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and scout with the United States Naval Academy football team for 33 years. Bill reportedly learned to break down game films at a young age by watching his father and the Navy staff do their jobs. Halberstam, David (David Halberstam). ''The Education of a Coach.'' Hyperion, 2005. (ISBN 1-4013-0879-1) His paternal grandparents Ivan Biličić and Marija (Mary) Barković emigrated from Karlovac, Croatia (from the village of Draganić) in 1897 and left for the USA, where they settled in Monessen (Monessen, Pennsylvania) near Pittsburgh. WikiPedia:Karlovac Commons:Category:Karlovac

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MB_070413.html work Bucks.com publisher National Basketball Association title Bucks Back When ... Andrew Bogut, Part I first Truman last Reed date April 13, 2007 As a 15-year-old, he was cut from the Victoria junior state representative team. That experience apparently drove him to improve; he later went on to attend the Australian Institute of Sport, with whom he would tour the United States in 2001 and 2002. In his last season at AIS, he averaged 29 points, 14.5

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) Split Music Festival with the song "Proplakat će zora" (also half a million copies). Perhaps the most controversial part of Brešan's opus to date is the 2003 war drama ''Svjedoci'' ("Witnesses"), based on the novel ''Ovce od gipsa'' ("Alabaster Sheep") by Jurica Pavičić. Reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon (Rashomon (film)), it explores the human complexities and moral murkiness of war through multiple perspectives and flashbacks surrounding

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for completion. Due to the world economic crisis (Global financial crisis of 2008–2009), building start date is prolonged to an yet undefined date. The project plans have been drawn, however. A major reason for the motorway construction "mania" of the 2000s is a previous political halt of the major Croatian highway project, today's A1, in the 1970s and 1980s under former Yugoslavia (SFRY). When Croatia declared independence in 1991, the only true motorways in the country were Zagreb

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November 1980 in Karlovac, Croatia) is a classical guitarist. A child prodigy, she started playing guitar at the age of five, inspired by her brother Viktor (Viktor Vidović). By the age of 11 she was performing internationally, and at 13 became the youngest student to attend the prestigious National Musical Academy in Zagreb where she studied with Professor Istvan Romer. Vidović's reputation in Europe led to an invitation to study at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, U.S., with Manuel Barrueco, from where she graduated in May 2003. It then continues eastwards, receives influx from the river Lahinja from the left in Primostek, passes Vrbovsko, and eventually detaches from the Slovenian border in Metlika. It then reaches the city of Karlovac, where it receives influx from two other rivers from the right, Dobra and Korana (which in turn is joined by Mrežnica). The hydrological parameters of Kupa are regularly monitored at Radenci, Kamanje, Karlovac and Jamnička Kiselica. WikiPedia:Karlovac Commons:Category:Karlovac

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in Karlovac11, Croatia.jpg thumb right Dubovac Castle thumb One of the city's parks (File:Park in city of Karlovac.jpg) Croatians know Karlovac as ''grad parkova'' (the city of parks) and ''grad na četiri rijeke'' (the town on four rivers) for its numerous green areas and four rivers, of which Mrežnica, Korana, and Kupa (Kupa River (Croatia)) flow through built-up areas, and Dobra (Dobra (Kupa)) is a few kilometers outside the city centre. A documentary film made by Dušan Vukotić in 1979 on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city plays much on that theme, and shows pictures of happy bathers on the Korana's Fogin beach (Foginovo kupalište) in the city centre. IMDb: Karlovac (1979) One of the rarer trees found in the parks is the ''Ginkgo biloba'', which local primary school (Primary education) children are taken out to see as part of their classes on nature and society. Most of the parks are planted in the former trenches dug around the old military fort that were once filled with water as an added layer of protection from the marauding Ottoman armies. One part of the city centre maintains the name of Šanac ('trench') after the old trenches which preserve the old hexagonal form of the historic centre. Demographics WikiPedia:Karlovac Commons:Category:Karlovac

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society "Javor", association of tamburica players, a volunteer fire brigade and a theater and others. Transport Jastrebarsko lies on both Zagreb–Split (Split (city)) (Adriatic (Adriatic Sea)-Ionian (Ionian Sea) highway) and Zagreb-Rijeka (Corridor Vb) rail and road corridors. There is a highway exit near Jastrebarsko on the A1 highway (A1 (Croatia)), located between the Lučko interchange near Zagreb and the Karlovac

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) A1 : Zagreb – Karlovac - Bosiljevo (Bosiljevo 2 interchange) ** A6 (A6 (Croatia)): Bosiljevo – Rijeka Jastrebarsko started to rapidly develop following the 1848 abolishment of feudalism. The Zagreb–Karlovac railway was built in 1865, providing the town with a major source of employment. The local elementary school, founded in the 17th century, was augmented by a number of other cultural, social and sports organization, including a library, the singing

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bypass which was built in the beginning of the second half of the first decade in the 21 century. The city is connected to local municipalities with an efficient public transportation system and itself it has two train stations and a central bus station which also has a taxi service available and is located near to the central square. In the suburb village of Pribislavec there's also a small sports airport organizing an annual aeromeeting as well as panoramic flights over the city and county

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: www.tzkz.hr Tourist information - Karlovac County * Interactive town map * Karlovački Tjednik - Local weekly newspaper * - Pictures of Karlovac Online Category:Cities and towns in Croatia Category:Populated places


'''Karlovac''' ( , is a city and municipality in central Croatia. According to the National census (Census) held in 2011 population of the settlement (Human settlement) of Karlovac was 55,705.

Karlovac is the administrative centre of Karlovac County. The city is located on the Zagreb-Rijeka highway and railway (railroad) line, from Rijeka.

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