

academic publication

of ''Kalevipoeg'' (1853; 13,817 verses (Verse (poetry))) could not be printed due to censorship. The second, thoroughly revised version (19,087 verses) was published in sequels as an academic publication by the Learned Estonian Society in 1857–1861. The publication included a translation into German (German language). In 1862, the third, somewhat abridged version (19,023 verses) came out. This was a book for common readers. It was printed in Kuopio, Finland. The Finnish Army (Finnish Defence Forces) acquired moderate amounts of Stens in the late 1950s, mainly Mk. III versions. Refurbishment at the Kuopio Arsenal included bluing (Bluing (steel)) of the arms. Stens in Finnish service saw limited usage by conscripts (notably combat swimmers) and were mostly stockpiled for use in a future mobilization. The plan of the Swedish commander, Johan Adam Cronstedt, was to retreat into Ostrobothnia (Ostrobothnia (historical province)) leaving only the isolated fortresses of Svartholm (Svartholm fortress) and Sveaborg behind. In March, the Russians with only modest troops overran, basically without resistance: Kuopio; Tampere; Jakobstad; Svartholm, which surrendered after a short siege; Helsinki; Hanko; and landed in Gotland and the Åland Islands. Buxhoevden laid siege to Sveaborg, which surrendered on May 3 with 6,000 soldiers, 100 vessels, and more than 700 cannons, as the commanding officer Carl Olof Cronstedt and his council thought that resistance was futile. Flying Finn operated daily flights between Helsinki and Oulu. It also ran limited services between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, Kuopio and London Stansted (London Stansted Airport). * WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio

black metal

ksmlRalliSivut 1979 27_8_1979_sivu11.pdf accessdate 28 November 2011 language Finnish alias origin Kuopio, Finland genre Black doom (Black metal#Black doom) '''Barathrum''' is a Finnish (Finland) black doom (black metal#Black doom) band. They originate from Kuopio but have since re-located to Helsinki. The first letters of their full-length albums spell "HEIL SOVA" (referring to the band's

ever since, appearing in many films such as the 1983 James Bond spoof ''Agentti 000 ja kuoleman kurvit'' where he acted alongside actors such as Ilmari Saarelainen and Tenho Saurén. DATE OF BIRTH 1 April 1951 PLACE OF BIRTH Kuopio, Finland DATE OF DEATH background group_or_band origin Kuopio, Finland genre Death metal Folk metal Doom metal Black metal Aleksander was governor of Mikkeli in the 1880s and later worked governor as of Kuopio. Aleksander worked as governor of Vaasa in 1888 where he worked for the rest of his life. From 1894 Aleksander also worked with the military law chief in the Senate. Aleksander died at Helsinki on April 15 in 1896, of paralysis. - 1955 (1955 World Allround Speed Skating Championships for women) WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio

historical novels

– October 11, 1967, Helsinki) better known by the pen name '''Aapeli''', was a Finnish (Finland) writer and novelist. Aapeli was a journalist for the ''Pohjois-Savo'' and ''Savon Sanomat'' newspapers. In 1959 Aapeli won the Eino Leino Prize and the State literature prize. His novels were turned into films and plays after his death in the 1970s. In 1977 (1977 in film) his historical novels of the Aika hyvä ihmiseksi series were made into a feature film. - 11 F Oona Parviainen L 170 63 09 05 77 Kuopio Espoo Blues - birth_date WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio

offering education

(built 1882–1886) on a fair day. thumb 200px Puijo tower (File:Puijo Tower Kuopio Finland.png), built in 1963 (3rd; 2nd from 1906 was demolished when this was completed; 1st was built in 1856) Kuopio has always been a city of education. Some of the first schools offering education in Finnish (Finnish language) (such as the School for the Blind in 1871, and the Trade School in 1887) were established in Kuopio. Currently the most important institutions are the University of Eastern

working life

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'''Kuopio''' is a city and a municipality located in the region of Northern Savonia, Finland. A population of The population of the entire Kuopio region is 119,472. ''Kuopion Kaupunkilehti'', 19 March 2008, bottom of page 4)

The town of Nilsiä joined Kuopio at the beginning of the year 2013 and Kuopio’s population surpassed the 100,000 mark.

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