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. * The Shrine of Our Lady of Grace is a Marian (Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)) shrine at Mary Lake, an Augustinian Monastery located on the northern edge of King City; it is also referred to as Mary Lake Shrine. Recreation The King City Community Centre and King City Arena host numerous activities, such as youth hockey league matches and yoga classes. They also host many community events throughout the year, and some public King Township meetings. A vibrant youth sports culture exists in King City; leagues for girls and boys hockey, tennis, soccer, and baseball exist, and a number of clubs provide other avenues for kids to enjoy and learn. King City Memorial Park, next to the arena, has two baseball fields, several soccer fields, two children's playgrounds, and four tennis courts (two with lighting). An open, covered area is used for public events and picnics. A portion of the extensive Oak Ridges Trail passes through King City. The community is creating its own trail network, the ''King City Trail''; the two networks are currently not connected. Private recreation facilities include St. Edmunds Sparkling Cricket Club cricket facility operated by the Maple Leaf Cricket Club, and two golf clubs: King's Riding Golf Club and King Valley Golf Club are within a ten-minute commute to recreation in other communities. The Maple Community Centre, operated by the Vaughan, Ontario City of Vaughan , offers services and memberships to non-Vaughan residents. Services available include a fitness centre, a pool for lap and family swimming, and a public library. Aurora and Richmond Hill also have facilities, both private and public, easily accessible to King City residents. Organizations and clubs * King City Business and Community Association Founded in December 2011, the King City Business and Community Association is an organization of citizens and business owners living and operating in King City. Throughout the year, the KCBCA hosts and participates in a variety of community initiatives and events. For example the Annual Christmas in King City, and the Summer Street Festival. The KCBCA also strives to improve the community aesthetic, hoping to make King City a more beautiful place for everyone to work in, shop, and enjoy. * King Township Public Library King City Branch offers reading programs for kids, maintains a 3-month community papers archive, and is home to the Township of King Archive Collections. * King Township Historical Society seeks to archive and preserve information about the township's past and culture. * King City Preserve the Village is an organization that was founded to fight the ''Big Pipe'' link to the Durham-York Sewer System, and urban sprawl in King Township. * The Maple Leaf Cricket Club was established in 1954, birth_place King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada origin Toronto '''Jon Brooks''' (born 17 August 1968, King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada) is an award winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter.

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& Publishing Ltd. from Beeton (Beeton, Ontario). ''The King Weekly'' and ''Sentinel'' papers merged in 2012. It is delivered by postal mail. * ''The ERA Banner'', with Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday editions delivered by carrier every week, is published by Metroland Printing, Publishing & Distributing Ltd. through the York Region Newspaper Group. Over the air television sources from Toronto, Barrie and as far away as Buffalo (Buffalo, New York) are generally clear. Affiliates

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birth_place King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada origin Toronto '''Jon Brooks''' (born 17 August 1968, King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada) is an award winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter.


-17 *The Weight, an exclusive series presented by The Movie Network, had a car crash scene filmed at the intersection of the 7th concession and the 15th sideroad in the summer of 2008 King City is also the location of ''Shift (Shift (sculpture))'' an outdoor sculpture by Richard Serra built between 1970 and 1972.

for Broad Center volume 2 issue 10 publisher Caltech 336, California Institute of Technology date 2002-05-16 accessdate 2008-07-03 The sculpture was commissioned by Roger Davidson, and is being considered for protection under the Ontario Heritage Act by the Township of King Heritage Committee.

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Canada Post: King City Householder Counts * King Weather Radar Research Station Footnotes *King Township official website *King City Community Profile at King Township website *location&subPageID king King

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birth_place King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada origin Toronto '''Jon Brooks''' (born 17 August 1968, King City (King City, Ontario), Ontario, Canada) is an award winning Canadian folk singer-songwriter.

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for Canadian networks CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), CTV (CTV television network) and Global (Global Television Network), as well as American networks ABC (American Broadcasting Company), CBS, Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company) and NBC are all available, as are public-support stations TVOntario and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Cable TV is available from Rogers Cable (Rogers Communications). Broadband internet access is available from Rogers via cable, and Bell

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and the Golden Horseshoe (Golden Horseshoe (Ontario)). The observatory also participates in the NEODyS system, which tracks Near-Earth objects. Six asteroids have been discovered at this site. Notable residents Rosannagh MacLennan from King City won a gold medal

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) by the International Cricket Council in the year 2006. It has become Cricket Canada’s main facility for International matches. The club aspires to be the future home of the Canadian Cricket Academy. * Hospice King-Aurora (previously ''Hospice King'') is a non-profit charity which provides non-medical palliative care for individuals (and their families) with a life-threatening illness. Other services include bereavement support programs, and other counselling with a registered social worker. It was established


Highway 427 Highway 427 from its current terminus at Highway 7 north to the Bradford Bypass. This extension would border the Township, raising concerns about noise pollution in the rural area. Lifestyle and culture Culture King City has been a filming location for at least ten movies TV shows: * The CBC TV show, ''The Forest Rangers'', had some scenes filmed on Mary Lake near the shrine.

tt0057750 locations title Filming locations for "The Forest Rangers" publisher, Inc. accessdate 2008-02-17 * The 1972 movie, ''Mahoney's Last Stand'', used the downtown core of King City in some scenes. * The 1976 movie, ''Death Weekend'', was filmed mainly at Eaton Hall (Eaton Hall (King City)). * ''The Gate (The Gate (1987 film))'' (1987) was filmed and set at a house located in King Heights subdivision * ''To Die For'' (1995) had a number

of scenes filmed at King City Secondary School. * ''Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story'' (1996, TV (television)) was entirely filmed in King City. * Walt Disney's ''Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'' (2004) also had

King City, Ontario

'''King City''' is an unincorporated Canadian (Canada) community in King Township (King, Ontario), Ontario located north of Toronto. It is the largest community in King Township, with 1,629 dwellings and a population of 4,902 as of the Canada 2006 Census. url http: census-recensement 2006 dp-pd prof 92-597 P3.cfm?Lang E&CTCODE 4067&CACODE 535&PRCODE 35 title Census tract profile for 0460.01 work 2006 Census Tract profiles publisher Statistics Canada year 2006 accessdate 2009-10-21 Note: this data is for census tract 0460.01, which is smaller than the community of King City. The census tract is bounded to the west by Jane Street, to the east by Bathurst Street, to the north by 15th Sideroad, and to the south by a boundary just north of the King-Vaughan Townline. It includes dissemination areas 190783 to 190792. Statistics Canada provides a Census tract boundary map (PDF).

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