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Regional Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after M. Kropyvnytsky celebrated in a rebuilt building. Its walls haven’t seen so much audience and applause for a long time. The event is really unique not only for Kirovohrad but for the whole country. After the renovation it is the first theatre built in the time of independent Ukraine. The theatre scrupulously honours the memory of the founders of the Ukrainian theatrical art — M. Sadovsky, I. Karpenko-Karyi, P.Saksahansky, M

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in this carefully planned city. I felt as if I was in a small Paris”. From 1878 to 1905 Oleksandr Pashutin was mayor of the city. Under his administration, the city made advances in education and medicine, construction of the water-supply system and several public buildings, introduction of the first tram, and establishing some market places. Yelizavethrad is noted for its architectural quality, with European-type sculpture and old windows. Surviving

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for overall and inter-row soil cultivation, the Hydrosila Group that appears to be the most powerful producer of hydraulic devices in the CIS, and the scientific-production company “Radiy”, which specializes in design, development and production of automatic process control systems for nuclear power plants. Oil and other goods under the trademarks of Sonola, Kum, Masloviya, Creativ; sausage and meat delicacies of the Yatran meat-processing factory, as well as ice cream made according

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the factory. '''Dmitry Nikolayevich Kozak''' ( ) (born 7 November 1958 in Kirovohrad, Ukrainian SSR), is a Russian politician, serving since October 2008 as deputy Prime minister of the Russian Federation. He was born in Elisavetgrad (known since 1939 as Kirovohrad), Ukraine. Although both his parents were piano teachers, he was largely self-taught. The biggest influences on his early artistic development came from his cousin Karol

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birth_place Elizavetgrad (Kirovohrad), Ukraine death_date Biography Yuri Olesha was born on March 3, 1899 to Catholic parents of Polish descent in Elizavetgrad (Kirovohrad) (now Kirovohrad, Ukraine). Olesha’s father, Karl Antonovich, was an impoverished landowner who later became a government inspector of alcohol and developed a proclivity for drinking and gambling. "Yuri (Karlovich) Olesha." Contemporary Authors Online

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“Kirovohrad”, Alina Yagupova was recognized as the best young basketball player of Europe. Bridges of friendship Kirovohrad maintains economic and cultural relations with near and far foreign countries. We use best practice, new technologies and we are ready to share our achievements. Kirovohrad has long-term friendly relations with some Russian cities, especially with Moscow and Vologda. Many joint projects have been implemented together with Lower Silesia province of the Republic of Poland. The Charity Foundation “Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Europe” favoured establishing close friendship between Kirovohrad and Bremerhaven (Germany). Many collectives from Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and Serbia come to our city to take part in the international festivals, such as “Art unites children” and “Children of Europe under one roof”. The Kirovohrad city mayor Oleksandr Sainsus often represents our state in the Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe as a member of the Ukrainian delegation, creating new opportunities for further development of partnership and collaboration with cities in other countries. Climate Kirovohrad is located in the central region of Ukraine. Kirovohrad's climate is moderate continental (Continental climate): cold and snowy winters, and hot summers. The seasonal average temperatures are not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer: Commons:Category:Kirovograd Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kirovohrad Oblast Kirovohrad


year the City Mayor awards the scholarships to the students who have outstanding achievements in studying, scientific and civil activity. Student councils and trade unions operate in Kirovohrad higher educational institution. Students have an opportunity to use them for effective solution of the youth’s problems, consolidation of democratic basis of the Ukrainian society. In 2011 the Youth Council was established under the city Council, the participants of which are the most active young people

council “Aelita”, dance theatre “Visiting a Fairytale”. Concert programmes of these creative groups are the synthesis of collection, study and artistic processing of the folk melos, the folklore of world’s nations and the creative experience of the leading artists of Ukraine. Among their achievements are recognition, victories in the international, republican festivals, competitions, numerous prizes, performances on the best stages of Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic countries, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany

, France, Holland, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Greece. The achievements of the group “Prolisok” have given the opportunity to open the department of choreographic studies at Kirovohrad State Pedagogic university named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko, and later on the regional general secondary educational complex of humanitarian-aesthetic profile. The reputation of the city as centre of dance and choreography has been confirmed by the triumph of Kirovohrad team in the Ukrainian national project “Maidan’s

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of the Greek painter Logino, who arrived in Russia under the reign of Catherine the Great. Alexander Spir gave each of his five children—four boys and one girl—names chosen in an old Greek Calendar, this is the source of the curious name "Afrikan". Spir disliked his Christian name, simply signing his letters and books "A. Spir". His modesty impelled him not to use either the German "von" or the French "de"—denoting his noble status—before his family name. ref

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Historical Museum alt Історичний музей Євреї Єлізаветграда url email address Dzerzhynskoho str. (Kirovs'kyi) lat long directions phone +380 52 2320430 fax hours price content Various aspects of the life of Jewish communities reveal thematic stands: "Charity", "Religious Life," "Medicine", "Jewish Education", "Cultural Life," "Industry". +phone +380 52 2243231 *


'''Kirovohrad''' ( , ''Kirovograd''), formerly '''Yelisavetgrad''', is a city in central Ukraine located on the Inhul river, and is the administrative center of the Kirovohrad Oblast.

The city is famous for its former Elvoroti brothers factory (today Chervona Zirka). It is also the birthplace of noted figures such as Leon Trotsky, Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Arseny Tarkovsky, African Spir and others.

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