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water resistance

of mathematical calculations in the relation between rigging, displacement (displacement (ship)), water resistance, the center of gravity of hulls, stability and tonnage. - '''28 (Swedish national road 28)''' Karlskrona Vägershult align "right" 93 km - A reformer and journalist, Pankin was Soviet Ambassador to Sweden for eight years from 1982-1990. He was brought-in to clean-up after the Soviet Union's reputation was seriously tarnished

fast growing

established: Telenor Connexion in Karlskrona (aiming higher up in the M2M value chain), and Telenor Objects (aiming further down in the value chain). The initiative has resulted in a substantial market share of Europe's fast-growing M2M market and is being used by Nissan in Europe to connect its customers Electric Cars. http: www.engadget.com 2010 12 20 european-nissan-leaf-gets-always-on-connection-lets-you-turn-up The Royal Swedish Navy

gamla fröknarna'' (5th edition, 1919), ''Såsom genom eld'' (5th edition, 1920), ''Bryggan håller'' (1923), and ''Personlig frälsning'' (1924). In 1921 he joined the fast-growing Swedish Pentecostal movement (pentecostalism), became the editor of its magazine ''Evangelii Härold'', and was considered the movement's second-leading person next to founder Lewi Pethrus. death_date death_place Karlskrona, Blekinge County

monumental record

1878, the ''Vega'' doubled Cape Chelyuskin in the following August, and after being frozen in at the end of September near the Bering Strait, completed the voyage successfully in the following summer. He edited a monumental record of the expedition in five volumes, and himself wrote a more popular summary in two volumes. *In 1875, he went to the Yenisei River in Siberia, in a small vessel, which he sent back while he went up the river and returned home by land. The next year he went to the United States and was a juror at the Centennial Exhibition. *In 1878 he sailed around the north coast of Asia, returning home by way of the Bering Strait, being the first to make the whole length of the Northeast passage (Northern Sea Route). This he accomplished in the voyage of the ''Vega'', navigating for the first time the northern coasts of Europe and Asia. Starting from Karlskrona on 22 June 1878, the ''Vega (Vega (ship))'' doubled Cape Chelyuskin in the following August, and after being frozen in at the end of September near the Bering Strait, completed the voyage successfully in the following summer. *In 1882-1883 - ''2nd Dickson Expedition'' ("Den andra Dicksonska Expeditionen till Grönland"

largest wooden

of the island Trossö. Inaugurated in 1685, it is made entirely of wood, making it Sweden's largest wooden church. Originally it could seat 4,000. In the next two centuries, Sweden was the site of Baroque architecture and later the rococo. Notable projects from that time include the city Karlskrona, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, the Drottningholm Palace, and Stockholm Palace, still the official seat of the monarchy. birth_date

strong presence

ships. Lately The Sail has been replaced with a festival called Skärgårdsfest.Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest The old architecture together with the naval installations comprise the major tourist attractions of Karlskrona. The city has a pleasant atmosphere and is one of the highlights of south-east Sweden. Economy Some of the biggest employers in Karlskrona are Telenor, Ericsson and Roxtec. The city has an overall strong presence in information

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: runeberg.org nfbm 0568.html ''article Karlskrona'' (from online version of Nordisk familjebok) Category:Municipal seats of Blekinge County Category:Swedish municipal seats Category:Populated places in Karlskrona Municipality Category:World Heritage Sites in Sweden Category:Coastal cities and towns in Sweden Category:Populated places

free hot

Hotell-i-Sverige Karlskrona First-Hotel-JA email address Borgmästaregatan 13 lat long directions phone +46 455 555 60 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content Inexpensive 4-star hotel attached to the Wachtmeister shopping centre just off the central square. Rooms are smallish but efficiently designed, and decorated in a vaguely nautical style. Includes breakfast and wireless internet, and free hot drinks are available in the lobby. Just under 1 km from Central Station (if you have luggage, it's best to loop around the waterfront, as the direct route is hilly). *

year running

: www.esctoday.com news read 5776 , with bookmakers making her favourite and an Aftonbladet web poll showing her to have a clear margin over the other participants. The rehearsals sold out for the fourth year running however Carola was unable to perform in the final rehearsal due to throat problems This led to speculation that the final would be closer than expected. Aftonbladet claimed in April 2006 that the televote

SVT (Sveriges Television) confirmed that Leksand, Karlstad, Karlskrona and Gothenburg would host the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2006, with the final taking place at the Stockholm Globe Arena for the fifth year running (sixth overall). SVT received 3,310 songs for the competition, a new record The song titles were unveiled on the 12 October, and the artists fifteen days later. Steven Simmonds took his song off the line-up

production series

methods to shipbuilding and is considered to be the first naval architect (naval architecture). At the age of 60, he was appointed head of the naval shipyard at the main naval base of Karlskrona. Here, he built new ships and organized production series for ships based on prefabrication methods, which meant that he could deliver twenty new ships in just three years, ten ships-of-the-line (ship of the line) and ten frigates. Chapman also became a pioneer in the application

impressive collection

name Karlskrona Maritime Museum url http: www.marinmuseum.se en email address Stumholmen lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content A very large maritime museum on the waterfront with spectacular vistas. Most of the exhibits are in Swedish, so be sure to pick up an audio guide. The exhibits consist principally of a very large and impressive collection of wooden ship models as well as life size interiors of ships that can be walked through


WHS Naval Port of Karlskrona Image State Party Sweden Type Cultural Criteria ii, iv ID 871 Region Europe and North America (List of World Heritage Sites in Europe) Year 1998 Session 22nd Link http: whc.unesco.org en list 871 '''Karlskrona''' is a locality (urban areas of Sweden) and the seat of Karlskrona Municipality, Blekinge County, Sweden with 35,212 inhabitants in 2010. It is also the capital of Blekinge County. Karlskrona is known as Sweden's only baroque city and is host to Sweden's only remaining naval base (Karlskrona naval base) and the headquarters of the Swedish Coast Guard.

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