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election *Ward 2: Joe Buscema, David Boyd, Peter Grandilli, and Jim Streb *Ward 3: Linda Pabst and John Workman

*Ward 4: Greg Locke and Bill Cober *Ward 5: Chris Gafoor, Anna Roberts, and Debbie Schaeffer *Ward 6: Avia Eek and Simon Lloyd The elected candidates were Steve Pelligrini (acclaimed, mayor), Cleve Mortelliti (acclaimed, ward 1), David Boyd (ward 2), Linda Pabst (ward 3), Bill Cober (ward 4), Debbie Schaeffer (ward 5), and Avia Eek (ward 6). Budget The township draws revenues from various sources. The most significant in 2007 were

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significant cultural service provided via municipal funding is the King Township Public Library, which operates four branches in the township. Waste management is provided through the region, and is co-ordinated with programs offered in other towns in York Region. Weekly green bin compost collection began in September 2007 to complement the weekly Blue Box (Blue Box (container)) collection of recyclable material; collection of all other waste was reduced to once every two weeks.

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'''King City GO Station''' is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network located in King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario in Canada. It also serves the nearby communities of Nobleton (Nobleton, Ontario), Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario), the northern parts of Maple (Maple, Ontario) (in Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario)), and other communities in King Township (King, Ontario). It is a stop on the Barrie line train service. Boundaries and demographics KCSS serves a geographically large area, since there are many sparsely populated communities in that area. The primary boundary is similar to the township boundaries for King (King, Ontario), though a small area in the northeast of King is served by schools in Aurora (Aurora, Ontario). Additionally, the eastern part of Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario), west of Yonge Street to the King town line, and parts of northern Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario), including Maple (Maple, Ontario) and Kleinburg (Kleinburg, Ontario) and nearby communities, are served by KCSS.

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. At the time, the township's boundaries extended to Yonge Street. Lots 61-70 on the map represent the northern portion of the western half of modern-day Oak Ridges. Oak Ridges was established along Yonge Street in 1799 by Joseph Geneviève and a group of French Royalists, who were granted land to settle by the British government. They were also provided with rations

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the Town of Georgina (Georgina, Ontario). Area: . Opened in 1798 and was likely named for John King, Under-Secretary of State in the William Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland Portland administration

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north of its extant and east of the Holland River as a result of the formation of Simcoe County. Approximately of land were administered by the township in 1878, according to the ''Historical Atlas of York County'', but by 1973 this had been reduced to 82,000; some of its land has been ceded to what are now known as Newmarket (Newmarket, Ontario), Aurora (Aurora, Ontario) and Oak Ridges (Oak Ridges, Ontario). The first survey (Surveying) of King

Road, connecting to the existing system near Yonge Street. The '''King Township Museum''' in King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada is a local history museum for the township of King (King, Ontario) at 2920 King Rd. It was previously known as ''Kinghorn Museum'', and is located on what was once known as Kinghorn (Kinghorn, Ontario), now subsumed by King City. Hodgson was born in Nobleton (Nobleton, Ontario), Ontario, and was educated at Bolton, Ontario Bolton

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first3 Margaret others The Junior League of Toronto publisher University of Toronto Press location Toronto year 1976 isbn 0802022308 ref harv * *

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first3 Margaret others The Junior League of Toronto publisher University of Toronto Press location Toronto year 1976 isbn 0802022308 ref harv * *

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* Construction and Manufacturing: 24% * Business services: 23% * Wholesale and Retail Trade: 17% * Health and Education: 12% * Finance and Real Estate: 8% The median income for two-parent families is $90,364. For single-parent families, the median income is $43,673. The average value of a dwelling in King in 2006 was $386,416. Religion The township's residents have the following religious affiliation: *39.8% Protestant *38.3% Roman Catholic *17.1% atheist, agnostic or other non-theism *2.9% other Christian *0.1% Jewish *1.8% other religion Language

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century, King is now influenced by the significant immigration and diversification resultant from its proximity to Toronto. King Township's population grew by 2.1% between 2006 and 2011, most new residents settling in the communities of King City, Nobleton or Schomberg. The population density is 59.7 people per square kilometre; however, the Township is characterized by areas of extremely low density farming communities and the much higher density of its three major villages. In 2008

King, Ontario

'''King''' (2011 population 19,899) Statistics Canada (#2011fog) is a township (township (Canada)) in York Region (Regional Municipality of York) north of Toronto, within the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada.

The rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine are the most prominent visible geographical feature of King. The Holland Marsh, considered to be Ontario's "vegetable basket", straddles King Township and Bradford West Gwillimbury (Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario). King is known for its horse and cattle farms.

Though King is predominantly rural, most of its residents inhabit the communities of King City (King City, Ontario), Nobleton (Nobleton, Ontario), and Schomberg (Schomberg, Ontario).

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